BMW i4 M50 in the driving report

Driving report BMW I4 M50

The electrical BMW 3 Series is fun – but the wow effect is missing

BMW i4 M50 in the driving report-report
Fabian Kirchbauer Photography BMW i4 M50

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann (Berchtesgarden)

With the IX, BMW has brought a convincing family electric cruiser to the street. There is even more driving joy in the i4, but compared to the Etron GT of Audi, the car lacks the big appearance.

Have fun quickly before the next federal government comes around the corner with the speed limit: On the A8 we go full throttle in the BMW i4 M50. 544 horsepower mobilizes the sedan, whereby the thought of a horse in an electric car is quite antiquated. Two electric motors drive the car, which is full and calm with its proud weight of 2.2 tons and the batteries built into the underbody.

Tempo 225 and simulated switching levels

The steps on the pedal unleashes the energy of the car and a turbine-like, powerful sound accompanies the acceleration. While the speedometer quickly approaches the 200 mark, you have to grin: simulated high-circular noises, probably a kind of reminiscence to the combustion world, briefly interrupt the soundscape, but do not become noticeable in the form of an interruption. The BMW i4 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in a crazy 3.9 seconds, but the end is already 225 at km/h. So the joy of driving is braked not only by a general, but also a built -in speed limit.

BMW i4 M50 in the driving report-Volkswagen announces manuals clutch pedals
Cattle man The electrical BMW i4

As soon as you leave the highway and bend on curvy country roads, the Munich Stromer can show what he has on the ribs despite his lush bacon. The chassis is sporty, but not hard, the i4 directs quickly and unerringly and you could – almost – forget that you pilot such a heavy vehicle. Overtaking maneuvers pass as in intoxication; Anyone who switches to an i4 from a diesel or petrol engine without electrical experience will probably get big eyes. The all -wheel drive is tailored and is possible without a mechanical connection between the axes through the two engines. At the front it is 190 kW / 258 hp and 230 kW / 313 hp in the back. However: the front car becomes very easy when accelerating through, from which the precision suffers somewhat.

In whisper mode against Lamborghini-Poser: i8 Roadster in the video test

BMW i4 M50 in the driving report-Volkswagen announces manuals clutch pedals

Site In whisper mode against Lamborghini-Poser: i8 Roadster in the video test

If it weren’t that difficult….

In any case, the i4 is a guarantee for driving pleasure, which in the top version M50 one "real" M model comes pretty close. "Pretty much" because the weight plays an important role. As is well known, BMW is planning a purely electric M-model. Perhaps Bayern should go other ways: a flat sports car, almost the pure battery birthday of the i8 with well below two tons, a consideration would be worth considering. Also to have a truly fascinating car from Munich.

Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

BMW i4 M50 in the driving report-Volkswagen announces manuals clutch pedals

Site Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

Because the i4 is a car that, in contrast to the extra-wide and ultra-elegant Audi e-tron GT, lacks a bit of the big appearance. While the SUV BMW IX with its split look is a kind of X6 for green high earners and does its thing pretty well, the i4 a bit dares little. The Audi just attracts more looks.

Audi optically steals the show to the BMW

After all: The electric coupe from Ingolstadt has to be clearly beaten by the BMW and the 4.8 meter long and 1.8 meter wide sedan from Munich is also easier to manage in narrow streets and parking garages than the Audi with its extra-wide Back. In quick curves, however, the direct comparison shows that Audi’s e-racer with its low center of gravity and the wide track brings a bit more driving fun.

BMW i4 M50 in the driving report-report
Fabian Kirchbauer Photography The design goes to the kidneys many BMW fans: grill of the electrical i4

The fact that the focus of the BMW i4 is 37 millimeters lower than in the 3 Series BMW is 83.9 kilowatt hour battery (81.5 kWh net) on the 561 kilogram weighing). The batteries are equipped with prismatic cells, which should range from up to 510 kilometers. Another trump card in the Bavarian technology repertoire is the fifth in-house electric motors. The BMW version of the electricity-rained synchronous machines have the advantage that you do not run out of power at higher speeds.

BMW i4 M50 in the driving report-report
Fabian Kirchbauer Photography BMW i4

Basic version without all -wheel drive

Even if you don’t look at the car at first glance, it is very wind -slip – details such as the tiny rear spoiler or the sunk door handles help. BMW specifies the consumption with 22.5 kWh at 100 kilometers. This is a good value for such a powerful electric car, of which an extensive practical test must of course show whether the BMW also reaches it. In any case, if you are not constantly on the ampere stamp, with the 83.9 kilowatt hour lithium-ion battery between 400 and 500 kilometers are not quite utopian.

BMW i4 M50 in the driving report-Volkswagen announces manuals clutch pedals
Fabian Kirchbauer Photography Cockpit of the BMW i4

Almost 70.000 euros demands BMW for the i4, which is a lot of wood for a sedan, even if it reaches sports car values on the street. In the future, BMW, like Tesla in Model 3, will sufficient a base model, which only 58.300 euros costs, but also a little less power and no all -wheel drive. Teslas Model 3, which will soon be built in Germany, is considerably cheaper to have. Even the performance model with all-wheel drive and similar driving performance as the BMW i4 M50 costs only 54.990 euros.

