Biosprit instead of batteries? E-mobility reaches its limits for bus and train

Local vehicles

Biosprit instead of batteries? E-mobility reaches its limits for bus and train

Biosprit instead of batteries? E-mobility reaches its limits for bus and train-batteries
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The Ministry of the Environment must release synthetic fuels for local vehicles, otherwise the cities do not create the requirements of “Clean Vehicles Directive”.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information on the 02.08.In 2021, 45 percent of the newly procured buses and 10 percent of all heavy trucks of the municipalities have to emit less than one gram of CO2 per kilometer. Since then, “the law on the procurement of clean road vehicles” has been in force, which implements the so -called “Clean Vehicle Directive” of the EU.According to the previous reading, only electric vehicles met this requirement, i.e. either with fuel cells or with battery storage. With cars and light commercial vehicles, this is 38.5 percent by 2030. The odds for buses rise from 01.01.2026 to 65 percent and for heavy trucks to 15 percent.

Oko-Sprit instead of electrical?

The Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) actually did not want to have eco-fuels as an alternative. At the beginning of September 2021, a spokesman for the BMU confirmed to Site: “The ordinance on the nature and the distinction of the qualities of strength and fuels in the version of 13. December 2019 (10. BImSchV) regulates which fuels may be sold at German petrol stations. Pure organic and synthetic fuels may only be mixed, but not in pure form.""

Biosprit instead of batteries? E-mobility reaches its limits for bus and train-e-mobility
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With a letter from 19.07.In 2021, however, the BMU had allowed the municipalities to be used to use these fuels “in -house” six weeks beforehand and thus abandoned its blockage for the first time. However, if the vehicles are in state possession, this assignment is approved, they belong to a private bus company or a freight forwarder, the use of this fuel, which reduces CO2 emissions of conventional diesel engines by 92 percent, remains prohibited. The guidelines of the “Clean Energy Directive” are probably not possible with electromobility alone.

Biosprit instead of batteries? E-mobility reaches its limits for bus and train-instead
Last year, the passenger volume in breeding and lanes was 49 percent lower than in 2019 Photo: Mercedes, due to the Corona pandemic Public transport in 2020 – Use of bus and train halved

Electric buses temporarily parked by fires

There are also technical setbacks. In Dusseldorf, Hanover and Stuttgart, several bus depots have burned down this year, in which electric buses were loaded overnight . In at least one case, take one of the e-buses as a cause of the fire-and in all cases the battery fires made the fire fighting due to heat and extremely large extinguishing water requirements. The Munich transport companies put their eight e-citaro buses out of operation, although two buses were revised as part of a recall in the Mannheim plant.

Biosprit instead of batteries? E-mobility reaches its limits for bus and train-batteries
Andreas Rosar/dpa In the evening there was a fire in the bus depot of the Stuttgart Verkehrsbetiebe.

But even if the buses do not burn, the electrical operation of the battery vehicles does not always run without any problems. In February, 1.7 percent of the electric buses did not achieve the required range of 130 km in February, according to the purchase contract with the Polish manufacturer, the electric buses had to be created with double -digit minus degrees. Instead of the required exchange of the batteries, the manufacturer has now changed the software: less electricity flows into the heating of the buses. If you spend a long time there, you will have to dress warm in the future.

Electric buses: high costs for the taxpayer

For the fact that they freeze on the bus more often in winter, the customers of the Berlin transport companies are likely to dig deeper into their pockets in the future. Because between the public planning and the estimates of the BVG there is a gap of around one billion euros, which will then probably be applied by public transport users. With 500.000 euros per piece are electric buses twice as expensive as a conventional diesel bus, but they only drive half as far as. 400 km creates a conventional diesel bus per tank filling. Of course, the halved range means that twice as many of the buses twice as much as expensive must be purchased. They need 880 additional employees and four new operating boards in Berlin alone. Six of the existing ones are converted. Load points are to be set up at the end points of the shortened lines. The Senate estimates that the Senate puts the necessary effort at two billion euros. According to a report by the BVG, the operator expects one billion more.

Electric bus opens up in flames when charging and triggers chain reaction

Biosprit instead of batteries? E-mobility reaches its limits for bus and train-reaches

Cameraone Electric bus opens up in flames when charging and triggers chain reaction

But not only in the case of cold or heat (due to the tightened use of the air conditioning), the operation of the e-buses makes difficulties. In Offenbach, “only” 12.7 million. Euro invested in the purchase of 36 battery buses. You calculate the 13.2 million. Euro public funding, then every bus costs almost 720.000 euros, almost a quarter more million more as in Berlin. For this purpose, three e-buses remained according to the "Offenbach-Post" In the summer of this year, the slope of an underpass and had to be towed.

Buses with hydrogen and biogas

Innovative municipal companies that tried without Brussels and the German implementation in the form of the “Law on the Procurement of Clean Road Lide” to wait instead of the directive from the green table threatens to punish. The Wuppertaler Stadtwerke (WSW) had invested in 10 hydrogen buses and a corresponding petrol station. The hydrogen is produced by the municipal waste incineration plant, which of course emits CO2. Funded by the federal government and the EU, this production may violate the amended Immission Protection Act.

