BMW builds operational shop network

BMW builds operational shop network-operational

BMW continues to drive the expansion of the charging infrastructure and creates with the partner E.On one of the largest operational networks in Germany: At the end of 2021, the company will operate around 5,000 charging points, which will be more than 1000 eroaming capable, it says in a message. From the expansion, both employees of BMW as well as external users benefited from. At the middle of the year, 4350 charging points are already in operation.

“The market success of e-mobility depends significantly from the charging infrastructure. BMW also contributes to this, “says Personal Chefs Ilka Horstmeier. The expansion of the company shop network is therefore continued internationally. E.On-Boss Filip Thon supplements: “Such a project has a pioneer character and shows how BMW and E.On the electromobility together.”

Most of the erected load points consists of AC wallboxes (AC) with a capacity of up to 11 kW. In addition, more than 60 DC fast charging columns (DC) are operated with a power of 50 kW. The charging points are located on BMW properties in Munich, Dingolfing, Landshut, Regensburg, Wackersdorf, Leipzig, Berlin and Eisenach. The power supply of all charging points takes place fully with regenerative energies.

The international expansion of the operational shop network goes by company’s hand in hand with the extension of the model program for fully electric cars and hybrid vehicles: with the BMW i4 and the BMW IX, two models will be introduced this year. They are to be the next step towards a worldwide sales share of 50 percent of fully electric vehicles in 2030.

For customers who have already opted for an electrified vehicle of BMW or Mini’s vehicle, the Munich offers comprehensive offers. This includes, among other things, a smart wallbox, which enables approximately the charging cost accounting and integration into an existing home energy management. About the public charging offer BMW Charging and Mini Charging customers have simple and transparent access to one of the largest shops with over 200.000 charging points in Europe; In Germany alone, the network includes 40.000 charging points. In addition, the High Power Charging Offer can be used by ionity.

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  1. The exciting question here would be – in addition to the Green Major Pr-Gelabe:

    How many of the previously furnished charging points are really accessible to the public 24/7?

    Of course, this most important question at BMW again guilty &# 128521;

  2. Hopefully the introverted think BMW will not be fatal, especially in times when the others provide their local shops to the public..

    The foresight looks different..


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