BMW 5 Series 2020: All images, data and information

BMW 5 Series 2020

Diesel loses importance: the new 5 Series BMW are hybrids the stars are

BMW 5 Series 2020: All images, data and information-2020
BMW BMW 5 Series Facelift 2020

  • Site author Stefan Grundhoff

The BMW 5 Series’ company car classic remain in the program, but the focus of the current facelift is the new hybrid versions. Site shows all the details of the new 5.

In itself, BMW wanted to solemnly reveal the motting maintenance of his successful 5 Series at the car show in Korea. But the Corona pandemic also destroyed this official world premiere. The refreshed model as well as the closely related 6 Series will be onto the market in July. The plug-in hybrids are increasingly in focus.

New BMW 5 Series is based on the 7 Series

No big surprise that the new BMW 5 and 6 of the 2021 model year are based on the design revisions on the latest top models 7 Series and X7. In this respect, the front headlights have become narrower and a little more memorable due to the L-shape. There is also a new light signature of the LED arches at the rear. However, much otherwise did not happen much. Technically, the changes were more profound, because after the revision, the four- and six-cylinder engines are equipped with a 48-volt sector network for the first time, which should significantly lower consumption. The 48-volt starter generator relieves the combustion engine with an additional power of 8 kW / 11 hp, boosts and presses the real consumption on the side. So far there has been only one variant with plug-in hybrid drive with the BMW 530e, the offer will be expanded to include an image-prone six-cylinder, which will be inspired by the drive unit of the BMW 745e from November.

BMW 5 Series 2020: All images, data and information-images
BMW BMW 5 Series Facelift 2020

Hinter axle steering now also with the hybrid

For the first time, the rear axle steering will also be available for the two 5-series versions with plug-in drive, which offers more dynamics when driving quickly and greater maneuverability in the city. The well-known operating and display elements in the refreshed 5 Series also hike from the BMW 7 Series and X7. In addition to the display behind the also new steering wheel, there is a 10.25 -inch display field for navigation and the numerous functions that can optionally be increased to contemporary 12.3 inches. Also new are the front seats, which can be obtained either as a sports, normal or air-conditioned comfort seat.

Diesel or plug-in hybrid-what is better? The big duel

BMW 5 Series 2020: All images, data and information-2020

Site/Wochit Diesel or plug-in hybrid-what is better? The big duel

All engines at a glance

The plug-in models are more in the foreground of the portfolio than before. In addition to the well-known BMW 530e, which forms the start with an output of 215 kW / 292 hp with rear wheel and all-wheel drive as well as a sedan and station wagon, the 545e is for the first time in the program, which is not from a two-liter four-cylinder turbo, but also a three -liter six -cylinder is driven.

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While the BMW 530e 230/235 km / h is fast and 1.7 liters or. Customized 13.7 kWh per 100 kilometers, the BMW offers 545e with its 290 kW / 394 hp and 600 Nm significantly more power. The PHEV all-wheeler goes from the stand in 4.7 seconds to 100 km/h and at 250 km/h is sealed off. The standard consumption of 2.1 liters / 15.3 kWh is opposed to an electrical range of 54 kilometers. The smaller 530e hardly manages at 58 kilometers.

BMW 5 Series 2020: All images, data and information-series
BMW BMW 5 Series Facelift 2020: Cockpit

The further drive portfolio remains unchanged at Limousine and Touring, apart from the 48-volt-board networks, and so the petrol engines 520i, 530i and 540i offer a range of services between 135 kW / 184 hp and 245 kW / 333 hp. The standard consumption are between 5.3 and 7.0 liters. In addition to the BMW M5, which was only presented later, the M 550i XDrive with 390 kW / 530 hp and a maximum torque of 750 Nm initially remains the top model.

With a diesel engine, the Mercedes CLS is not a real Babo car

BMW 5 Series 2020: All images, data and information-images

Site With a diesel engine, the Mercedes CLS is not a real Babo car

The economical diesel should be much more interesting for many customers. Here there is 520d, 530d and 540d, whereby only the base engine is driven by a 190 hp four -cylinder with two liters of displacement, which consumes 4.1 liters of diesel and is already 235 km/h. The two six cylinders with three liters of displacement are performed by 210 kW / 286 hp and 250 kW / 340 hp. The 540D is only available as a sedan or station wagon as a all -wheel drive. The BMW 6 Series GT will run off the assembly line as 630i and 640i with the same drives as the 5 Series in the Dingolfing plant. The same applies to the diesel versions, but in addition to 630d and 640d XDrive, the 190 hp basic version of the 620d is also offered here.

