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Mercedes-AMG ennobles the GT with the legendary addition "Black Series" – and makes it a road-legal racing car.

Mercedes AMG GT Black Series.

«Black Series». With this evil suffix, Mercedes seems to wish for black magic; because it is only rarely awarded – to the absolute high-flyers of a model series.

The history of the "black series" began in 2006 with the SLK 55 AMG – and most recently culminated in the spectacular gullwing SLS AMG Black Series from 2013.

After seven years of abstinence, the AMG engineers have once again acted out their urge for black magic – and are presenting the GT Black Series. And it will be stronger, more radical and more spectacular than ever when it will be available in a limited edition from the beginning of 2021 – for at least 379,000 francs! So the price is just as spectacular as the car itself. Nevertheless, the question arises as to what justifies the surcharge of more than 160,000 francs compared to the previous top model in the series. The short answer to this question: Almost everything about the GT has been improved and changed that makes it faster on the track. And with great effort.

More efficient

It is obvious: more power means better lap times. That's why AMG has radically revised the 4.0-liter V8 engine. The innards of the engine were almost completely renewed. The most important component is the new, “flat” crankshaft. It changes the order in which the cylinders are fired. First of all, this creates a completely different sound: the V8 screeches like in an Italian sports car – instead of bubbling as we know it from American eight-cylinder engines. But much more important: The engine can handle higher speeds and generates more power there: 730 hp and 800 Nm ensure gigantic propulsion and make the long straights at the Lausitzring, where the GT Black Series was ready for the first test drives, shrink in no time at all. Even if the power on the straights is impressive – during development, acceleration was not the top priority. It was much more about getting the GT around the curve much faster.

More grip

First of all, the fully adjustable coilover suspension with adaptive dampers and the sports tires that can be ordered in two mixtures, which are optimized for use on the racetrack on dry roads, but are just about legal to drive on the road, ensure better cornering dynamics. The changes to the body are more obvious. This was consistently trimmed for downforce; at 250 km/h the car is additionally pressed onto the road with 400 kg, at top speed it should even be 800 kg. The crux of the matter is that more downforce also means more drag. For aerodynamics developer Dr. So Gustavo Estrada is concerned with increasing aerodynamic efficiency; i.e. to generate as much downforce as possible while keeping air resistance as low as possible. For this purpose, every edge, no matter how small, on the sports car was carefully examined. Thanks to the large ventilation slits on the front wheel arches and the large, fold-out diffuser at the front, the car generates a lot of downforce on the front axle – without relieving the rear axle as a result.

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Mercedes AMG GT Black Series

The underbody is almost completely covered and equipped with numerous baffles so that downforce is generated and warm air is extracted. “Up to 1000 degrees Celsius prevail at the turbocharger; this heat has to go. Therefore, the underbody is not completely closed.

The cooler was installed at a steep angle in the front – which means that there is space for a larger cooler. “Three cubic meters of air flow through here – per second!” Estrada mentions. A small detail on the front shows just how much attention was paid to the aerodynamics. Even the attachment of the radiator grille was designed in such a way that it provides two kilograms of additional contact pressure at high speeds. At the rear, a wide diffuser that directs the air away from under the car and a double-decker wing ensure more grip; A movable element in the rear spoiler continuously adjusts the balance to the driving situation, which contributes to the most amazing feature of the latest model in the "Black Series": Despite 730 hp and pure rear-wheel drive, the flounder is surprisingly easy to drive. The grip is enormous, the brakes relentless and the electronic control systems are so finely tuned that they hardly noticeably intervene should it be necessary.

This helps the driver focus on the track and the car should they actually venture onto the track with the GT Black Series. Because even if the outrageously expensive racer is likely to be a good investment: it only really makes sense on a closed racetrack. Although it is approved for the road, it is actually much too fast.

Mercedes AMG GT Black Series

Engine: V8 biturbo, 3982 cm³

Power: 730 hp/800 Nm

Drive: Rear, DKG 7-speed

L×W×H: 4604×2007×1259mm

trunk volume: 175L

Weight: 1615kg

0-100km/h: 3.2 sec.

Vmax: 325km/h

Consumption WLTP: 12.8L/100km

Price: from 379,000 francs

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