BMW IX in the first test

Driving report BMW IX

At 200 km/h it is over: the new electric BMW in the first driving report

BMW IX in the first test-first

BMW IX: Start with two models

  • Site author Wolfgang Gomoll

The BMW IX is the technology pioneer of the upcoming generation of luxury streams from the Munich manufacturer. On a first test drive, the prototype of the electric SUV is consistently good. But the competition is strong – above all Teslas Model Y.

With the BMW IX, the Munich -based reputation want to regain lost reputation. While competitors such as Audi or Mercedes plunged head over head into electromobility, the Munich team held back after the i3 with the purebred streamers. According to the premise in the "Power of Choice" strategy, according to which customers decide which drive concept they prefer.

"Power of Choice": BMW wants to set standards for all drives

Nevertheless, electromobility represents an important pillar for the BMW future. At the Munich Petuelring, please let the braces snap and therefore it is clear that the next phase of electromobility is rolled out from above and begins with a technology flagship. The BMW IX is this Mia-San-Mia-Mobil. “The IX is the snow plow for the electrical version of the 7 Series and 5ers. As with the i3, we roll up the sleeves and show what BMW can do, ”project manager Johann Kistler clarifies. The friendly Bayer is a BMW veteran that has already put the important BMW 7 Series and the BMW X5 on the right track.

BMW IX in the first test-Mazda MX-30 most important ingredient
BMW 2.5 tons, purely electrical: first drive in the BMW IX

BMW IX: Electro-allel wheel and up to 523 hp

This should also succeed in the BMW IX, for which the best is only good enough. Even if the slightly proclaimed autonomous driving skills of Level 3 are not implemented. Nevertheless, the BMW IX still offers a lot of technology that should also transport the joy of driving into the electrical age:

  • In the BMW IX XDrive 50, two electric motors (front axle: 190 kW / 258 hp; rear axle: 230 kW / 313 hp) add up to an all -wheel drive with 385 kW / 523 hp power and a maximum torque of 765 Newton meters.
  • The electric machines are the latest, i.e. the fifth generation and do without rare earths without raw materials. "The engines are even better at eye level with Tesla and in some details," says Johann Kistler.
  • So that the dynamics also fit, the actuator -related wheel slip limit is used on two axes from the BMW i3s and the BMW 1 Series for the first time. There is also a chassis with two-axis air suspension including automatic level control. The engineers have dispensed with 48-volt-wanking stabilization for reasons of efficiency.

At 180 the stallion is neutered: is the electro-mustang muscle car or muesli car?

BMW IX in the first test-Mazda MX-30 most important ingredient Japanese electricity

Site At 180 the stallion is neutered: is the electro-mustang muscle car or muesli car?

The WoW attitude continues in the interior. The seats of the same armchair and thanks to the ultra-long steering wheel column you can easily find a perfect sitting position. On the way, the BMW IX gives the gentleman: the comfort and silence in the interior are impressive. For this purpose, the stiff body, the quiet engines and the 22 inch tires, which are provided with noise -swallowing foam absorbers,. Only at higher speeds can you hear the wind noise on the A-pillar and the exterior mirrors.

Hinter axle steering makes 2.5-ton SUV Wendiger

Thanks to the rear axle steering, in which the bikes turn in to up to three degrees and the parity axle load distribution, the BMW IX is also splendid on winding country roads, but this technical arsenal cannot conceal the stately weight of 2510 kilograms. It will never be uncomfortable. Somehow you always have the feeling of moving a solid piece of metal from a piece of milled piece of metal at the BMW IX. In the driving modes, BMW is remembering the essentials because there are only three alternatives with personnel, efficiency and sport. In sports, the body is constantly lowered by ten millimeters (otherwise from 140 km/h) and the acceleration commands are accepted directly. The BMW IX already leaves a sophisticated impression as a prototype. Only the steering could be a little more communicative when it comes to the traction and the nature of the underground. There is still some time because the E-SUV will only be launched on November.

The power of the two electric motors makes the BMW IX XDrive 50 on every asphalt to the alpha animal. No wonder, thanks to the rapidly starting torque, the start is almost irresistible and after 4.6 seconds the 100 km/h brand is reached, the propulsion ends at 200 km/h. This brings us to consumption, an important size in an electric car.

