BMW i5: All information about the electrical 5

Auto Insider: BMW i5

BMW puts the 5 series under power – and chases the Mercedes EQE

BMW i5: All information about the electrical 5-plug-in hybrids This group fully
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design BMW i5: This is how the first electric five that will appear in 2023

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Staring on Tesla is over: Germany’s car manufacturer find the electrical trail and compete again – especially with each other. In 2023 BMW introduces the i5-with a 700 hp M variant. Main opponent: Daimler’s EQE. Site has the first information.

BMW has long grinded its electric division after the pioneers i3 and i8. With the electrical PS bolt i4 and the Nobel cruiser IX with its 500 kilometers of range, it is now over. The technology of the new Stromer is also used in the electrical 5 Series, which will be launched as i5 in two years.

The new trend towards electrical models brings many impressive vitamin injection to the industry. The cheap basic variants with little power and correspondingly lean equipment have had its day. Until the vehicles become purely electrically, the volume manufacturers mostly offer their bestsellers in parallel with combustion engine, as plug-in hybrids and as a pure electric car.

BMW 5 Series: last time with combustion engine?

So also with the 5 Series, which will celebrate its premiere with the name G60 in autumn 2023. As before at the next 7 Series, which will be launched in 2022, there will also be an electrical version with the name BMW i5, even with the smaller 5 series.

BMW i5: All information about the electrical 5-hybrids This group fully electric
Cattle man The electrical BMW i4

In contrast to the competitor Audi, BMW does not call an end date, according to which no more models run off the assembly line with petrol and diesel engine. "There is no reason to prematurely announce an exit", BMW boss Oliver Zipse said at the IAA in Munich. the "Automotive week" writes: "In 2030, Zipses assessment may be electrical according to half of the new vehicles – provided that the infrastructure for charging waxes quickly enough. If you no longer operate the other half of the market, you will go ‘on shrinking course’: ‘If you want to be a profitable, growing company, you must have the offer.’Technology openness is the only way."

Electro-M5 comes with at least 700 hp

But behind the scenes at BMW you make it clear that at least in Europe you can calculate with the scenario of an earlier combustion engine. The most important volume models from the 3 Series to the 5 and 7 to the X5 – whereby its electrical-"gap" The massive IX should fill well at first – so in the coming years everyone will have to be ready as a pure battery variants.

BMW i5: All information about the electrical 5-hybrids This group fully electric
Cattle man Bossian glance: At the IX BMW, BMW dared a radical design approach that was not well received by all BMW fans

And so that the renowned BMW M5 does not have to make its rounds alone at the Nurburgring, there should also be a M-performance and a real M version in 2024. There are more than 700 hp in conversation for the top versions, because as with the larger BMW 7 Series, the electrical model will also be the strongest variant in the portfolio here. Technically, the BMW 5 Series as well as the i5 on the in-house Clar platform of the second generation is on the move.

Mercedes on the IAA: The E -Class becomes electrical – and three other models

BMW i5: All information about the electrical 5-information

Site Mercedes on the IAA: The E -Class becomes electrical – and three other models

The front will bear the new design, which under chief designer Domagoj Dukeec provides a lot of conversation and will take care of the start of the coming 7. The kidney does not become as huge as in the current BMW 4 Series, but the face with separate light units has a tubular as the coming 7 Series and the Power SUV of the BMW X8 / XM. The shoulder line is striking and powerful as with its big brother, while the dimensions of the upper class model hardly grow.

BMW i5: Always with all -wheel drive, M5 remains preserved for the time being

The electrical BMW i5 is mandatory in its stronger versions and in the top model of the i5 M. Friends of the legendary BMW petrol engine can breathe a sigh of relief: In addition to the electrical BMW i5 m, there will continue to be a BMW M5 combustion engine, which, based on the new Mercedes AMG GT 63 SE, will continue to be a V8 with electrical support. The plug-in hybrid should also offer more than 700 hp and around 1000 Nm maximum torque. The competitor from Affalterbach even makes almost 850 hp.

BMW i5: All information about the electrical 5-fuels petrol Electro hybrid creates
The cockpit is presented by Digital Photo: BMW Cockpit of the BMW IX – The command center of the new 5 Series should also look similar

The interior of the Elektro-5er will present itself much more puristic compared to the current model. As with the current models i4 / IX, the car will get a slightly curved curved display with the option for a passenger display. There is the usual rotary press controller on the center console and many touch-sensitive key fields. In the IX, they are integrated into a wooden area, which could be a little more conventional on the i5 depending on the equipment.

BMW IX as an avant-garde, i5 as a rut of company car

Even whether the i5 gets the door opening of the IX – electrically on the inside at the push of a button with a manual mark – remains open. After all, the i5 has to convince the classic BMW service car customers even more than the deliberately avant-garde IX.

BMW i5: All information about the electrical 5-hybrids This group fully electric
Mercedes Benz Mercedes-Benz EQE 350 in the front view parks on a charging station.

No secret that you want to eradicate a flaw of the BMW IX. The upcoming BMW i5 / i5 m will no longer be able to avoid level three. Here Bayern had pulled the emergency brake here last year and told that the IX, unlike formerly, initially did not create the driver assistance of level three. In this topic – and must – BMW, Audi and Daimler can profile themselves in the future, because Tesla has shown that the alleged advantage of the Americans when driving automated was more PR GAG than a reality. So far, Elon Musk has been able to redeem his promises with range and drive, but not at the "Autopilot".

