BMW IX M60: All data and information


600 PS: The strongest electric BMW creates over 1000 Newton meters of torque

BMW IX M60: All data and information-information

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With 455 kW / 619 hp, the BMW IX M60 is the strongest model of the Munich electrical fleet. But the robust Bavarian also has its price.

For BMW, the IX series is the flagship of the in-house electromobility fleet. So it is only consistent that the e-crossover gets an M version. However, the BMW IX M60 is an M-Performance variant, so not a purebred M, which makes an IX M more than likely. Where m is on it, be it or not, there must be enough performance from the self -image of the Garchinger dynamic division. Especially since the BMW IX XDRIVE50 with its maximum 385 kW/523 hp is not too weak on the chest.

1015 Newton meter torque in the BMW IX M60

No sooner said than done: at the torque, the BMW IX M60 is the first model of the Munich car manufacturer with 1015 Newton meters a four -digit value. Maximum should even 1.100 nm in it. The key word is "maximum", because this also applies to the system performance of 455 kW / 619 hp. However, this is a boost that is available for up to ten seconds. Otherwise there are up to 397 kW / 540 hp, which is still an announcement.

BMW IX M60: All data and information-Ford Mustang Mach-E test muscle
BMW / Press Inform Feeling in the cloth: Our author inspects the BMW IX in the new M version

The e-cruiser weighing, which weighs 2.5 tons, reaches 3 from a standing.8 seconds a speed of 100 km/h and is up to 250 km/h fast, that is 50 km/h more than the BMW IX50. It is due. These are electricity -engined synchronous machines that are housed in a housing together with the power electronics and the input gearbox.

Ford Mustang Mach-E GT in the test: The muscle car with 486 hp is so good

BMW IX M60: All data and information-Ford Mustang Mach-E test muscle

Site Ford Mustang Mach-E GT in the test: The muscle car with 486 hp is so good

Fine tuning on the electric motor

In order to do justice to the letter, the engineers have given the engine an e-tuning on the rear axle. The electric machine is operated six and has a double-in-paster. This engine brings up to 360 kW / 489 hp to the axis, at the front it is a maximum of 190 kW / 258 hp. It goes without saying that the all -wheel drive is tailored and the front axle only turns on when necessary. The air spring suspension will also get a special M adjustment, which will hardly be too tight, since the chassis of the BMW IX50 is already convincing and offers sufficient comfort.

BMW IX M60: All data and information-price technical data good Tesla

As with the IX50, the energy comes from a 111.5 kilowatt hour battery (net 105.2 kWh). For example, the BMW IX M60 comes up to 566 kilometers due to an average consumption of 21.7 to 24.7 kWh (WLTP).

A maximum of 200 kW charging power

The batteries are filled with a maximum of 11 kW. There are up to 200 kW on a speed of direct current. This loading speed is okay but not outstanding. Ideally, the energy stores are filled from 10 to 80 percent within 35 minutes and rang in ten minutes for 150 kilometers of electricity.

BMW IX M60: All data and information-Ford Mustang Mach-E test muscle

In addition to the most efficient construction of the drive train and optimized aerodynamics. Since this system adapted the energy recovery based on various data that adaptes the sensors and the navigation cards to the respective traffic events. Like the other IX models, the M60 is a technology carrier. Among other things, an eight-megapixel camera is housed in the striking front, with which the E-SUV can see up to 300 meters. A total of five cameras, five radar and twelve ultrasonic sensors are installed in the powerful body of the electricity. This also enables the first steps of the robo driving. The driver can record a parking maneuver and then call up at the push of a button-the BMW E-SUV then automatically positions itself in this position. The Munich team is still a bit away from level 3 on public roads, but at least.

BMW IX M60: All data and information-data

The interior offers all the amenities that the BMW IX50 also has: two curved monitors with a size of 12.3 inches and 14.9 inches and thank God also the proven rotary presser in the center console, which significantly minimizes the driver’s distraction. From June 2022, the BMW IX M60 will be at the dealer and costs at least 130.200 euros, that’s 32.200 euros more than a BMW IX50 XDrive. Just for comparison: a Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo is at 2.586 euros more expensive. A Tesla Model X costs at least around 111.000 euros.

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BMW IX M60: All data and information-information

Site Range, price, technical data: How good is the New Tesla SUV?

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  1. Affects almost all carmakers
    We have now learned that we should save all energy. Why will that be with A … Utos not made? Here, the rule is felt as unaerodynamic as possible, large and difficult in order to ultimately consume as much energy as possible. In principle, the opposite of what we all get instant. So I no longer see any sense of such vehicles, they also think they are completely out of date. No, I’m not a envious of vehicles, I voluntarily drive old used vehicles with as little equipment as possible according to the motto that is not available. I could easily buy such a vehicle but I don’t see any reason to do it. A car is a tool to get from A to B. That works fine with every car.

