BMW is still in China in 2021 360.Building 000 charging columns

BMW is still in China in 2021 360.Building 000 charging columns-building

BMW will be 360 by the end of this year.Install 000 charging columns in China, including 150.000 fast load columns. BMW China announced the plan over the past week on the first BMW Group Sustainability China Summit. To classify: Tesla currently brings it to 6.300 supercharger in China. Where it should be noted that BMW is more likely to enable access to this number of charging stations via its own app.

Already in June 2020, it became known that BMW in China promoting the shop network expansion and thus wants to strengthen its position on this important e-mobility market. For this purpose, BMW China received a new cooperation with state energy suppliers State Grid, at the end of 2020 its charging infrastructure on 270.000 charging points more than double, 80.000 of which are intended to be direct current fast load points.

At the turn of the year 2019/2020, BMW maintained 130 in China.000 charging points. By the end of 2020, BMW’s public shop network has covered more than 300 cities in China and over 300.000 national standard charging columns connected. By accessing the State Grid High Speed Intercity Quadruple Network in China, the BMW charge network covers more than 50.000 km of highways.

In addition to the expansion of the charging infrastructure, the Bavarian car manufacturers divides further steps towards e-mobility. The company to understand that their works in China will be climate-neutral until the end of this year and that the total carbon emissions of its production chain in China should be reduced by 80 percent by 2030.

BMW plans to market twelve fully electric BMW and mini models in China by the end of 2023, with the share of fully electric vehicles in the total sales in China be 25 percent. This is also necessary, because the most important factor for reducing emissions is a massive startup of e-mobility. Currently BMW offers five fully electric models. In the coming years followed fully electric versions of 5 Series and X1. In addition, the 7s row as well as the successor of the Mini Countryman and other models. Based on current market expectations, ZIPSE assumes that 2030 pass at least 50 percent of worldwide BMW sales from fully electric vehicles.

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4 thoughts on “BMW is still in China in 2021 360.Building 000 charging columns”

  1. 2 questions:

    1. How many charging points BMW actually builds new in China?
    2. How many real BEV sells BMW in China?

    My guess:
    Both answers are rather sobering.
    Not the number of planned 12 models up to 2023 is important – of importance only will be the number of BEV sold.
    But yes, every single Bev counts &# 128521;

  2. China requires appropriate odds from the automakers and the German carmakers can offer BEVS or PHEVs interestingly.
    In Germany we do not have this selection. Since the pressure of the government, due to excellent lobbying, is correspondingly low.
    But it shows itself again that the change is not fully completed.
    And who still puts on “the market is already rules” rather aur “the climate change is already ruling” in 100-200 years then stop without man &# 128521;


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