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The Cupra Born is based on the same so-called MEB platform as the VW ID.3. You may come to the end that it is a jacket like pants, whether you get the Cupra Born or the fellow company. So the born is a copy from the ID.3? The detailed test from site shows: Yes and no.

The test car with 203 hp and 58 kWh of battery, which reached our site editor in early December, has been pumped out with a lot of equipment as usual. The bottom line is that you get a price of over 47.000 euros. In the base, Cupra wants to for Born 37.220 euros – after funding there are still around 28.000 euros. The born is a few hundred euros above the price of the VW ID.3.

Already in October we were able to try the Cupra Born at a driving event in Barcelona – at that time our conclusion, as you can see in the video, was very positive. After all, the crux of the matter is values such as range, consumption or how the driver assistance systems are making. That can only show a full test. And here the born is no better than the ID.3. He makes it for very similar values, but we would have expected a little more in terms of range. You can read the full test here:

Click here for the test: Cupra Born (58 kWh) in the full test: he does everything better than the VW ID.3?

The born has now also ended in leasing. Private individuals get him for Just under 300 euros monthly leasing rate. If you can also make friends with Vario financing, get the Born for 269 euros monthly rate (here you can get to Sixt Neuwagen).

To the Cupra-Born test

To the Cupra-Born deal

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