Blackstone: 3D-printed batteries with significantly increased energy density

Blackstone: 3D-printed batteries with significantly increased energy density-3d-printed

Blackstone Resources, a Swiss raw materials company, announced in early January 2019 that plan 200 million euros in battery cell production in Germany to invest. Partially supported by this investment it is blackstone successful 3D-printed batteries to bring to the market. These are also suitable thanks to significantly increased energy density for the off-road area.

Paired with a new personnel, the company wanted to set up even more in this area. From 1. September receives Blackstone Resources from Serhat Yilmaz support. As Chief Marketing Officer, the 35-year-old will assume authoritative responsibility for the communication of the group and the development of the Investor Relations area. In addition, he will also accompany the battery production in the marketing and Business Development of the Blackstone Technology at the location in DObeln.

Blackstone Resources AG is a significant global designer of the emission-free future. I am looking forward to participating in this innovation-oriented company. Our progress in the industrialization of 3D-printed battery cells now open up immense potential, which I am very curious.”- Serhat Yilmaz, CMO at Blackstone Resources

Together with the recently granted funding and the operating permit for the production of 3D batteries, the company is now in the starting blocks for the next stage. “The name Blackstone Resources is here to become a trademark in the gearbox of the road turning. We have all the reason to look optimistic about the future, “says Yilmaz.

As the company performs, you concretely expand the product range in battery production and root deeper in the field of climate-neutral vehicles with own energy sources. Yilmaz leads this as follows: “In this segment, Blackstone Technology has established itself sustainably in the past. With our new Blackstone Thick Layer Technology ©, however, we want to control the market over the top of the top: Our development breakthrough increases the energy density of lithium-ion batteries for fabulous 20 percent. With our batteries, commercial vehicles receive 20 percent more range with constant battery size. That’s just as simple as impressive “

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