BMW: Every 5th. MINI hits the road fully electric

BMW: Every 5th. MINI hits the road fully electric-hits

More than every fifth MINI that hits the road is fully electric. This is what MINI makes clear at the end of the year 2021. It is worth noting here the fact that the Mini Electric was the most rising mini family derivative last year. In addition, the Stromer was the pulse generator for the brand in 2021 with growth of plus 132%. But the PHEV variant also contributes to the electrification of the brand.

Due to the increased sales of the MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4, sales of all electrified models increased by more than 70% compared to the previous year. Almost every third MINI (31%) is electrified. If you compare the sales of pure e-cars from MINI to the total sales, it shows that the electric cars account for 23.56% of the total sales of the brand. Or in absolute terms 10.140 units of the total of 43.004 vehicles sold were fully electric.

“In 2021 we have 10.140 MINI Electric (MINI Cooper SE)* delivered to our customers, which means that almost 15.000 all-electric MINI models on Germany’s roads. We are proud of the great success, which the fully electric MINI has already reached since its launch in March 2020. A success that was only possible with our powerful partners in the retail organization.– Ulrike von Mirbach, head of the MINI brand in Germany

As early as 2023, MINI will be presenting a new generation of purely electrically powered models. Two models developed from the outset for purely electric mobility are produced in China. As a locally producing supplier, the manufacturer has optimized opportunities to participate more than before in the dynamic growth on the Chinese automotive market. The successor to the current MINI Countryman will also be built at the BMW Group plant in Leipzig from 2023, both with an electrified drive and with combustion engines. All other MINI models will continue to be built at the MINI plant in Oxford.

From 2030, people want to be fully electric on the road. “Just as the first Mini a good 60 years ago brought a new dimension to the mobility of the time, we are going one step further and will be exclusively fully electric by the early 2030s,” continues Ulrike von Mirbach. In the announcement, the BMW brand states that it is taking its customers with it on the road to electromobility. This is to be implemented at around 200 locations in Germany with highly qualified brand managers and salespeople offering individual advice on all topics relating to electromobility, such as the product, infrastructure and personal driving profile.

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  1. Conversely, this means that four out of five Minis are still ordered with dirty combustion engines. So in order to do justice to the group of customers who prefer to be shown, this means that the young, attractive ladies even buy sustainable sneakers from time to time, eat little meat to vegetarian, but pollute the environment with exhaust gases.


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