BMW M2: First information and technical data

Auto Insider: BMW M2

BMW brings the mini -M3 – first information about the new M2 Coupe

BMW M2: First information and technical data-first
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design BMW brings a new M2

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The current M2 is a powerful image of image for BMW. With 370 to 410 hp, it brought uncompromising driving fun below the larger sports model M3 / M4. Now the successor is announcing itself.

The driving pleasure will hardly change in the new generation, which will be on the market under the internal name G87 next year. Bavarians have only recently presented the always dynamic BMW M 240i and this year the M fans can still look forward to the BMW M3 Touring, which is only available for the first time, which will probably only be offered with 510 hp, eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive.

BMW M2 retains six -cylinder

If you like it a little smaller and even more sporty, you should be able to fall in love with the chubby BMW M2. The three-liter inline six-cylinder double turbo of the S58 assembly comes from the large brother couple M3 / M4 and is likely to get a slight power discount so that the distance remains preserved. The performance is likely to be at the level of the current BMW M2 Competition, which inspires its sports driver with 410 hp. The previous top model was the 331 kW / 450 PS / 550 Nm strong BMW M2 CS.

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BMW M2: First information and technical data-data

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To assume that in addition to the approximately 400 hp basic M2 there will be further sports versions with up to 450 hp in the M2 CSL and in addition to the mandatory eight-speed automatic, a manual six-speed circuit also appears at least for possible.

All -wheel drive only for the big brother M3/M4

In order to keep the distance to BMW M3 / M4, the upcoming BMW M2 with the internal model name G87 should only be powered via the rear axle, even if the platform would enable a dynamic all -wheel drive variant. They offer direct competitors Audi RS3 and Mercedes AMG A45, both of which are only offered as all -wheel drive with double clutch transmission. However, Bavarian all -wheel drive fans can also use the 374 hp BMW M 240i XDrive.Inside there is the well -known sports package with contoured sports seats, a handy steering wheel and sports pedalery. If desired, the upcoming M2 should offer particularly light scarf seats, carbond roof, high -performance brake system and racing sports strips, which also slightly reduce weight. A flap exhaust system with four tailpipes ensures sonors sound of the double -charged row six cylinder.

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BMW M2: First information and technical data-technical

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    Above in the test it says that the current M2 to 410PS is done, 450 below. Also a CS is "just" an M2. It can also be assumed that a successor to the CS will probably have more than the 450PS mentioned in the text. Whether there will be a CSL, i.e. real lightweight construction, would be worth a research. But ultimately no matter, since the Japankirmesheck will probably hold one or the other aesthet from buying, the soft -rinsed exhaust sound will do the rest, because the sound generator in the interior is not convincing either. Driving properly, the cart, as with the predecessor, will only swap the series chassis for something useful. The first M2 from the end of 2016.17 still had sound, the current is more at washing machine level


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