BMW launches series production of the IX

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BMW launches series production of the IX-launches

BMW has started serial production of the fully electric IX. At the Dingolfing plant in Lower Bavaria, the largest BMW plant in Europe, thus running vehicles with all drive variants, so combing, plug-in hybrids and fully electric models from the same band. “With the start of the BMW IX, we have achieved another milestone in the expansion of electrification. Our production network thus proves the successful transformation towards electromobility and digitization, “says Milan Nedeljkovic, production board of BMW AG.

The IX is built on a mounting line flexible in the mix with vehicles of the 5s, 7s and 8 series. In order to be able to represent this flexibility and drive variety, the dingolfing vehicle assembly has been extended and restructured. Overall, the BMW Group invested more than 400 million euros for the IX in the factory. Many of the conversion and structural measures for the IX soon also benefit the successful development of the BMW 7er and 5s, which in the next few years in Dingolfing run from the band: Because for both model series, fully electric variants are also announced.

For this year, the BMW Group plans with the IX and other plug-in models in the Dingolfing plant alone a doubling of the share of electrified vehicles on the production volume compared to the previous year. By the middle of the decade, half of the vehicles produced in dingolfing will be electrified, BMW in a recent communication. An important role should play the new model. “Already next year, the BMW IX will be one of the most richest models at the site,” says Nedeljkovic. The IX, a SUV in the X5 format, follows the electric sports sedan I4 in the fall, which is produced in the Munich main plant. At the end of next year, all German works will produce at least one fully electric vehicle.

BMW launches series production of the IX-productionBMW
The production of the IX in Dingolfing benefit from the broad know-how and the competence of the relevant technologies. By their tight interaction, according to BMW, a high degree of independence, short distances and a total production technical optimum. The fully electric heart of the IX, the highly integrated electric drive and the battery of the fifth generation, as well as the complete e-axis are created at the location in the interaction of the Dingolfinger componentworks. The production capacities should be consistently expanded. From 2022, Dingolfing E-drives can be built for more than half a million electrified vehicles.

The BMW IX as a pioneer

With the IX, BMW holds a variety of innovations in the product as in the production processes into the factory – especially in the field of electrical system architecture, software, digital services, networking and automated driving functions. The vehicle thus have an important pioneer function and make dingolfing as a tailor’s top class of the BMW Group “E-CAR” and “Smart Car Ready”.

The IX describes BMW as an important pioneer in production, which feed on future technologies into the production system – such as digital methods of employee qualification, automation of logistics processes, the virtual commissioning and the protection of driver assistance systems.

BMW launches series production of the IX-productionBMW

The topic of sustainability is firmly anchored in the company, BMW will not be tired to emphasize. A special focus is on improving the CO2 balance sheet – especially in the production of electric cars. So, independent test instances certified the BMW IX XDRIVE40 comparable to a comparable sports Activity Vehicle with internal combustion engine a small amount of greenhouse potential.

“We are already the benchmark of our industry in sustainability, but also invest in resource-saving technologies in the future and put our demanding goals for the most sustainable production,” emphasizes production board Milan Nedeljkovic. The BMW Group pursues a holistic approach to reducing CO2 emissions and minimizing resource consumption, which includes the entire value added and thus in addition to the supply chain and the use phase, the production.

The BMW Group has managed to already halve the resource consumption of the vehicle produced in the period from 2006 to 2020, the CO2 emissions were even more significantly reduced, by 78 percent. By 2030, the CO2 emissions in the production of each manufactured vehicle are to decline by another 80 percent. “In doing so, in the Dingolfing plant, we have relied on a number of measures and additionally reissued,” says Werkleiter Christoph SchrOder. Thus, the BMW IX is manufactured exclusively with regional and directly related green flow from two hydropower plants to Isar and Lech. The entire work, as well as all sites of the BMW Group, is already provided with the current year via corresponding compensations and certificates of accountable CO2 neutral.

BMW launches series production of the IX-launchesBMW

Further facets of the Thema Sustainability range from an energy-efficient plant park, packaging planning on traffic logistics and recycling to topics such as biodiversity and water management. The recycling ratio in the Dingolfing plant is thus more than 90 percent, the exploitation quota even with more than 99 percent. The water requirement is covered to more than 40 percent over factory wells. Thus, drinking water reserves of the region are spared. Overall, the BMW Group has already reduced water consumption since 2006 by more than 30 percent.

The IX as catalyst of change: Active competence conversion.

The BMW IX brings – although there is a lot of experience and expertise – also qualification needs, so the manufacturer. He is thus acting as an accelerator of the competency rebuilding in the production network and contribute to make the workforce fit for the requirements of a new time. For example, employees are developed throughout the company in the direction of digitization and e-mobility. In the largest training offensive of the company’s history 75.000 participants trained at future topics.

In Dingolfing alone, more than 4,000 employees have taken a new, promising workplace since 2012. Current example is the construction and expansion of the Competence Center E-propulsion production at the site, in which the number of employees from 600 to over 1200 was more than doubled in the past year. By the end of the current year, the number should continue to grow to more than 1900.

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  1. You look at the IX design meandering the most clearly, in which time BMW has stayed stuck.
    Auto = power demonstration + recklessness + egoism.
    Whether the future has?
    Maybe for another 5-10 years in China and in this country on the Kiez.

    What miracles me: Even a cybertruck (basically similar league) brings his “power” intelligent over. BMW is only cheap / prefetched.

  2. The number of models I interpret as a sign of uncertainty. Who is wild around him usually misses the goal. 2 to 3 convincing cars would certainly be better. BMW drives costs high without safety net. Who likes kidney likes to go to the butcher.


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