Bmw 5 series – those declared dead live longer

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BMW 5 Series

Those declared dead live longer

Plug-in hybrids and electric drives are in fashion – the diesel is almost forgotten. The 6-cylinder in the BMW 5 series fights against this.

BMW 530d xDrive

The future is electric: E-drives and plug-in hybrids now make up a large part of the new models; there is hardly a model that is not available in at least one version with a battery.

But while electrified drives are undoubtedly the right thing to do and important for reducing CO2 emissions, petrol and diesel engines still make up the largest share of new car registrations. In January 2021, the petrol engine had a market share of 46%, the diesel 18.5%. Just five years ago, the petrol share was 53.4%, the diesel 42.2%. The decline is downright dramatic, especially for diesel engines. The VW diesel scandal and the increasing discussions about driving bans in big cities are making diesel increasingly unpopular. Nevertheless, development is progressing here as well. With the facelift of the 5 Series, BMW is bringing the latest generation of the traditional in-line six-cylinder onto the road.

BMW 5 Series - Those declared dead live longer-dead

BMW 530d xDrive

For the first time, the diesel also has mild hybrid support from a 48-volt electrical system and double turbocharging. This ensures impressive performance data: 286 hp and 650 Nm torque, already from 1500 revolutions. But another value on the data sheet of the tested 530d causes a stir: the stately sedan with all-wheel drive is said to consume just 5.4 to 6.0 l/100 km diesel (depending on equipment and tires) – measured in the realistic WLTP cycle.

The 530d xDrive comes surprisingly close to the factory forecast in the test: on average it was 5.7 l/100 km, the lowest value for steady motorway driving was even 5.3 l/100 km. And that despite the winter tires being fitted and temperatures around freezing. Naturally, diesel is most efficient on the road when it is kept in motion: on the motorway and country roads, where long distances are usually covered. Here, the modern diesel is still more efficient than a plug-in hybrid; because the combination of combustion engine and electric drive only offers an advantage over shorter distances – if the battery is charged regularly. The electric motor can stop in urban areas&Go traffic, where the petrol or diesel runs most inefficiently, save a lot of fuel; on the highway, however, this advantage is almost zero.

Saving without giving up

The BMW 5 Series with its powerful diesel engine is not only a pleasant travel companion because of its low fuel consumption and the resulting range – more than 1000 kilometers per tank are easily possible. Because although the drive tries to save fuel with a lot of technology, it feels very solid in everyday life. Thanks to the mild hybrid system, the engine switches off as soon as you take your foot off the accelerator – and switches back on again quickly and almost imperceptibly.

The starter generator can add 11 additional horsepower to the drive train – and thus provide support when accelerating. As a result, the engine willingly accelerates even at low speeds and accelerates evenly and powerfully.

Almost flawless

Only when braking does the mild hybrid system occasionally have a negative impact: for the sake of efficiency, the drive tries to recover as much energy as possible during braking and transfer it to the battery; when the brake pedal is pressed lightly, the drive initially only brakes before the brake system comes into play; this transition is clearly noticeable, so that it is almost impossible, especially in the city, to bring the car to a standstill without slight jerks. Whining at the highest level, but in the perfectionist environment of the business sedan, even the smallest details are noticeable.

BMW 5 Series - Those declared dead live longer-live

BMW 530d xDrive

But the BMW scores with good suspension comfort, low noise level in the interior and easy operation via the rotary knob on the center console or directly on the large touchscreen.

The 530d xDrive is available from 77,600 francs. However, you should still allow some budget for a few sensible options. The laser light for 1270 francs pleases with its powerful illumination of the road and targeted masking of oncoming traffic – anyone who often drives in the dark will appreciate that.

For long-distance drivers, the 230 francs for the electrically adjustable comfort seats are money well invested – as is the driver assistance package for 2040 francs, which includes radar cruise control and well-functioning lane guidance.

The rear-axle steering also costs extra; for 1590 francs, it makes the large sedan noticeably easier to handle – both when parking and on winding country roads.

BMW 530d xDrive

Engine: R6 diesel, 2993cc

Power: 286 hp / 650 Nm

Drive: auto 8-speed, 4×4

L×W×H: 4963×1868×1479mm

trunk volume: 530L

Weight: 1895kg

0-100km/h: 5.4 sec.

Vmax: 250km/h

Consumption WLTP: 5.4-6L/100km

Consumption Test: 5.7L/100km

Price: from 77,600 francs

BMW 5 Series - Those declared dead live longer-live

BMW 530d xDrive

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