No more plug-in hybrids: This group is now fully electric

BMW i5: All information about the electrical 5-plug-in hybrids This group fully

Site No more plug-in hybrids: This group is now fully electric

Competitor: Audi A6 e-tron and Mercedes EQE

In principle, the 5 Series will compete against Teslas Model S – against which BMW is very difficult in the USA – but the actual opponents are Mercedes EQE (the electrical E -Class) and Audi A6 e -tron. The EQE is in the starting blocks, the electrical A6 should appear at the same time for the i5 or shortly beforehand. However, Audi has the advantage that there is already an electrical limousine from Ingolstadt, the e-tron GT. The four-door floor with the Porsche Taycan with a coupe shape could certainly attract one or the other 5 and A6 customers, which is not quick enough with the electrification at BMW and Mercedes.

BMW i5: All information about the electrical 5-fuels petrol Electro hybrid creates
Cattle man Audi e-tron GT: The Coupe sedan continues to expand the Stromer offer from Ingolstadt

EQE comes with a range of 600 km

Even if the Mercedes EQE celebrated its world premiere at IAA 2021 in Munich, it will only be launched in the summer of next year. The first model variant will be the Mercedes EQE 350 with 215 kW / 292 PS / 530 NM, which its customers-available on the EVA2 platform with rear wheel and all-wheel drive-offers an electrical range of 550 to 660 kilometers. The standard consumption should still be below that of the particularly efficient EQ – 15.7 – 19.3 kWh per 100 kilometers. For fast charging with DC. In 15 minutes, up to 35.55 kWh can be reloaded in the EQE – this corresponds to a range of up to 250 kilometers.

This Tesla fuels petrol! Electro hybrid creates over 1000 kilometers with a mini battery

BMW i5: All information about the electrical 5-information

Site This Tesla fuels petrol! Electro hybrid creates over 1000 kilometers with a mini battery

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  1. two questions
    I would have two questions: how long can the thing keep the top speed? And how % … I would have two questions: how long can the thing keep the top speed? And: How would a race between this thing and my current combustion engineer go out? Assuming: Start Hamburg, Ziel Munich (or the other way around) distance 800 km. My car 136 hp, 180 lace, then approx. 10 liters of consumption. If every car drives 80 % of the top speed, who arrives first? With refueling or. Charge.

  2. Just crazy
    Huge horsepower, certainly great equipment and probably not less than 80,000 euros. For abroad – ok. But here the so -called. Be business car that you can not even afford after 1-2 years. And the summit is that the buyers of these cars are then also rewarded with a premium. If you can put so much money for a car, you can also pay the 9000 premium yourself. This money is mainly collected in the middle and lower income sector. So I did not imagine a steering effect.

  3. @Wolfgang Kasper
    It’s just crazy with which claims are acted here. Everyone should find out thoroughly before making their opinion here. For an electric car with a purchase price of 80.000 € there is no bonus. Inform beforehand ….

  4. understood !
    ….Actually completely no matter who hunts. These are mainly cars for Asia and the company car model here. Maybe something else about the rental company and that’s it. Too expensive for normal private users…..

  5. Tesla driving assistance system far ahead
    Tesla’s automatic driving system is ahead of the competition, even if it is not activated in Germany for bureaucratic obstacles in Germany, thousands of test cars drive across the country in the USA to train and train the artificial intelligence of the software every day to improve. The author should take a look at US videos, which the system can mean. Even if accidents happen every now and then, the system has already saved many lives in the USA because it reacts faster in an emergency than a person can ever react. Of course, German media and advertisers in our auto industry do not report on this.

  6. The environment is certainly happy?
    Our country will certainly bring this forward in e-mobility considerably! 700 hp or more is needed to bring the common paintocher to work with a minimum wage. Not even most of the trucks have that much horsepower! And before someone criticizes me again, I my PS and not torque! I also remind me of a saying that Marie Antoinette is ascribed to have said that if the people have no bread, it should eat cake. What do you actually think about on the board of directors of the automotive groups? Where are the affordable electric vehicles for normal citizens? Even as a combustion engine, the BMW M-models were always something for freaks that are particularly important to save from traffic lights to traffic lights hundredths/thousands of seconds seconds.

  7. 700 hp and speed limit
    When the speed limit comes, 700 hp is particularly worthwhile. The car is intended for export to Asia. I’m not entirely against a speed limit, but it should be dependent on the volume of traffic. A speed limit of 150 has z.B. also an equal effect on traffic. The number of accidents does not reduce the number of accidents.

  8. The rigid …
    Starting on Tesla should be over? Sorry, don’t know who writes the articles but I had a BMW i3, then an IX and have to say that BMW is lagging behind Tesla for 5 years. Alone with the service. Sas is probably only German wishful thinking that this would be with: rigid is over. PS: Where does BMW move from the batteries again? Or are they now produced themselves? 😉

  9. It sees it very differently
    The operation of a Tesla is grotto and dangerous. This whole touch operation distracts too much from driving. By the way, Tesla does not completely build its cells itself. After all, German manufacturers are now also building their own cell factories. Like you and others are bmw and co. not long.

  10. The (German) carmaker
    Are becoming increasingly crazy with the whole world. Or are the pioneers of the mass of psychosis, which is becoming more and more common. The whole hysteria in terms of climate change is not least inspired by them. It is seriously discussed (if you can call it a discussion) whether you introduce a general speed limit in Germany. And these comrades build carts with 700 hp, which will then cost accordingly. Where should you get out??? And there is no longer any question of other alternatives. Although several studies have proven, e-mobility is only locally emission-free. Like in the madhouse, real!..

  11. The Americans
    Have a very strict speed limit and very much like to drive V8 bombs with plenty of performance. The same in Asia … The speed limit as an argument is therefore hardly counted by customers because these vehicles sell alone via prestige and power and not over the pure vmax.


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