BMVI call for funding for municipal and commercial electric vehicles

BMVI call for funding for municipal and commercial electric vehicles-municipal

With immediate effect, municipalities, municipal and commercial companies can again submit applications for the procurement of electric cars and light electric vehicles. Particular attention is paid to strengthening municipal and commercial fleets such as company cars, taxis, mobility and sharing services, which achieve significant environmental benefits through the use of renewable energies and high mileage. The application period runs until 31.03.2021.

Eligible for funding are class M1 electric vehicles (cars, etc.).a. for passenger transport with max. 8 seats without a driver’s seat), as well as light electric vehicles of classes L2e, L5e, L6e and L7e as well as the charging infrastructure required for the operation of these vehicles. Plug-in hybrids are explicitly excluded from the subsidy. Within the framework of this call, 20 million euros are available, half of which are reserved for projects by regional authorities.

The possible funding rate for economically active companies is between 40 percent and 60 percent, in a municipal context a funding rate of up to 90 percent is even possible. The grant is limited to a maximum of 2 million euros per applicant and project. The additional investment expenditure for electric vehicles compared to a vehicle with a combustion engine is subsidised.

“We need electromobility to reduce emissions in the transport sector more and permanently. Taxis and courier services in particular have an enormously high mileage of thousands of kilometers a year. It is therefore very important to us to support the switch from municipal and commercial fleets to electromobility with a further 20 million euros.“ – Andreas Scheuer, Federal Minister of Transport

Since 2015, the Federal Ministry of Transport (BMVI) has supported e.g.a. the procurement of electric vehicles including the construction of the associated charging infrastructure. The other 20 million euros were made available with the federal government’s future package. The future package serves to stimulate the economy and to lead Germany out of the current Corona crisis in an economically stronger and future- and climate-oriented manner.

Applications are to be submitted to the Julich project management agency via the easyonline portal. Project management Julich and NOW GmbH as the program company are available by e-mail and telephone if you have any questions about the application or the programmatic support of the electromobility funding guideline. The call for funding is the second following the publication of the new “Electric Mobility Funding Guideline” at the end of 2020. In a further call, electromobility concepts will also be funded at a later date.

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  1. State subsidies never end up where they would be of economic use. With German subsidy mania we are ruining the whole of Europe economically. History teaches that this fate befalls every flourishing advanced civilization sooner or later.


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