Berlin extends e-mobility promotion up to 2023

Berlin extends e-mobility promotion up to 2023-extends

Even before the expiry of the current directive at the end of the year, the Berlin Senate Department for Economic, Energy and Energy has decided to use economic electromobility (Welmo) by two years to 31. December 2023 to extend. Thus, the country wants to set a clear sign for the future of electromobility in the traffic.

The funding program Economic activity – Short Welmo – Supported since July 2019 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a permanent establishment in Berlin and in Berlin self-employed in the integration of electromobility in their companies. In three modules, an electromobility consulting, the vehicle purchase and the construction or. the expansion of charging infrastructure subsidized. Since July 2021 there is a fourth module specifically for Berlin taxi companies who want to buy an electrically operated taxi.

“I am pleased that Welmo will continue to be so well accepted and we can continue to drive through the extension of the program the road to the road in Berlin in challenging times further. We provide with our promotion for clean and urbanized commercial traffic in the capital, “says Ramona Pop, Senator for Economics, Energy and Energy. Berlin companies make an important contribution to the sustainable mobility transition with the transition to electric drives, so pop. “Here we will not leave you alone in the future.”

Dirk Maass, Managing Director of the program translating IBB Business Team GmbH (IBT), supplements that over Welmo has been subsidized over the past two years the acquisition of more than 3,000 electric cars, more than 400 charging infrastructure projects and just under 100 electromobility consultations. “We are pleased to accompany the Berlin companies for the change to electromobility as a funding institute for two more years and promoting the mobility transition in Berlin,” says Maass about the extension of the support measure.

With Welmo, the state of Berlin supports both the procurement and leasing of commercial, electrically operated vehicles as well as the construction of stationary charging infrastructure in the commercial environment. In the focus of the vehicle promotion, electric commercial vehicles, small and lightweight vehicles, E-scooters and e-bikes (S-pedelecs and small power racks) with pure battery operation, with fuel cell drive and plug-in hybrid drive are. Cars class M1 will be from 01.07.2021 funded exclusively for companies with a valid taxikonzession for use as taxi. The concrete delivery height depends on the vehicle classes and the drive technology and is z.B. for commercial vehicles and cars up to 25 percent of the beneficial expenditure or. 15.000 Euro per vehicle. A combination with the environmental bonus is allowed. The Berlin electromobility promotion is supplemented by a consulting offer to the main topics of vehicles and charging infrastructure, which is composed of the modules of potential advice and realization consulting.

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  1. … and what are the people who can not afford e-car??? Or the people on the village where public transport is miserable or. The loading infrastructure quasi kar does not exist??? For example, I live on the village and has 28km to work, far and wide no charging column. The loading infrastructure must first be properly expanded nationwide and then first can come with your combustion ban. You like to forget that not everyone can afford a pork electric car and, above all, will always forget that many people at home have no charging column because they live in a rented apartment or something.


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