Volkswagen announces the end of manuals and clutch pedals

BMW i4 M50 in the driving report-report

Bit projects Volkswagen announces the end of manuals and clutch pedals

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  1. @Hutzler
    Again nonsense, not the first time! Source Auto-Zeitung 08/2021 Tesla 3 Standard Plus … WLTP! 14.0kWh/100km test 16.8kWh/100km. Makes additional consumption of 20%! Or otherwise: "Sure, whoever shoots over the motorway with 230 consumes a lot in a combustion engine and also in Model 3, namely around 60 kWh per 100 km. Conversely, however, very good 15.5 kWh are also feasible, we settled in between 21 and 22 kWh on average. Measured by the performance of the car, a good value." Source 04/2021. 22kWh costs € 8.80 at the Teslacharger, makes 5.86l diesel daily daily. Test Golf VIII 150PS Automatic 4.8l, does 122km. The diesel drives cheaper than a Tesla and does not have to refuel with over 1000km range, in contrast to the Tesla!

  2. The route you have specified….
    From Berlin to Ischgl (775 km) you would create a top speed at 180 km/h and a payload of 300 kg in about 8 hours and 10 minutes (of which loading time approx. 1 1/2 hours with 4 charging; calculated with "Abetterrout planner"))). It must therefore be charged after an average of 155 km (residual range width each)). Unfortunately, the inefficient i4 is not better.

  3. Minimum range?
    The question arises for me how high is the minimum range? D.H. We have minus 5 degrees and I drive from Berlin to Ischgl at night. Light on, seat heating on. Four people and luggage in the car. Sporty, rapid driving style. D.H., In parts 180-200km/h. With a distance of 800km, my time to store is how long? 3 or 4 hours?

  4. "Sexist". Autotester
    It would be time to not be described as a sexy woman, but rather for their efficiency and a good price-performance ratio and environmental compatibility ! One always suspects that these testers lack a healthy relationship with women and vehicles ! Should buy the Playboy or another comparable booklet and the consumers who want to buy a new means of transportation objectively or look for another job ! When I read the comb and not body parts below the belt, when reading these tests, how might be mentally treated misguided ! Come from a car crazy about a car in 4. Generation, but please always remain factually objectively dear testers

  5. Are these the e-cars
    that should save our climate. That is completely lying. Every mid-range car from twenty years ago there.

  6. optics
    How nice that the topic of the optics is a matter of taste! Yesterday I saw two videos about this vehicle in which it was tested. You are more enthusiastic than the site. But the future goes there! Top! Hopefully there will soon be more electric vehicles in the car sharing area!

  7. E-cars
    For me cars without a heart, but everyone is his. In 4 5 6 7 years the market regulates the independent, or buys Jermand a used electric car where you already know I will drive 4 5 6 years then it is scrap? Or then there is an E scrap premium of state? Then I’m looking forward to the next elections. CDU SPD Greens and FDP together 20%….. To the BMW in the article, the next please….

  8. Were drives a car
    For 4-5 years as long as a BMW does not not mention Davin, BMW has the most boring design and now an i dot is added with the Proll cooler. But that’s just for the typical BMW customers

  9. Top priority…
    Is in times of climate change and the rising energy prices "thrift" or at least "Efficiency". Both are foreign to the i4. It is more important to the manufacturer to save money for all drives through a uniform platform for all drives. "Very wind -slip", As noted in the article, the i4 is certainly not. If it were it, the consumption (as with Teslas Model 3) would be approx. 14 kWh/100 km (source F. Consumption: and not at 22.5. The range would then be correspondingly greater. It would even be possible a smaller battery, which in turn could push the sales price down. But BMW doesn’t want to. Does nothing. Tesla also likes to sell cars.

  10. That’s right, Mr. Kalle
    And if you look closely, you will find that such a BMW i3 is more economical than any Tesla. I drove the car around 600 kilometers for over a week, some with consumption of 12 kW. Because of BMW doesn’t know how to do it. The Teslas are not as economical as Mr. Hutzler, at least not the only one.

  11. If M,
    Then only the petrol engine and not this electric bowl. This e -media hype, which is pushed green ideologies on request, annoys huge!

  12. Mr. Kalle
    Nicely formulated "But you stick to the usual". What did you drive before the e-hype? Well no matter, "You could simulate driving noises", Sure, it is like kettle to boil without water. But you can the generation "Everything on E" no longer get back, the grave is too deep for that… Soon we have "Mad Max" on the planet, but maybe I think too far.

  13. WoW effect
    A car is there to get me from A to B! I don’t have to chase emotions or satisfy instincts. This only leads to stress and accidents. When do the media be made from every vehicle to make a sports equipment. Neither green nor eco, but reasonable.

  14. Fun ?
    If he is at the expense of others, it is not fun but selfishness. Prove that you are faster has nothing to look for in road traffic. On the locked racetrack you can have your fun, think of the CO2 certificates.


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