BMW i4 M50 becomes Safety Car at E-Motorcycle World Cup

BMW i4 M50 becomes Safety Car at E-Motorcycle World Cup-e-motorcycle

Start free for the first fully electric Safety Car from the house of BMW M GmbH: at the motorcycle Grand Prix from Austria on 15. August on the Red Bull Ring will for the first time the new BMW i4 M50 as “Official Car Of MotoGP” lead the WM field of electric motorcycles. That communicated the company. The new leadership traverses the previous model of type BMW I8.

The future Safety Car for the Fim Enel Motoe World Cup is based on the standard BMW i4 M50, which comes to the market in November this year. After factory information, the two electric motors (each one on the front and rear axle) together generate a maximum power of 544 hp. An M-specific suspension technique also ensure particularly high dynamics. The emotional driving experience is also underlined by the drive sound developed specifically for electric BMW M automobiles, it says in the message.

“With the BMW i4 M50 we start in a new era and present our first m with purely electric drive,” says Markus bottle, managing director of BMW M GmbH. This would put the course for a future in which the combination of highly sporty performance vehicles and electrification is an exciting topic. “We show: Everything you estimate M – the M typical emotional driving experience with sportiness, power and dynamics – also works fully electric.”

While the serial version of the four-door Gran Coupe come to the market in autumn, fans could experience the world premiere of the car on the racetrack in the summer, so bottle continues. For the motoe there could be no more suitable safety car than the BMW i4 m50.

The Fim Enel Motoe World Cup has been part of the MotoGP World Cup since 2019. The purely electric series with motorcycles from ENERGICA offers exciting races on some of the cultivation of motorcycle racing sports.

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