BMW boss Zipse gives outlook for the “new class”

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BMW boss Zipse gives outlook for the

The “greenest car” of the world has announced BMW, and this project has received a new name: new class. The manufacturer wants to celebrate the prelude to the sustainable autogeneration in one of its most rising model series. As the first car of the new class, BMW boss Oliver Zipse announced a purely electrical alternative to the 3er or X3. The cars on this platform are designed to be based on completely new components, a brand new battery technology and a deep-rooted sustainability approach.

“The ‘new class’ is a new architecture on which we will build many cars from 2025,” explained the BMW CEO in a detailed conversation with the British Car Magazine. With the term, BMW also relies on its tradition: The name new class was used for the first time for the middle-class sedan 1500, 1600, 1800 and 2000 introduced from 1962, which brought the then deficit manufacturers into the profit zone and the template for today’s high-selling 3 Series formed. The new class 2025 has the order to take a similar step, especially in the areas of electrification, digitization and autonomous driving.

The goal of the new class is to create “a perfect electrically powered car”, Oliver Zipse said the Car Magazine. The system structure must be 100 percent consistent. A difficult entertainment, after all, BMW also wants to maintain its approach of the Power of Choice in the new class. The new class platform is developed with a focus on the pure electric drive – but it should also serve as a substructure for plug-in hybrids as well as gasoline and diesel.

BMW thus keeps the option open to install combustion engines on the new class architecture – which makes sense for a globally present manufacturer in an industrial view. At BMW, all powertrain types can run from the same band today, which offers valuable flexibility in view of the uncertainty about the worldwide distribution of electric cars. BMW builds, for example, the I4 and the conventional 4er on the same Munich line. However, the substructure of the I4 was still developed as a combustion center. With the new class, this approach shifts.

“The architecture is BEV-centered”, assures BMW boss ZIPSE. The new class should provide “the best possible electric driving performance as every purely electrical platform”, he says. There is “no contradiction at all.”With the new class, therefore, the proportions of vehicles should therefore change. The engine compartment should become smaller, at the same time the wheelbase should grow, so that the interior can be increased.

High and deep for SUV and limousines and sustainable as never before

The architecture of the new class should be developed in two versions: in a “high” version for SUV as well as in the “low” version for limousines and tourings. Finally, an electric estate in view, some friends will now think of this type.

The new class should also raise the sustainability claim from BMW to a new level. Each component should be examined carefully to maximize the use of secondary or recycled materials such as steel, plastic and aluminum and ensure that the components can be easily recycled as possible as a car has reached its life end.

“We can really build cool BMW driving machines that are sustainable,” promises the BMW boss. The reduction of the amount of materials that will be drawn to the planet is paramount. But there is also an economic necessity: “This year steel has become 30 percent more expensive. Also aluminum, plastics, rhodium, palladium, rare earth – almost everything, “says Zipse. Recycling can save costs long term.

Next generation lithium batteries

With the new class vehicles, BMW also wants to launch a new generation of high-performance engineers and batteries. “Only five years after our gene 5 batteries we will introduce the gene 6 in the new class,” promises ZIPSE. He announces a higher energy density, a faster recharge and a further reduction of conflict materials such as cobalt and the use of more recycled nickel.

The GEN-6 battery packs should be modular to provide the highest possible range at an affordable price for mainstream models – or a plus to power powerful electric cars of the performance abbreviation BMW M with electricity. Solid batteries, however, are not ready for a start in the new class. “We have just invested in solid state batteries and will have the first showcases of it very quickly. But there is a big difference between a prototype in the test field and industrialization, “said the BMW CEO. The new class will not start with solid-state batteries. But since Zipse expects a life of the architecture of 15 to 20 years ago, “the probability is very high that the new class will eventually get solid state batteries.”

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6 thoughts on “BMW boss Zipse gives outlook for the “new class””

  1. Nice pr honeycomb & greenwashing – VW (Audi) comes to realization that suddenly “the fastest round on the Nordschleife is no longer important” &# 128521;
    All want to build the “greenest” car (except for the 90% burners &# 128578; )
    BMW continues to focus on the bagged “The Power of Choice” – here even shows the beautiful name “new class” that one can not even solve mentally of “the good old time”.

    VW and BMW have obviously recognized that with the current platforms in the future no buyers are on land – as well as with confinement interior (cardor tunnel) and more and longer bonnets (without added value / frunk), huge (performance suggestive) “kidneys” and badly functioning software.

    VW already announces the next platform – with the promise to more power (like now? Obviously, the performance is important – clear, otherwise you would GTI, GTE, Abt, M3, M5 etc. yes do not need.

    Fact seems to be: You want to be so likeable – but is in performance, software and battery (the “sixth” generation is certainly much better!Unfortunately, something in a technical residue.
    But clear – all overtaking Tesla – and already in the near future (2025)

    &# 128521;

    So it’s not really exciting

  2. Dear Mr. Zipse,
    so they do not revise their strategy flashing their strategy will not give it 2025 bmw anymore!

    Listen to your customers at the nose, gasoline and diesel are of yesterday, hydrogen is neither green nor efficient enough for the next 10-15 years to competition with BEV in competition.

  3. Hopefully, the old body forms can also be mapped on the new platform.
    A BMW without relatively long bonnet will be very getting used to, almost already a Nogo.

    But in itself the right decision, in the world market, burners will play a role for a long time and who knows maybe thereby preserves the series six-cylinder in the M3 / M4 even longer.

  4. am absolute BMW fan and drive the i3s and “still” a x1 … but I think if BMW is doing so on the next one will become a Tesla. In my opinion, the visually and technically real catastrophes are shown because apart from greenwashing ..

  5. After all, BMW already has 4 orderable models on offer &# 128521;

    But the first generation after “the state says the e-mobility comes” has been puzzled and prepares for the next generation.

    Why not developed the models I3 and I8 then remains incomprehensible to me

    It remains exciting

  6. The Zipse picture velvet of kidney cranking automobile in the background say me only one:
    That must be good – we have always done so!
    The same applies to the IX3. Quickly an electric drive in a burned used, built in China and sells at prices like German handmade – and the previous clientele will already buy it.
    BMW is really the master in terms of talk plugs and reality refusal. But should they like to use the Clanprinzen and pharmaceutical traders of social focal points for a few years with “Competition” models. After that, the brand is history.


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