Berlin: BVG wants only electric buses in the fleet from 2030

Berlin: BVG wants only electric buses in the fleet from 2030-wants

The Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) consider it possible to convert all regular bus services in the capital to electric operation by 2030. BVG CEO Sigrid Nikutta came to this conclusion after a business trip to China, where she and the Senator for the Environment, Transport and Climate, Regine Gunther (independent), visited the four megacities of Beijing, Hangzhou, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. In Shenzen, according to Gunther, all 17 have been since 2017.000 electric buses on the road, the conversion of the fleet to electric buses began in 2009.

When it comes to electric mobility, China has long been established as a pioneer, not only in the bus but also in the passenger car sector. For example, the Chinese government has introduced a mandatory quota for electric cars. Manufacturers who do not comply with these must pay penalties.

For Berlin, the transport senator spoke of “a major task, but it will be solvable”. Berlin‘s government is even under pressure to act, as the red-red-green coalition has set the goal in its mobility law of replacing all of the 1,500 diesel buses with climate-neutral vehicles by 2030.

So far, five electric buses are in use in Berlin, and 30 more are scheduled to go into operation in March 2019. The Daimler subsidiary Evo-Bus and the Polish manufacturer Solaris are each delivering 15 vehicles to Berlin. Another 15 articulated buses with electric drive are currently in the tender process. The charging infrastructure is currently being expanded at the depot in Berlin-Weibensee so that there are sufficient charging options for all e-buses. Gradually, other depots are also to be converted.

Since the range of electric buses is still less than that of diesel buses, they should be used primarily on smaller secondary routes. The current e-buses cover a good 150 kilometers before they have to go to the charging station for six hours until they are fully charged again. A diesel bus is used by the BVG between 200 and 500 kilometers a day.

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