BMW 3 Series 2022: All information about the new model

Auto Insider: BMW 3 Series 2022

The face of the new 3 Series BMW will not be liked

BMW 3 Series 2022: All information about the new model-information
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design BMW lifts the 3 for 2022

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In the 3 Series, BMW must not risk anything. So the model maintenance of the mid -range model does not bring any major innovations. There is a face in the style of the current 5 SER, the operation from the i4 and revisions at the drives. Site has the first information.

After the front design has recently caused a lot of discussions for some models from BMW, the revisions by the three-man model care will be significantly more reserved. The biggest changes are available for the new front levy, which will be presented slightly after the revision in the style of the current five.

New 3 Series BMW: kidney growth only subtle

Together with the new headlight design, the front of the Bavarian Middle Class models is growing optically. The kidney looks wider and massive, while the air intakes in the front make the competitors of Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class appear beefier. Apart from a changed apron and the new light design of the LED modules, nothing happens at the rear. To get in the 3 Series for the first time: LED matrix headlights with laser light.

BMW 3 Series 2022: All information about the new model-2022
Fabian Kirchbauer Photography Cockpit of the BMW i4

The changes in the interior are larger. Here the current BMW 3 Series brought a new quality and new comfort functions into the class, which is now continued with the model maintenance, which is continued at Bayern under the English name LCI-Life-Cycle impulse. With the revision, the Munich team will receive the new BMW IX and I4 operating concept. That means that the big one "Curved display" The previous instruments replaced with new software. This also has an impact on the other operating functions in the center console.

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Free selection: petrol engine, diesel or hybrid

The drives of the BMW 3 Sers are preserved apart from slight revisions. Unlike the competition, the customer keeps the chance to choose between the different types of drive – apart from the pure Stromer, but there is the i4 for that.

  • So they stay Petrol engine -Now with a new 48-volt mild hybrid technology-as well as the two Plug-in hybrid, Diesel versions and the particularly powerful M versions.
  • With the model maintenance, the powerful BMW M3 will be offered as a touring version with a combination tail for the first time from the end of 2022. With 480 and 510 hp, its range of services is initially identical to that of M3 sedan and the M4 Coupe.
  • Only one question of time should be the end of the manual circuit. The manual six-speed gearbox is currently still available for vehicles such as the 150 hp BMW 318D or the basic M3.

The revised BMW 3 Series should celebrate its premiere at the in -house exhibition in autumn 2022 and the car will come to the international markets shortly afterwards. The prices for the model 318i / 318d start at around 38.000 euros. The top model is the BMW M3 Competition Touring, which with its 510 hp and mandatory all -wheel drive is probably at the 100.000 euro mark scratches.

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BMW 3 Series 2022: All information about the new model-model

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Auto Insider: BMW 3 Series 2022 – The face of the new 3 Series BMW will not be liked

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12 thoughts on “BMW 3 Series 2022: All information about the new model”

  1. Without me
    The 3 Series BMW has become qualitatively lousers from a series to series. The fact is after three BMW … My next car will not be a bayer. Mr. Feddermann, your comment on my opinion?

  2. the
    Kidney looks like an inexpensive product from the VW Group. No more visions! That is the beginning of the course to the last resting place!

  3. Well, Mr. StOcker
    There she probably has a rather shifted perception. With the best will in the world, I can’t see anything from VW on this BMW.

  4. Shake your head
    The prices for the 318i/318d start at 38.000 €. I buy an electric car for the money, but definitely not a car with an oil pan and pounding pistons.

  5. Shake head
    For the money you just don’t get a electric car that can keep up with such a BMW in the sum of its properties. In any case, at Tesla it is not guaranteed to be the cheapest at 42.990 € to. However, your comment proves that you are not the target group of BMW. Doesn’t matter, there are certainly enough other manufacturers that you can/want to afford. And BMW does not come without them.

  6. Sorry
    I just looked at the picture, that has nothing to do with BMW anymore. The typical "BMW kidney" no longer exists, but seen an 8 on the page through fish eyes. Aerodynamics or pedestrian protection or not, what BMW has done is no longer BMW what you know. But it may look beautiful for the future BMW drivers, but they don’t know the brand from the 70s 80s 90s, that was individual cars, today beauty is the be -all and end -all in the production, nice levelless. But how would the E-friends say you have to go with the time, I say you are running after you play the flute.

  7. I do not think so
    If the car is no longer BMW enough for you, please. It does not matter anyway. Because 8 billion people in the world soon live. There will still be enough people who buy the BMW. By the way, for BMW it is enough if the "future driver" (as you write) Find the cars nicely. Because the customers from the 1970s should have died slowly.

  8. Really now ?
    Clearly recognizable from the outside….There is a BMW. Inside it looks more like with so many others. Huge display, which looks like you had only screwed in afterwards. Whether this is the bringer, keeps old customers and brings new ones ? I don’t know, but for me this is nothing. BMW was once famous for his service and interior design. Whether that will remain so ?

  9. The exterior looks very passable
    So the exterior looks very passable, since the new rabbits are not used here, but the classic kidney. However, in the interior, the display looks behind the steering wheel as if it had been put on with supports. Something like that doesn’t work for my way, because it has to look like the driver -oriented cockpit, as if from a single source. So BMW still has a lot of reworking, they want to be successful.

  10. Well if you say that; Mr. Salenbacher
    Those responsible at BMW will surely stop production and redesign according to their wishes. Just by the way that BMW does not have to rework to be successful, they are successful…for many decades. This is demonstrably so, so your view is probably not the reality.

  11. BMW once built beautiful cars
    It’s a good thing that Claus Luthe and Hans von der Goltz no longer have to experience that BMW is now coping with the Chinese.

  12. That’s stupid talk
    What is copied with the Chinese? The company has been active on the market for many decades. How much substance does your statement have? Ultimately, the success BMW is right. If you don’t like the design, fine, then buy another manufacturer’s vehicle. Take Z.B. A Tesla, all models are always guaranteed to look the same (boring).


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