BMW iX M60 comes in June with 619 hp

BMW iX M60 comes in June with 619 hp-june

Critics have been complaining about a less sustainable trend for years: Based on the combustion engine models, e-cars are also getting bigger, stronger and heavier. Hardly anything remains of the original idea of environmentally friendly mobility with electricity.

The new BMW iX M60 should definitely fuel this debate. The most powerful model variant of the Bavarian technology flagship to date has an output of up to 455 kW (619 hp) and a maximum torque of 1100 Nm. In the eyes of the people from Munich, at least, “the new BMW iX M60 represents a new understanding of advanced luxury, high performance and premium characteristics”. According to official information, the worldwide market launch will begin in June of this year.

BMW iX M60 comes in June with 619 hp-junebmw

According to factory information, the car accelerates on up to 22-inch wheels in 3.8 seconds to 100 km/h and further up to an electronically locked 250 km/h. Nevertheless, it should have a range of up to 566 kilometers in the WLTP cycle. It embodies “the BMW M brand’s departure into the segment of electrified performance automobiles,” according to a statement. A two-axle air suspension with automatic level control should also contribute to this.

According to BMW, the iX M60 is built in Dingolfing. Lots of aluminum and carbon fiber-reinforced plastic combine high body rigidity with optimized weight. This mix of materials continues a tradition that began in 2003 with the M3 CSL. In addition, the vehicle has the most extensive standard equipment in the field of driver assistance systems ever used by BMW. A new sensor generation and new software also offer the potential for the medium-term further development of automated driving functions to level 3.

BMW iX M60 comes in June with 619 hp-comesbmw

BMW is keen to state that the materials required for the high-voltage batteries, cobalt and lithium, are procured from controlled sources in Australia and Morocco and delivered to the cell manufacturers. The design principle of the electric motors also makes it possible to dispense with rare earths in the rotors of the drives. 100 percent green electricity is used for vehicle production and for the production of battery cells.

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7 thoughts on “BMW iX M60 comes in June with 619 hp”

  1. So, as suspected, the M60 engine does not have three engines.
    But thanks to the six-phase design of the rear motor, you can still achieve an insane 1100 Nm of torque.
    Hats off, other manufacturers need three motors for this.

    It remains exciting whether the rumors of three engines in the i7 are true, probably as the i7 M70 or whether the i7 M60 is the end of the road.

  2. One of the last dinosaurs (in E version) shortly before the great climate catastrophe that sweeps them away?

    I wonder how much longer we can afford to waste resources worldwide and waste space in cities with 2 to 2.5 ton cars, even if they are electric cars.

  3. BMW has to give credit for one thing, they didn’t rely on suppliers when it came to the electric motor. 1100NM with the iX, like the almost 800NM with the i4 M50, are really a word. And after all, compared to the i4, which regulates from a maximum of 225km/h, a top speed of 250km/h is possible.

    Unfortunately, the charging technology, like Mercedes, was based too much on Tesla. 400v and 10-80% SoC charge in 35-40 minutes is no longer premium.


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