Bentley Flying Trail Now also be ordered as plug-in hybrid

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Bentley Flying Trail Now also be ordered as plug-in hybrid-trail

With a new motorization for the Flying Trail, the nobleman Bentley presented its second plug-in hybrid after the SUV Bentayga. The system performance is 544 hp and 750 nm, a plus of 95 hp compared to the Bentayga hybrid provided by a 2.9 liter V6 petrol engine and an electric motor. The total range gives the manufacturer with more than 700 km, for which purely electric range, Bentley offers more than 40 km in the WLTP cycle in view.

The newly introduced Flying Lane Hybrid builds on the success of the Third Flying Track Generation. There is a drive that allows the up to date more environmentally friendly Bentley, the manufacturer. The latest offshoot in Bentley‘s new hybrid model series should show that hybridization does not necessarily have to be associated with compromises in luxury and performance. The spurt to 100 km / h should complete the 5.3-meter long and well two and a half tons of heavy luxury sedan in 4.3 seconds, the maximum speed is 285 km / h.

Bentley Flying Trail Now also be ordered as plug-in hybrid-orderedBentley

In the interior, the switch for the start-stop automatic was replaced by a control element for the three E-driving modes – eV Drive, Hybrid and Hold -. Thus, the driver can control the battery usage while driving. The mode EV Drive (purely electric driving) is ready immediately when switching on and ensures the greatest possible purely electrical driving experience. Just the right thing for city traffic and shorter rides.

In addition, the energy flow can be displayed via the infotainment screen. There are statistics available and the timers for charging the vehicle are adjustable. Further information on the electrical operation is available via the instrument panel, the head-up display and the central screen, including information on range, battery level and charging. From the outside, the Flying Trail Hybrid differs among other things through a “hybrid” emblem at the front fender, four oval tailpipes and a concealed universal adhesion on the front of the front left.

Bentley Flying Trail Now also be ordered as plug-in hybrid-bentleyBentley

The combination of burners and electric motor offers according to the manufacturer the same flexibility and suitable for everyday use as the W12 and V8 engines offered today. They care for a dynamic and extremely cultured driving experience. The new 2.9-liter V6 motor, which is similarly constructed as the 4.0-liter V8, makes 416 hp and reaches 550 nm torque at up to 5650 rpm.

The electric motor is located between the gearbox and the internal combustion engine and makes up to 100 kW (136 hp), with a torque of up to 400 nm. This is fully provided by the permanent magnet synchronous motor, which ensures noiseless acceleration from the stand. Due to the directly ready-made high torque is nothing to feel from a turbochole. The electric motor is driven by a lithium-ion battery with 14.1 kWh.

Advanced services for vehicle networking

The Flying Lane Hybrid is provided with a broad portfolio of intelligent and intuitive features tailored to the driver and passengers. With a built-in SIM card, the My Bentley networking services can be used without having to provide customers with their own data connection. “My Bentley” is a steadily further developed package, with which customers can control numerous vehicle functions on board or remote access via an app for Apple iOS and Android.

Bentley Flying Trail Now also be ordered as plug-in hybrid-plug-inBentley

On remote control functions, if available in the respective region, the My Bentley app can be accessed, including a number of features that customers expect – from the search for their own vehicle and their locking to the query of vehicle status and statistics. Among the comfort features of the new Flying Hybrid Flying Hybrid are the following special functions:

  • My Car Statistics – provides an overview of the vehicle data. Here customers can see the date and time of the last rides as well as the distance, average speed, journey time and the average consumption of fuel and electrical energy at the last ride.
  • My Battery Charge – If the vehicle is connected to a loading point, customers can currently initiate the charging process. You can select the time you want to leave. The system then calculates the charging current, which ensures the highest state of charge upon departure.
  • My Cabin Comfort – Thus, customers can preheat the interior of the vehicle for their ride on an optimal temperature of 22 ° C / cooling.

A striking model in the Flying Trail Series

For the Flying Lane Hybrid stand seven bentley paint colors as standard. Customers can also make their vehicle in one of the over 60 shades, which are part of the extended color palette, including Mulliner colors and custom orders. All Flying Spurs are manufactured in the Bentley home in Crewe south of Manchester – in the world’s first CO2 neutral plant for luxury vehicles. Orders can be accepted from summer. The first deliveries to customers are provided before the end of 2021.

Bentley wants to sell only battery electric cars as well as plug-in hybrids from 2026, pure burners should expire until then. From 2030 plug-in hybrids should then be omitted and only pure electric vehicles are offered.

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