Biosprit instead of batteries? E-mobility reaches its limits for bus and train-instead

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The Berlin city cleaning also runs half of your fleet with biogas, which you can do in a specially built system from 70.000 tons of organic waste fermented. 160 garbage trolleys pick up 60 percent of the Berlin residual waste. So 2.5 million liters of diesel are saved per year.

Electric bus with 360-degree steering could revolutionize our CITYS

Biosprit instead of batteries? E-mobility reaches its limits for bus and train-limits

Site/Wochit Electric bus with 360-degree steering could revolutionize our CITYS

In any case, battery custody vehicles have so far remained the exception, especially if one canceled by the buses – which has long been used in China -. At the Berlin fire brigade, an electric vehicle from the manufacturer Rosenbauer drives in trial operation. However, since the vehicle was not yet approved in Germany, it is on the road with Austrian license plates. Incidentally, if the deletion takes longer, a “range extender” is installed as a precaution. The diesel unit delivers electricity when the batteries are exhausted so that the firefighters do not suddenly run out of extinguishing water. Until the electrical drive at the fire brigade will be introduced across the board, many years will probably pass.

These 10 countries only produce eco-stream: there are some surprises

Biosprit instead of batteries? E-mobility reaches its limits for bus and train-reaches

Site These 10 countries only produce eco-stream: there are some surprises

With eco-diesel significantly fewer CO2 emissions

With the release of “organic diesel”, so-called “synthetic paraffin fuels”, local companies can not only buy completely conventional diesel vehicles again, which with this fuel emit 90 percent less CO2. Every conventional diesel engine can be operated without any modification in the existing stock. As a 25 percent admixture, Shell already offers this fuel in cooperation with Bosch. And the Finnish nest sells the “C.A.R.E ”baptized almost CO2-free diesel, which is produced from plant waste, at 500 European petrol stations in Europe. “But: In Germany, the European country with the largest number of cars, the fuel for road transport is not yet available due to regulatory. In this respect, it is a welcome step that the German government has approved renewable diesel for public transport and municipalities a few days ago so that they can reach their fleet goals for clean vehicles.”So Carl Nyberg, Executive Vice President Renewable Road Transport. In Germany, Tolfuel specializes in sales. And at the Bavarian Zieglmeier petrol station chain you can already buy the HVO100 diesel replacement in Grobmehring near Ingolstadt and Schrobenhausen. The fuel costs about 15 cents more than conventional diesel, is on the company’s website.

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The new production facility for such fuels could also be interesting for municipal businesses and companies, which is to be created in an exclusion from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. "Such systems are modularly set up in container size and to operate decentrally" says Prof. Dr. Thomas Willner, who heads the project. At the beginning of 2022, a first pilot facility should go into operation.

Fuel production in the container

Hemnis for the quick reduction in CO2 emissions is not the availability of the corresponding fuels. Alone alone already produces more than 3 million tons of the diesel replacement. That is almost 10 percent of German diesel needs. Numerous other projects are in the starting blocks and are only waiting for the Federal Environment Ministry to no longer discriminate synthetic and biological fuels. They must also be included in the fleet consumption by the European Union according to their actual CO2 emissions.In the best case, the behavior of the BMU remains incomprehensible. With the broad use of alternative fuels, the climate goals could be reached faster and already with existing vehicles. But in Brussels and Berlin you only favor electromobility

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Biosprit instead of batteries? E-mobility reaches its limits for bus and train-instead

Site Presentation of the first electric toyota: The design is awesome

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Biosprit instead of batteries? E-mobility reaches its limits for bus and train-reaches

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  1. @KOpnick
    Is interesting! In the report you mentioned, what according to RP-Online 12.10. so far … was not known, it is said that the e-buses "APPARENTLY" could be excluded as the cause! A convincing final argument, it has always said that the cause due to the fire development would hardly be determined. But what shouldn’t be, it is not either!

  2. Bird
    Just because you apparently like the final appraisal assessment of a bus depot fire & its causes less than the past first & intermediate results, the final report does not have to be wrong. If not what should be, then it is not. Also applies to you & most of your comments.

  3. doesn’t matter….
    ….What is now claimed here. The fact is that these depot fires did not occur in time without cordless buses, especially not in this frequency. It is not for nothing that there are already the first reactions of the cities and municipalities. Unsern imaginable if such a box goes into flames while operating with people. Probably there are also battery fans, who then suspect a combustion engine as the cause. If no battery technique is developed that is safer, this will be nothing with the turn. Knowing that more and more, just admit it (yet) nobody !

