Better than Tesla? The nine largest errors to the fuel cell car – electric car

VW, Daimler and BMW rely on the battery -electric mobility – the electrical hydrogen car with fuel cell, on the other hand, has good opportunities in the commercial vehicle area. Does it make sense? Car expert Alexander Bloch clarifies.

Many drivers hope for the fuel cell that makes electrical driving possible without long loading times. But this hope is probably deceptive, at least with a car. Alexander Bloch, technology chief reporter of the "Auto Motor & Sport" and known from the VOX program "Auto mobile", arranges the topic.

"Bus lout" Or efficiency miracle? For some electric cars, 120 km/h are too fast

Better than Tesla? The nine largest errors to the fuel cell car - electric car-largest

Auto-engine and "Bus lout" Or efficiency miracle? For some electric cars, 120 km/h are too fast

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18 thoughts on “Better than Tesla? The nine largest errors to the fuel cell car – electric car”

  1. To BEVS
    Making socially acceptable is missing a small detail of what the auto industry has many headaches and … Making socially acceptable is missing a small detail of what the auto industry will cause a lot of headaches and is not desired for reasons of sales. Standardized, scalable exchange batteries and the necessary infrastructure to Z.B. Motorways. This would make it possible to produce batteries from car production

  2. If you can calculate, you have more of life…
    Very good contribution. Unfortunately, many commentators did not understand the report. 6.5 GWH energy / year not used because they cannot be saved. So you can drive 1 million H2 cars / year. This is the only number that counts. H2 is an excellent, because very energy dense memory. The storage is no longer a problem these days. The exported amounts of electricity were not taken into account in the report. They are many times higher. Can everyone at DE.statista.Com read. 20.9 TW H / 2020! This electricity is sold or given away for 1-4 c/ kWh, yes, no joke is given away because it is not storable. Drive 1 million cars with H2 above 6.5 GWH GIVER REPORT 20.9 tw H!! Think about it!

  3. Continue to think.
    Millions of BEV could serve as a peak memory, since they are 90% of the time unused. But if you absolutely want to make H2 out of electricity, why should you distribute it extensively in the country, in order to then inefficiently establish it in the H2 car? An impact in large systems as "Peaker" With simultaneous use of the waste heat than district heating, it is more sensible and lucrative.

  4. H2, my god, there is nothing more of us?
    There is a technology that has been used very successfully by the military for some time. However, under all circumstances it should be prevented that the "mob" learns of it why? Humanity has no idea in the least, life would be beautiful, without this eternal politician stupid chatter. Physics are ready to be able to serve mankind effectively. Unfortunately, physics does not always get along with the opinions of the financial jugglers, since this is not about useful progress for the benefit of all people, but solely about fat profits less money bags! Many useful patents have been suppressed for a long time because there was no profit to make it. A simple example from medicine: cannabis!

  5. Erich Arnstedt pseudoscience!
    If you have a lot of praised "Free energy" I have to disappoint them because it only exists as a brain -blank. The sentence still applies: nothing can be obtained from nothing. Generations have already broken their heads on the Perpetuum Mobile. Unfortunately, the military must continue with the "PObel energy" put up with

  6. Milk girl bill
    Yes to produce hydrogen is required electricity. The efficiency is also worse. But to store the energy for 800 km track, I need approx. 400kg battery or 50 kg H2 tank. I have to carry the weight with and everyone knows, weight costs range. When refueling, the next problem, electricity for 800 km takes about a 3/4 hour, H2 less than 5 minutes (with paying). Oh, if you want to drive convertibles in the future, you will have to drive classic cars, almost all manufacturers want to get out of the production of convertibles, sell too badly, effort too high…

  7. ……
    Then we close the H2 tank u. Battery to the electric motor! The BEV starts, the FCEV stops. Oh yes, H2 still has to be converted into a usable energy. The required equipment (plus bufferakku) weighs how much?

  8. drive
    Elektro battery will prevail exactly then, 1) If the battery 500 is better 600 km with a load. 2) Charging the battery from 10 % to 80 % in 15 is better possible in 10 minutes . 3) an e car about a maximum of 15 % is more than a petrol engine and for me it has to be a convertible I think 2025-2030 will be ready.

  9. Very easily
    But inconceivable for the auto industry. Standardized, scalable exchange batteries plus infrastructure to z.B. Motorways. That "load" From 0 to 100 would be in 5 minutes and the cars would no longer have a planned obscene center. Doesn’t want the auto industry, prefer to sell new cars. None of today’s e-cars are sustainable and ecological. No matter who makes it.

  10. everyone believes seriously
    that the hydrogen is produced using electrolysis. There are completely different industrial processes that are much more economical. Just inform. I would say who is filling up with hydrogen today, you don’t get it from electrolysis. Natural gas is probably taken for this.

  11. natural gas
    As you generally noticed, the companies, especially public transport, have on it with the beautiful lettering "We drive with Ergas", Separated from their vehicles again due to excessiveness of the interference. And win hydrogen from natural gas ? Only as an info, this mainly consists of methane. Seen in this way, it will be nothing that would bring what would bring what, or ?

  12. What if?
    Scenario: Violent onset of winter in Germany, minus 20 ° C and the highway is complete for 24 hours! Nothing goes anymore and help only comes out of the air! My tank has about 60 liters and is full of my next man has full battery and heats electrically! Who comes out alive there? Wi, of course, keep the exhaust system snow -free! The scenario is unlikely? Mistake! Return rope at the beginning of the year due to Corona and closed borders in Austria! Almost all e -coaches would be frozen if a little colder and a little longer nothing can be done anymore! 10 liters of fuel can be ran! electricity?

  13. Well
    Such scenarios, close to reality, are not for e-car fanatics, they don’t want to see that. They prefer to freeze in their bowls. What you describe is certainly not common, but it happens. Then I’m glad not to crouch in an electric car and to pray that I am saved.

  14. Very easily…..
    We do not submit to the dictation of the federal government or. Car manufacturer. An electrical car is out of the question for us (far too expensive).Which normal citizens can already have an electrical car in the price range over 50,000.- Make € ? If an alternative, then with hydrogen. We just drive a petrol engine for so long. By determining the electro, the auto industry fits serious damage. If there are no German hydrogen cars, it has to be considered, so a vehicle must be bought in Asia.

  15. When the e-supply is really perfected
    and was realized from north to south by wind and solar energy and corresponding lines, if the e-supply is then controlled as required, a lot of energy is not called up and could be used by the production of hydrogen. The consequences: fuel cells are much more effective, batteries were yesterday. This strategy is worthwhile for environmental protection (no battery mass production) is much better.

  16. I agree
    And if our government exports the EEG surcharge for every kilowatt hour that is exported abroad, the H2 production becomes even cheaper.

  17. Only half the truth is told here
    In order to operate a fuel cell car, the hydrogen must first be generated. This happens with electricity. During this generation, losses are created again. This hydrogen has an efficiency of approx. 60%, the change of hydrogen into the current, which then drives the vehicle, also has an efficiency of approx. 60%. This results in an overall efficiency of only 36%. This means that if you need electricity for a certain route for a car for a price of € 10, the electricity costs for a fuel cell car for the same route are € 27. Who buys a car that consumes 2.7 times the amount of electricity? This is irresponsible to our environment, this video only tells half the truth because it ignores the electricity costs for creating hydrogen

  18. so what…
    The electricity for H2 production could be generated in huge desert areas from solar energy. H2 can be produced near the coast, is transportable and can therefore be distributed like gasoline. The efficiency does not matter. Perhaps interested countries should join in and plan appropriate systems. Would also be something against poverty in different regions.


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