BMW celebrates the first deliveries of the i4

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BMW celebrates the first deliveries of the i4-first

BMW delivered the first examples of the i4 last weekend. For this special occasion, the manufacturer took the opportunity to invite the world’s first i4 customers to a supporting program centered on the all-electric Gran Coupe in Munich. The focus was on the ceremonial handover of the vehicles by Bernhard Kuhnt, BMW Group Head of Market Germany: “It is a very special moment for us when we hand new models over to customers for the first time. The BMW i4 shows in an emotional way how well all-electric mobility and sporty driving dynamics go together. We are therefore certain that the BMW i4 will offer our customers a completely new dimension of driving pleasure.”

Stefan Ballin, owner of a master electrician, is one of the first customers and is delighted to receive his i4: “Although it was not possible to test drive the vehicle when I ordered it, I knew that the BMW i4 was exactly the right vehicle for me.” , he says. He was already impressed by the concept “with the symbiosis of range, elegant design and the sportiness that is unmistakable for BMW”. In addition, he wants to use the vehicle to show that electromobility can be easily integrated into private and business environments. “And last but not least, with the i4, sporty driving pleasure without emissions awaits me. I get the electricity for this from my own photovoltaic system.”

BMW celebrates the first deliveries of the i4-firstbmw

“We absolutely hit the nerve with the i4,” says Bernhardt Kuhnt. This is reflected in its very high demand. “We are pleased to expand our electrified product range with a fully electric, sporty Gran Coupe at the right time,” says BMW’s market manager for Germany. “The first delivery of a BMW i4 today and the first BMW iX about a week ago are further milestones for the BMW Group on the road to electromobility.”

BMW currently delivers every fourth vehicle in Germany with a fully electric drive or as a plug-in hybrid. This year, by the end of the third quarter, around 41.900 electrified BMWs and 8820 electrified MINIs delivered. The all-electric MINI Cooper SE already accounts for around 20 percent of MINI brand sales. With a share of around 25 percent, the BMW Group has doubled sales of its electrified models in Germany compared to the previous year.

High driving dynamics thanks to model-specific chassis technology and electric drive

With the i4, BMW wants to combine its characteristic sportiness with elegant design. Electromobility is thus reaching the traditional core of the BMW brand, according to the manufacturer in a recent press release. The four-door Gran Coupe is the first all-electric BMW that is consistently geared towards driving dynamics, but thanks to its efficient drive and lightweight construction it should also enable a long range.

Range and innovative technologies were also reasons to buy Ronny Scharschmidt, who implements regional construction projects with renewable energies with his company: “I chose the i4 because of the range and the many new driving functions and on-board sensors that make driving comfortable and safe.”. His first long journey with the i4 is from Munich straight home in Saxony-Anhalt: “There are now enough fast charging stations so that you no longer have to worry about charging,” says Scharschmidt.

BMW celebrates the first deliveries of the i4-deliveriesbmw

When purchasing an electrified vehicle, BMW Group customers receive the BMW or MINI Charging Card with access to one of the world’s largest charging networks. BMW also offers two options for convenient charging at home: the BMW Wallbox and the Smart Wallbox from the BMW Group’s cooperation partner, NewMotion. With this wall box z. B. the exact recording and billing of charging processes for the use of company car drivers is also possible.

The Group’s e-offensive is being consistently continued

In addition to the two central innovation drivers iX and i4, the i3, the iX3 and the MINI SE are already on the market. Fully electric versions of the 7 Series, X1 and the high-volume 5 Series will follow in the coming years. All German plants should have fully electric automobiles by 2022. A fully electric successor to the MINI Countryman and the all-electric Rolls-Royce Specter will also be launched.

By 2023, the BMW Group wants to have at least one all-electric model on the road in around 90 percent of its current market segments. The BMW Group expects that in 2030 the share of fully electric vehicles will be at least 50 percent of its global sales.

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8 thoughts on “BMW celebrates the first deliveries of the i4”

  1. I’m looking forward to Christmas like a little kid and I’m waiting for the retailer to tell me the final delivery date.
    The demand seems to be really enormous, those who order today will be put off to 2023 in some cases.

    I think BMW did everything right for their regular customers with the i4.

  2. I don’t think it looks bad at all..
    The only thing I don’t like here is the price/performance ratio.

    uh… and just for a moment..

    BMW is celebrating that they are years too late?
    2020 built the last i8 and 2022-23 the i4 is coming for the normal customers.

    What exactly…. ?!?!?!?!

    I will never understand why BMW gave away the technical lead with the i3 & i8.

    the new owners have fun with it, the main thing is BEV.

    it remains exciting.

  3. The size is not decisive at BMW either. The CW value, on the other hand, indicates a certain aerodynamic competence – not necessarily at BMW. BMW fans may look forward to the rolling kidneys. I avoid the third-class e-mobile. But BMW is only at the beginning… and hopefully in 5 years they will still be making cars. To be honest, I’m not so sure.

  4. It is true that the radiator has historically been a dominant design feature of cars. You can find that good or bad, but design also has to do with feeling good, and that’s where familiar things help. The usefulness of a large cooler decreased significantly shortly after the war. Technology no longer required a large frontal area, and the amount of air required for the combustion chambers was never high. The legendary Mercedes 500 E sucked in this air through the narrow gap above and next to the headlights.

    Nevertheless, most producers of electric cars have not yet been able to free themselves from the grille. In function he is nowhere more. But he is shown whether this is now indicated in old ornate or only through lines – all those who are on the market have a grille. Besides Tacyan and the Rimac.

    In itself, electromobility would provide much greater opportunities when separating from old hats. You could also use the room better. Why does an electric car have to look exactly like a combustion car, where the shape was due to the aggregates? There was hardly approaches yet. The upcoming ID.Buzz will probably be the first audience magnet with such a space concept.

  5. The side and rear view of this car is beautiful and dynamic, seen from the front this car is just “Schiach”!
    That the BMW board approved so something is a mystery!

  6. I don’t like the huge kidney either.
    A very fashionable design feature in my opinion that I find hard to imagine aging well.

    But only make the purchase decision dependent on the design?

    When my current everyday car came onto the market, I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about the design either. But it meets most of my requirements better than its competitors..

  7. BMW can say thank you on its knees every day that the Model S has not been available for a year and will not be available again in the EU until Q4/22 at the earliest.


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