Berlin: By 2030, 1.875 e-buses good 1st.Replace 500 diesel buses

Berlin: By 2030, 1.875 e-buses good 1st.Replace 500 diesel buses-e-buses

In September last year, the report came from our capital that a local e-bus specialist, according to its own information, was the brand from 1.000 electric buses sold, but they don’t drive in Berlin. Not yet, now people in Berlin also want to take part in the electromobility transition and have ordered at least 30 electric buses, while buses with gas or diesel engines are being left behind.

In December of the same year, the procurement of initially 30 single-deck buses and 15 articulated buses with electric drive and the corresponding charging infrastructure was approved. Both projects are in the double-digit million range in terms of investment volume. A corresponding qualification system for manufacturers was already published in November.

“Berlin is facing a historic change in local transport. Already today, two thirds of the more than one billion BVG passengers travel electrically in our city. Berlin and the public transport companies continue to work together at full speed to convert the bus fleet to the future-oriented and environmentally friendly electric drive. The first bid today is a milestone for this.“ – Ramona Pop, Chairwoman of the BVG Supervisory Board

In the long term, however, 30 e-buses will not be enough to convert all of Berlin’s local transport to them. It is clear that a mixture of underground, suburban trains and e-buses must be used in order to meet the different range requirements of passengers for the means of transport.

According to calculations by the BVG, the switch from diesel to e-bus does not work one-to-one. “The ratio is one to 0.8,” says Sigrid Nikutta, BVG boss. In other words: For the mileage, which is currently 1.500 diesel buses in Berlin will be 1.875 electric buses needed. How this will be financed is still completely open for the BVG. In the Senate’s current special programs for the growing city, just 20 million euros have been set aside for the electrification of the BVG bus fleet – this is enough for around 30 electric buses, which we mentioned at the beginning.

Berlin may have to implement other measures on this list, at least in the short term, to reduce CO2 emissions: These ten measures are intended to make Berlin’s air cleaner.

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