Mazda MX-30: The most important ingredient of the Japanese electricity is still missing

BMW IX in the first test-Mazda MX-30 most important ingredient

Site Mazda MX-30: The most important ingredient of the Japanese electricity is still missing

Consumption: could be better

Thanks to aerodynamic tricks, such as the active air flap control, the almost completely disguised underbody and specially arranged air openings press the CW value for a car of this size to a very good 0.25. BMW specifies a consumption of 23.0 kW/100 km, we got 26.5 kW/100 km in the test drives including motorway sprints at top speed. You almost have to take the hat off to the Munich marketing word acrobats, sell the monstrous BMW kidney as a "intelligence area" and by that that all sorts of sensors, such as the radar or infrared technology, are located behind the closed radiator grille. The adaptive cruise control also uses these sensors, which automatically delayed depending on the traffic and route situation, recuperated or sailing. So a one-pedal driving is also possible. With the large 111.5 kilowatt hour battery (net 105.2 kWh), BMW promises a maximum range of up to 630 kilometers. Thanks to a maximum charging capacity of a maximum of 200 kW, the batteries on a rapid rapid loader are filled with 80 percent after 35 minutes of ten percent. Only 11 kW is currently possible with an alternating current tank, 22 kW should be in it later.

Top model costs almost 100.000 euros

The IX infotainment heralds a new BMW era. Two monitors with 12.3 inches and 14.9 inches combine to form a screen that flows the driver’s space as a "curved display". The interior seems tidy because BMW has thrown half of the switches and buttons out. Thank god a modern version of the good old rotary depressor is preserved and so you can find your way around quickly. At the head up display, the Munich car manufacturer follows the latest trend and projects a large picture in front of the driver onto the street. Unlike the Mercedes S-Class or the VW ID.4 does not use BMW to let the navigation instructions fly through the air via augmented reality, but leaves the spectacle on the monitor. The whole thing has nothing to do with a technologic disadvantage, but is intended. "We found out on various projects that this presentation in the head up display distracts the driver more," explains Johann Kistler.So much technology has a base price of 98.000 euros for the BMW IX XDrive 50 also in this discipline a premium product. If you are satisfied with 240 kW / 326 hp and a 76.6 kilowatt hour battery (71 kWh net), the BMW IX XDRIVE 40 for 77.Looking 300 euros. Later a BMW IX M60 should define the top of the performance.

Tesla driver lists his costs: after 120.000 kilometers is clear his conclusion

BMW IX in the first test-test

Site Tesla driver lists his costs: after 120.000 kilometers is clear his conclusion

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  1. understood !
    BMW battery growth broken ! Optics are a matter of taste anyway, otherwise certainly a car … at the stand of the battery technology. Compared to Model 3 is of course absolute nonsense, most of them have recognized that anyway. Those who want to afford something like that have several cars in the garage. They are not interested in efficiency, consumption, etc. anyway….Why too ?

  2. The Tesla fanboys are already special
    Funny what you read here. It is a perversion of the e-idea when BMW builds an electric off-road vehicle. Tesla would at least endeavor. Seriously? How blind can you be? Just as the facts lie, Tesla has launched a purely electric SUV in front of BMW, Model X is called. If BMW now offers a vehicle in the same segment, it is suddenly "perverse". Would be called, Tesla can build SUV, but BNW not. And the smaller Tesla Model 3 is then used to compare the BMW consumption. I call that measured with two levels or the typical "Musk’s Tesla Definiation", which obviously leads to a shaken level of loss of reality.

  3. @ | Yesterday, 03.07.2021 | 11:33
    Soso, BMW "… But wanted to save money by using a combustion body." What do you do now? Space for 4 wheels, doors and lamps at the front and back? Should be almost impossible to incorporate into the body of the IX combustion technology-at least for BMW with its combustion/drive technology.

    Rudiger Hutzler
  4. BMW perverted with the IX…
    The idea of resource-saving, environmentally friendly efficient e-car. Tesla endeavors at least. BMW brings nothing else to put the most large battery into a combustion body. The result: the power consumption is 50% higher than with the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus. Such vehicles do not build the environment and climate.

  5. Huh?
    So, I know that my schooling is a little ago, and maybe scientific knowledge has led to the fact that it is now being expected differently. I get a range of almost 450 km with a consumption of 23 kW/100 and a battery size of 105 kW. Where do the other 200 km come from?

  6. Looks very chic
    The car likes it quite well, especially the interior. In terms of price in the still thin competitive environment,. The really big seller will certainly not be the car, but this is a Tesla Model X either.

  7. Hm
    You can argue about taste. He looks terrible from the front. What are these huge (former) air intake? Inside he also looks to get used to it, so I want to get out as soon as possible. I can like it from the side, too, from behind. But it doesn’t matter, it’s not my price range anyway.


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