BMW boss: BMW i4 and iX sold out for months

BMW boss: BMW i4 and iX sold out for months-sold

The demand for the BMW i4 is “higher than expected”. BMW now wants to react to this and enable additional production capacities at the Munich plant. But the reaction might come a little too late. Because, as BMW boss Oliver Zipse told the Munchner Merkur, the demand was surprising: “Our i4 has been sold out for months, as has the iX. The electric 7 Series is coming next year, and it will be no different.”

At least now is the time to react. This is what BMW is doing and ending job cuts and wanting up to 6 next year.Create 000 additional jobs. The basis for this is given, as the demand shows. In addition, the Bavarian automobile manufacturer is well on the way through the transformation, its plants have been prepared for e-mobility and expects further growth in sales in 2022.

Due to the high demand, the car manufacturer from Bavaria will initially introduce additional shifts at the Munich plant at short notice. Appropriate discussions are currently being held with the works council. One possibility, for example, is to work on Saturdays in addition to the two daily shifts from Monday to Friday. According to Wirtschaftswoche, the current waiting time for a BMW i4 is around nine months. It is also possible to create more capacity for the i4 in Munich by relocating 3-series orders to other locations.

However, Zipse does not necessarily see the brakes on e-mobility in individual models, but rather in the lack of charging stations. “In Europe, the number of electric cars is currently growing five times faster than the infrastructure,” says the CEO of BMW. He also states that he is strictly against a ban on combustion engines, “that would inevitably lead Germany’s largest industry into a downsizing scenario.Zipse called for the CO2 targets to be linked to binding targets for the charging infrastructure.

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8 thoughts on “BMW boss: BMW i4 and iX sold out for months”

  1. Wow, the next automaker to be caught flat-footed by demand 😉
    But better late than never!
    Well, you still have the lack of chips and the lack of charging infrastructure as an additional excuse and scapegoat.
    According to David, after all, there are plenty of rechargeable batteries – let’s go !!!

  2. BMW is always surprised by the higher than expected demand for e-models and the prospect of creating an additional 6000 jobs. Nevertheless, they are firmly against a ban on internal combustion engines… because of a possible shrinkage scenario. Doesn’t sound like conviction.

  3. If you only plan in homeopathic production capacities, it’s no wonder. As before, only so many BEVs are built in order not to exceed the CO2 specifications too much and to keep the combustion engine margins high. Ultimately, there is probably still hope for eFuels. All rearguard action.

  4. Ultimately, the production decisions were initiated three years ago and there was again such a high premium for electric cars and there was still momentum in society that electric cars took over completely. In this respect, everyone will have to make corrections today.

    Except for those whose vehicles are not quite as popular. For example, Tesla had presence vehicles on offer for a very long time and even now the delivery times are rather short. Also Polestar, Aiways etc. are available quickly.

    Good is good, that BMW is now with the sought-after cars. Because so far they have not been able to benefit from the electric car boom, their i3 was not so attractive. Now you have the first German sedan in the middle class in the market and even the huge kidney can not prevent the success. You will learn that the margin in electric cars is also very adequate.

  5. From the content of such messages, I could almost make a cabaret program.
    When I after the first 2 paragraphs the 3. Las, I really had to laugh.

  6. It will be exciting how competitive the cars are in the Chinese and American market. I press BMW the thumbs because the auto industry is very important for Germany.


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