  4. @KOpnick, what’s the point?
    Source ddorf-aktuell 30.07.21: "Expert and fire experts had taken a first picture of the collapsed hall immediately after the fire. Then the parking hall was removed piece by piece and the vehicles were examined. Like the report from the Dusseldorf public prosecutor’s office from 9. June 2021, the insurance experts also came to the conclusion that the fire had a technical cause. Due to the sustainable fire progress and the enormous degree of destruction, the cause could not be determined more clearly. Based on the exclusion procedure, however, the experts can exclude other reasons for the fire." Thus, an e-fire cannot be excluded as the cause!

  5. @bender – to complete the matter
    They accuse me of "embezzling content and facts". I explained to them where the content & facts that I quoted in 2012 I quoted in 2012 (energy consumption-based consideration not only of the sectors electricity & heat, but also traffic & industry) can be found: in the 2013 successor study. Their allegation is therefore without the basis. The rest is Corinthian jacking.

  6. Facts about the 3 bus depot fires in D.J.
    I checked again, which is officially announced to this day. 1. Fire in Bus depot in Dusseldorf in April: 38 buses destroyed. Gem. Fire reports were e-buses n i c h t trigger of the fire. This must have broken out in another part of the depot, where diesel buses were. 2. Fire at Bus Betrapshof Hannover-Mittelfeld in June: 5 E & 2 Hybrid buses & 1 Dieselbus burned out. The cause of the fire unclear. LT. There is no evidence that special or increased dangers come from the e-buses in the company. Since 1.11. Run e-buses again in line operations. 3. Fire in Bus depot in Stuttgart in September.: 25 buses destroyed, including 2 e-buses. Brand KO n n t e lt. Police were created when charging an e-bus. Further investigations are necessary.

  7. The same lyre
    The politicians of many countries want to decide something in a climate improvement, advice from those and those, but do not notice that it cannot be implemented with the club. Which politician takes responsibility that many people cannot implement their goals? Right, not a single one. Every country is not possible equally, but somehow it doesn’t matter to the tie carriers. First they want to force the economy to produce climate -friendly, then sell the consumer for expensive money, the screw is soon…. Well, if you listened to the people a little more, there wouldn’t. We will not achieve anything in 15 20 years, at most anarchy among the richer and poorer among us.

  8. @KOpnick…
    …With reports that he should prove! There is no message on the web, according to which a diesel in H! Message NDR.DE: Around two months after the major fire in a bus depot by the ustra Verkehrsbetrie in Hanover, the police assume a technical defect. The civil servants exclude arson. Nine buses were destroyed in the fire in the midfield district, including five electric buses. The hall was then at risk of collapse and had to be secured, so fire and experts were only able to examine the fire location last week. The case is complete for the police. Where is the source, a diesel would be the cause?

  9. Insult & freedom of fools
    That expresses exactly the right one. An old saying is, "As you call into the forest, it sounds back"!

  10. The e-lobby is now panicked, sees it
    Funding billions disappear. That is their greatest concern. Fires like in Stuttgart are tolerated, the Stuttgart are tough. The pollutants, which was freed in the fire in Stuttgart alone, cannot generate a whole diesel fleet over the entire operating time. In addition, hundreds of thousands of liters of highly toxic extinguishing water went into the sewage system and in the ground, so that into the circulation. Unfortunately, this is the case, even if nothing can be found in the echo chambers of the e-lobby. Finally, the pollutants in food and drinking water are detectable. You should look outside the box and not just add the pleasant things into the statistics. But this is about promotional millions, not about environmental protection, health and security.

  11. Biodiesel is not an alternative to E
    The article is talking about e-mobility badly & biodiesel. The 3 bus depot fires d.J. Leading into the field against e-buses is weak. In the case of H, the fire broke out at the diesel buses, in D as the cause is rather unlikely & in S fire report is still pending. Why driving 500 in China.000 e-buses? Because they have been "used" there for a long time, says the author. Oh I see! Biodiesel, on the other hand, is beautifully talked. Should bring 90% CO2 reduction, the specialist literature mentions 57% (EPA study). More nox by biodiesel is kept silent. As well and v.A. The problem "plate or tank". If you only wanted to replace 5% of the mineral oil diesel with biodiesel, rapeseed would have to be grown on half of the German arable land (UBA). Completely unrealistic. Biodiesel also does not save V-drive.

  12. Manfred Bender – We approach the facts
    As you say yourself, the "technical defect" that is said to have triggered the bus depot fire in H is not yet clear. The same applies to the depot fire in S. There is a guess that the cause is officially uncleared. In the 3. Fire in D is there any fire report: E-buses were the cause of the cause. The situation does not matter to brand e-buses as the cause of all 3 fires (such as z.B. P. Longing).

  13. Good idea
    But why only so tentative? For example, I have a 1.5-ton trailer and live in the country, with which affordable electric car I should pull it? And if there should actually be a model, how about the range under load? Just let the pragmatists go and give the ideologues a different work. I am not basically against electric cars, but not broken over the knee and only where it makes sense.

  14. @Friedrich that may be your desired idea
    In reality it looks different, test results were even published here. The consumption shoots up, I reduce the range to less than 150km, with luck if there is no mountain in the way.


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