Blackstone plans to invest 200 million euros in cell production in Germany

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Blackstone plans to invest 200 million euros in cell production in Germany-euros

Blackstone Resources, a Swiss raw materials company, announced in the past few days that it plans to invest 200 million euros in battery cell production in Germany. It is hoped that there will be appropriate support in the form of grants from the EU development and research fund and the German government, both at state and local level.

Battery cells for 25.000 – 100.000 e-car batteries planned in the first phase

Blackstone Research GmbH was founded in Erfurt, Germany, to promote battery cell production in Germany. This new company, a 100% ownership, will enable Blackstone to conduct further battery research and advance cell manufacturing. Is already planned with the production of 100.000 battery cells in a first phase, what about. for 25.000 to 100.000 Batteries for electric vehicles corresponds. In another phase, production capacity should be further expanded.

Currently the city of Eisenach, which is about. 50 km west of Erfurt is in conversation as a production site. This would be near the automaker Opel and a Chinese battery manufacturer, we remember: “Catl invests 240 million euros in Erfurt”. Another production site could arise in Lower Saxony Braunschweig, near the production facility of Volkswagen,. Volkswagen has decided to invest heavily in battery research and development as well as the production of batteries.

The German government has also announced plans to locate one of two multi-billion euro battery manufacturing facilities in the area. This would be supported by a consortium of private companies. The aim is to produce the batteries required for all electrically powered vehicles in Europe.

Battery cell manufacturing as an extension of Blackstone’s core business

Blackstone Resources’ core businesses are battery metals and refinery development. In addition, the Company offers direct holdings in pioneering battery metals due to the large quantities of these metals, such as cobalt, molybdenum, graphite and lithium, that are required by electric vehicle demand. Blackstone Resources has also started a research program on new battery technology, which will certainly benefit the development of German cell production.

TerraE as another important player on the German battery cell market

In November 2018, we reported that the BMZ Group, based in Karlstein, invests in Terra e Holding GmbH and takes over the Frankfurt company as well as Terra E Engineering GmbH based in Dresden. Sven Bauer, CEO and founder of the BMZ Group, becomes managing director and focuses on German lithium-ion cell production. Bauer does not want to give up the Terra-E plans. Terra E Holding GmbH was founded in May 2017 after six member companies of the KLIB (Lithium Ion Battery Competence Network) formed an initiative to build large-scale series production.

The aim of the BMZ Group is that Terrae is built up by 2020 the first cell production in Germany. BMZ as previously largest buyers of Asian cells is considered the best option that you can get on board for this challenge.

In addition to the 120 million euros, the BMZ is already investing in the expansion of the production lines for batteries, the company intensifies the project to place cell production in the home country Germany. The Terrae cells should be used in particular in the electromobility segment.

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