Hand circuit ade

Hand circuits are no longer in the program for the 5 Series and 6 Series BMW and all models are equipped with a ZF-EAG-AGONATIONS. The base price of the BMW 520i as a sedan is 49.100 euros; The 5er touring begins at 51.300 Euro. The new models will be delivered from July; However, the BMW 545E only follows in November. The BMW 6 Series GT is also rolling for summer, which as 620d at 62.800 euros starts. The BMW 6 Series GT models have a higher-quality equipment with details such as heated leather seats, 12.3-inch display or a fitting board covered with artificial leather, compared to the 5 Series BMW positioned below.

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  1. and
    In the end, the 520d is by far the best -selling model. Why because he … The ideal cobination of long -distance suitability, price performance and economy is that simple is that.

  2. Hybrid would make sense, but
    … as a so -called. Serial hybrid: drive only & always via electric motor, power supply from battery, loaded i.D.R. With electricity (eco, of course) from the network or PV system, and, if that is not sufficient, generator current generated onboard. The only serial hybrid has offered the only serial hybrid with the i3 Rex, which was unfortunately removed from the program in 2018 after the last battery update. With a full battery, the i3 Rex creates approx. 200 km, the small petrol tank is for approx. 150 km good. With 1 x night tank it results in 500 km, with 1 x dampening & reloading 700 km. This works very well in practice. I have 100 in this way.000 km without any range or charging problem covered. Holiday trips are also zero problem. Real CO2 savings: 90% (with biofuel 100% possible).

  3. 10 years ago…
    If the hybrids that BMW now offer would have made sense. Nowadays, sufficient ranges are possible with purely battery-operated electric cars. Therefore, hybrids are outdated and only serve it beautiful calculation of fleet consumption. Where is the i4, where an ID 3 alternative? If BMW had not overslept the development, they would now be a leader in e-mobility.

  4. Expensive hybrid luxury class
    The question arises who can buy the new 5- except for duty. 58km range with battery, the rest with combustion engine. The whole thing is reminiscent of an alibi function for city operations, but who uses this. Who uses such a car only on the short distance or in the city area. The conventional drive is used on the long distance. But helps to reduce the BMW fleet consumption according to the standard (EU requirements), nothing else.

  5. Half the tax rate
    The motivation to buy a hybrid is only due to the halved tax rate for the company cars. The customers are not concerned with environmental protection.

  6. Technology
    Propagated by politicians and forced where some have not completed any training or studying and have shown a large part of political, law or other courses without a technical background.

  7. Where is the battery?
    What I lack in artikl is the question of where the battery is housed. Last year I looked at the E300de from Mercedes. The great, large trunk… Unazing because of 200l battery

  8. Love withdrawn
    Journalists. The vehicles of the 50.000 euros and higher -priced vehicles master the mass market. We need affordable vehicles with low consumption so that we can drive to an average of 22 kilometers away. And then I always come to the used diesel.

  9. In the meantime there is already…
    Used electric cars that are ideally suited for this purpose. The acquisition costs may be slightly higher than for a diesel, but the running costs are significantly lower.

  10. What kind of nonsense
    Sometimes you wonder who writes such articles.2.1 liters per 100 km, that is simply not true. Drive with a 5 petrol hybrid from Hamburg to Munich, just as brisk as with a diesel 530 D. I bet that the diesel needs around 8 liters, the hybrid maybe 12 liters, because the hybrid only makes sense in the city or on a short distance but does not make sense on short distance. The diesel is still clearly number 1 in terms of costs, performance and joy. I can only advise you to borrow 2 BMW out of the route quickly with the use of the permissible highest speed and you will notice that your article is complete Humbuck.

  11. Hybrids make sense
    You get energy back when braking, support them when accelerating and can also drive on motorways without a gasoline engine. My hybrid undercuts an equally strong and equal diesel at moderate speeds and it is not a plug in…

  12. Successful facelift
    The 5 Series seems more pleasant to me than the latest edition of the 7 Series, in which the radiator mask has an effect: already vulgar. BMW, Audi, VW and Porsche create what Mercedes succeeds less: the update of a shape that started a long time ago. At Mercedes, the successor models sometimes look as if their design has been bought in a stranger. This is partly so that it is difficult to get to which manufacturer this car could belong without a star.


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