BMW i Vision Circular: Compact Stromer Focus on Sustainability & Luxury

BMW i Vision Circular: Compact Stromer Focus on Sustainability & Luxury-circular

The BMW I Vision Ciruclar presented at the IAA 2021 in Munich does not belong to the E-vehicle of the “new class” of BMW. But there is a view of a compact BMW with a consistent focus on sustainability and luxury for the year 2040. The Stromer presents itself as a purely electric four-seater, which sets a generous interior offer. In addition, this is consistently designed according to the principles of the circular economy (Circular Economy).

How to understand BMW is the BMW i Vision Circular of one of five different concept vehicles with which BMW reveals a look at the presentation of future individual urban mobility. The concept under one roof agreed the pillars of electromobility, digitization and sustainability. The latter wanted to achieve in which the reduction of C02 emissions takes place over the entire life cycle of a vehicle. In addition to the electrification of the product range and electricity for renewable energy production, it focuses in particular on the principles of circular economy and the use of secondary materials. The latter, such as secondary aluminum or secondary steel, can be obtained by recycling of disposed material and then reused.

“The BMW i Vision Circular shows how comprehensive and consistent we think sustainable mobility. He stands for our claim to be a pioneer in the development of a circular economy. Our top position in the resource efficiency in production we want to extend to the entire lifecycle of our vehicles. It is also about business sustainability. Because the current development of commodity prices shows what effects an industry has to expect, which depends on limited resources.”- Oliver Zipse, CEO of BMW AG

BMW indicates that it was the higher-level design target of the BMW i Vision Circular to make a vehicle optimized for closed material cycles and a quota of 100% recycled materials or. 100% recyclability achieved. In order to enable this, the electric car sets in addition to bio-based, certified raw materials, especially on materials that have already undergone a product life cycle – so-called secondary materials.

BMW i Vision Circular: Compact Stromer Focus on Sustainability & Luxury-compactBMW AG

For the concept vehicle, the BMW i Vision sets Circular on similar materials in the installed solids battery. This is 100% recyclable and produced almost completely made of materials derived from the recycling cycle. At the same time, it will achieve significantly higher energy density with significantly less the most valuable resources. The concept behind it arranges Adrian Van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design. Circular design, one: “In the design process of the BMW i Vision Circular we have thought of circularity from the beginning consistently. Therefore, this vessel is full of innovative ideas that connect sustainability with a new and inspiring aesthetics – we call this approach, Circular Design ‘. Circular Design includes the four principles Re: Think, Re: Duce, Re: Use and Re: Cycle.”

The design should also be lost as a few words: The puristic front area clearly expresses the aesthetic force of Circular Design. True to the motto “Re: Think” and “Re: Duce” the number of parts is maximally reduced. Instead of a chromed frame with renal bars, the kidney has been reinterpreted as a digital area. The only jewelry element of the front is a subtle line artwork on the renal areas. The BMW i Vision Circular draws a clear monovolumen from just a few parts, the number of different materials is reduced to a minimum.

BMW i Vision Circular: Compact Stromer Focus on Sustainability & Luxury-sustainabilityBMW AG

The design language is clear and comprehensibly drawn. The decision of BMW is aware that the exterior is dispensed with a painting. Instead, the vehicle body made of secondary aluminum light golden anodized. This shows how to finish surfaces through innovative procedures in the future, without having to use lacquers.

In the interior, it will be apparent that the BMW i Vision Circular pursues the goal of creating a luxurious ambience whose materials and production processes reflect a responsible use of environment and resources. This includes the use of the correct materials made of monomaterials as well as their smart connection without gluing to ensure the best possible demontage capacity and varietal purity. For a maximum reduction of committee and blend, all components and materials are made perfectly. Any surpluses are consistently fed back to the material cycle.

BMW i Vision Circular: Compact Stromer Focus on Sustainability & Luxury-focus

In addition to all the material and design innovations, the BMW i Vision Circular also offers the opportunity to use it in a bidirectional charging scenario. The vehicle then acts as a mobile power storage and outputs energy to its surroundings such as buildings or infrastructure. He can even feed stream into the power grid and help to cushion peaks.

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