BMW Board Member for Development: “Will take a big step forward”

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BMW Board Member for Development:

In an interview with Auto Motor und Sport, BMW’s development board member Frank Weber spoke in detail about electromobility, which technological leaps customers can expect and what should be special about the new class, the next generation of BMW electric cars.

When asked how the automotive industry will change in the coming years, Weber says that BMW must consider “going into the really big volume with upcoming generations of electric vehicles. With us, for example, these are the 3 Series and the X3″. However, Weber did not want to confirm the purely electric threesome, which is rumored to appear in 2025.

BMWS development board says that even after 2025, when the first E-cars of the new class should be debuted, “there will still be many people who can not drive electric car because they are not available to them the necessary infrastructure”. This will also develop “at very different speeds” depending on the individual markets. The Munich car manufacturer’s claim is “always to offer the most sustainable and innovative vehicles, regardless of the type of drive”.

Weber did not want to reveal too many details about BMW’s timetable from 2025. However, he said: “What we are bringing to the new class with the modular electric drive system is fundamentally different from what we know today,” for example in terms of digital things with the on-board network, operating concept and automated driving functions or the chassis and interior -Construction sets. “Here we will take a big step forward everywhere,” announces the manager. The envisaged performance of the electric motors should also mean that “you have to imagine the next M3 in a completely different way”.

Weber goes up to the end of the decade of enormous technology, efficiency and cost jumps in electromobility: “Even with an electric motor, which is known for its high efficiency, much goes,” says the BMW Development Board: “What happens At higher speeds? How does the engine degrade? What is the most attractive design?? There’s still a lot of potential there,” says Weber. And with the battery cells, “the aim is to reduce the costs of the next generation by 30 percent”. Therefore, the goal of the Munich car manufacturer is also achievable, “to generate a comparable return with the next generation BEV as with a combustion engine.”

“There has never been so much change in a BMW in one fell swoop”

The New Class platform will be “the universal architectural concept for all BMWs, from the 1 Series to the X7,” Weber announces. As a result, “construction kits that are easy to structure, from the entry-level engine to an M product” should be created. For example, “the way the battery gets in there should be completely new”, which is only possible with dedicated e-car platforms. Also, his display and operating concepts wanted to redesign the manufacturers. “There has never been so much change in a BMW in one fell swoop,” says Weber.

Weber also defends BMW’s strategy of continuing to rely heavily on plug-in hybrids. A plug-in hybrid that can cover 80 to 100 km on electric power alone, “most customers will also be able to get around on electric power alone,” says Weber, who is also “vehemently opposed” to “naming a date for phasing out combustion engines.”. Instead, the question regarding electrification should be: “When will the infrastructure be there? Of course, the future is electric, only if we force customers into an e-car now and they are all stuck in traffic at the charging station on their way to vacation, then nothing is gained.”. Weber assumes that the transition to the purely electric age “will not be over in five or ten years”.

For BMW, it is therefore certain that burners have to be trimmed for several years to “effectively reduce CO2 emissions in the car sector. That is why BMW is also working “on a new generation of engines: petrol, diesel, six-cylinder, eight-cylinder”, which should also be “technologically prepared for the upcoming emission standards”.

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14 thoughts on “BMW Board Member for Development: “Will take a big step forward””

  1. Quote from Development Director Weber from the article:

    “… BMW [are] also “working on a new generation of engines: petrol, diesel, six-cylinder, eight-cylinder,…”

    Forgotten labor of love = money thrown away ..
    –> Good N8 bmw!

  2. Reads interesting at first.
    I just wonder if and how it can and will succeed in being able to offer 3-4 drive concepts (BEV, PHEV, combustion engines, …) in parallel and at the same time cost-effectively over many years at a competitive level with pure BEC manufacturers.

  3. Why are the current burners not left as they are? OK … at least the design errors such as tilting suction side, particles filter and early worn control chains are eliminated ? If the piston engines last longer again, everything would be ok again with the Ottos. We had a Toyota Verso Diesel (BMW engine) where the star chain broke at 95,000 km.Total economic loss.The car was 7 years old.