  2. @Raynolds well!!
    It only takes seconds to prove them again nonsense again! Auto Motor Sport 22.01.22 Test GLE 400D 4MATIC 330PS test consumption, not manufacturer’s specification, 9.4l/100km. An IX M60 is specified with a WLTP consumption of up to 24.7 kWh/100km. A Hyundai Ioniq5 consumes 30 kWh at 130km/h 30 kWh according to the test. There will be a trump like the IX on the highway accordingly. According to Fraunhofer Institut. The BMW has a 115 kWh battery and will never drive more ecological than a diesel on the motorway at the current electricity mix. Just find out beforehand before you spread false facts again!

  3. Nobody really
    Nobody drives an electric car with the German electricity mix. So your assumption is just wrong. Anyone who has installed a wall box at home uses green electricity. So nothing electricity mix. I save further explanations, your arguments are baseless.

  4. Oh god, 100% writers who the car
    Can not begin to do and then natural their omniscience, how unnecessary such a vehicle is, told all. However, there are well -paid people who are traveling in their car all week and are completely normal for the 800km daily routes, and no, of course can do this by train, since the customers are not all at the main train station. Incidentally, this is also the clientele that still keep the shop in Germany running with her taxes, Rudi the carpenter, or Heide the pottery or Rabea, the artist is definitely not.

  5. Honestly
    No matter whether well or not, who is so stupid and 800 km in the cart every day every day. Drive a car at least 6 hours every day and then still say you earn stupid and stupid. You don’t even believe that at the regulars’ table of the village.

  6. Doll!
    What should it be for? For the next Russian campaign? But some board at BMW must have nodded the tank. More than 1000nm torque? Exactly what is needed on the runway to pull the stuck team car out of the dirt. Gruesome.

  7. demonstration
    It is nothing other than a demonstration for what is feasible with an electrical drive. But everyone now knows that. Accelerating a demo with a lot of PS/KW is almost boring. It would be interesting to have a vehicle that offers enough space with the lowest air resistance and thus the lowest consumption. But of course there is no constructor like that that has not grown out of the construction clerk age. After all, the BMW looks like a small Lego stone on a large Lego stone.

  8. Boring cars for philistines
    we already have enough, whether combustion or electrical. So please more of these frenzied cabinet walls.

  9. E – car with caravan
    I wonder where the advantage is ? BMW needs approx. The 2 times the normal consumption ! ca. 40 € for 100km of quick charging stations at 79 cents/kW My DB GL420 CDI with the money 2.5 times as far as a trailer ! But he has up to 3.5 tons of trailer load ! And I only have to recharge your batteries with a trailer and all 1000km without a trailer. Bought first-hand last year, 80000km, V8 with 4000cc and 4-Matic, new price 120.000 € and for € 25.000 bought in the new state. So why buy an electric vehicle, which offers less for more money ? As long as the real environmental compatibility is still unclear – something is out of the question for me !

  10. Oh well
    A nice car of the GLS I think the GLS is better, but now Tacheles. The GLE needs 13l D in the mix. With AH you are easy at 15L (20% truck no matter how big the engine is) unless you drive 80 and behind a truck. The BMW consumes 25 kW costs at ionity with BMW card € 12.50 with trailer approx. 40 kWh i.e. 20 €. And it is cleaner and more environmentally friendly. 13l D have 120 kWh because BMW 500km comes

  11. I miss
    still the affordable innovations in this sector. Of course, the Oberlassen customer also wants to offer something. But as long as there is no choice "affordable" Cars, the acceptance of this very criticism will not increase very much. I know people who have never bought a car in the five-digit euro area because their priorities are somewhere else. How do you want this clientele "electrify"?

  12. Herr Schmidt
    I took the trouble and to look for the price list for a Passat Variant Model Year 2011. I met with the cheapest Passat Variant petrol engine 6 gear circuit 122 hp with 25425 €, without extras. The most expensive Passat Variant is a diesel 6 gang automatic with 31125 € according to the list. Your statement in the wording "Already in 2011 with little equipment € 42000" I can’t understand that.

  13. Battery weight
    The high torque is necessary in order to be able to accelerate the car comparatively well with the heavy battery. The accelerating large masses is unnecessary energy consumption!

  14. @Andreas Schmidt
    Doesn’t have to be Mr. Nestler. It is enough that he took care of physics at school. Should they have done too.

  15. The money has to go
    It’s sausage what everyone here is to say. Too short, too long, too wide, too heavy. The fun fund no longer wants the money. So you buy a car. There is nothing more to say about this car.


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