  4. BMW is showing symptoms like the last federal government: the “customer” is believed to be far less future-proof than is actually the case. That will have a bitter revenge this year.

    BMW is showing a few nice approaches, but basically they will go the same way with this insubstantial overconfidence as Mercedes: Both will only be known as Chinese brands in 15 years with their delaying tactics and strategy of “technology openness”.

  5. Reads dramatically and is already pure withdrawal battle. Of all the German manufacturers, BMW slept the longest and of course it takes revenge.

  6. They don’t chatter away. The policy is wrong and it will show in the wallet very soon. And then nobody wants to have been and you couldn’t know. You could, Zipse! Diess wrote it on Twitter today: 2021 was the year of the breakthrough of the BEV.

  7. I could hardly believe it when I read this statement… Further optimize combustion engines. Wow such nonsense.
    I agree with the previous speakers, pure waste of money.
    I wonder with what far-sightedness such an unqualified boy filled and got this post here if he didn’t learn from the past where Tesla and Co were laughed at and are now being imitated with pure BEVs and have no combustion “legacy” in the books.
    Well or I take something about 30 years old Automotive Ing. and BMW knows better or wants to mislead us with misinformation, it remains exciting!
    Greetings and stay healthy!

  8. I wrote a year ago that BMW will not survive like this. The Bavarians will still be fed by the state. But the stocks will either be junk or Chinese. Management failure and arrogance.
    Bye-bye BMW.

  9. And soon BMW will also be doing embarrassing advertising sports like Toyota and playing with the fear or skepticism of pure electric cars. Or are they clever and are looking for a niche in the market with a la Last Man Standing in order to attract well-heeled conservatives over 50 years of age? (I didn’t write Boomer just now). If BMW were the USA, they would have ended up in the Trump phase (go combustion engine go and everything gets a monster kidney) after the Obama phase (i3, but unfortunately it didn’t go that way). Let’s see when the pendulum returns. But: would be, fahradkette (Loddar)

  10. In principle, absolutely nothing says sayings except that the burner is further built and “optimized” should be.
    There are still my ears of the hurts that the EU’s tightened emission standards would lead to the death of the auto industry and now suddenly it works?
    I can do it without BMW too.

    I’m just curious how the whole thing is to be displayed economically.
    Surely there is still a because markets, where a Bev z.Sometimes. no alternative, but how fast that can change now now also knows everyone. For BMW a damn narrow ridge.

  11. I am astonished yes, the woman Kladden Mit so. That must be thought about their dividend and especially the shares. Even if BMW should not go down, they are nothing more in a few years.

  12. It can’t be said often enough. BMW was somebody – back in the combustion engine century. And soon BMW joins the big names like Kodak, Palm, Nokia, Blackberry…
    Or BMW will be Chinese.

    Bye-bye BMW

  13. It’s really interesting how BMW is being badmouthed by everyone here, the future really seems to have run its course..
    But if you actually look at this here and now, you realize: BMW is doing better than ever. Record sales, turnover and vsl. -Profit in 2021, largest pure BEV and PHEV sales among luxury brands, extra shifts to meet the great demand for the i4, etc.
    The iX3 has just received an award again, the i4 and iX receive top marks in almost all reviews, and numerous other promising e-models are coming onto the market this year. And all this without completely new architecture that will come and the previous success will probably even be put into the shadows.

    Apart from the fact that so on the E-strategy can not really be doubt, if you look at the current situation times, you also analyze at BMW – unlike seemingly here … – Also, which automakards will become more and more important in the future. UBD There are 2030 countries such as India, Indonesia or Brazil very far above – and in these countries, the share of electrification in the automotive sector will be very low even 2030 – the large manufacturers will be the providers who are wide and all drive types to offer.

    Only as a small density excitement, before here is a company that is currently (by the way, from the point of view of many analysts and shareholders), says as good as everything says dead ♂️


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