BMW M3 Restomod in detail

BMW M3 Restomod

New technology for the cult racer: British build their own BMW M3 dream

BMW M3 Restomod in detail-luxury ship Series generational duel
Manufacturer BMW M3 from Redux.

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The current BMW M3 / M4 is an impressive sports car and everything is already waiting for the racing version of the M4 CSL. But a corner is more spectacular: with the Restomod BMW M3 from Redux.

As a child of the 1980s, there was only one automotive superstar in addition to a Porsche 911 or the merciless Mercedes S-Class of Generation W 126. His name: BMW M3 of the E30 series. Admittedly, without the charismatic six -cylinder, but still a real gloss cast in a mid -range vehicle that was hardly outgraded at the time.

BMW M3 – star of the 1980s and 90s

If you wanted to be on the road, you quickly fell in love with a BMW 320i or even the 325i – both with the sonorous row real – and still dreamed of the then ubiquitous DTM, which swept over Diepholz and Nurburgring.

BMW M3 Restomod in detail-restomod
Manufacturer BMW M3 from Redux

Even if a Ford Sierra XR4i or a Mercedes 190 E 2.3 16 V not only shone in Sunday – as inspiring as the BMW M3 of the generation E30 was no other at the time. And this UR-BMW-M3 is made by refiner Simon Lord and his British company lightweight performance LTD. from London, Redux for short, now reissued in a small, exclusive edition of just 30 vehicles.

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BMW M3 Restomod in detail-restomod

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Personal M3 dream true

Simon Lord began with a very simple question before the creation of his very own BMW M3: If BMW had built another E30 M3 model after Sport Evo, which one would have been? His answer was an imaginary BMW E30 M3 CSL and so he began to put together a list of components for his dream specification, a light E30 M3,. What has come out in the years of work can now be admired with the Redux BMW M3. A fully restored and extremely tastefully modified E30 athlete, the quality components, unusual craftsmanship and an obsessive attention to detail combines.

4000 working hours for the lightweight speed

With the British refiner lightweight construction performance LTD. this process was brought to a level that is hardly achieved by any other BMW specialist. Around 4,000 working hours are necessary to carry out a shell restoration and extensive renovation work according to Simon Lord’s demanding standards. The construction period for one of the 30 spectacular Redux-M3 is 18 months.

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BMW M3 Restomod in detail-detail

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A 2.5-liter engine with new piston, crankshaft, aluminum valve lid and M130 motor control unit becomes from the completely revised 2.3-liter four-cylinder suction engine of the S14B23 type. Due to various carbon fiber components and a separate exhaust system, the power weight of 198 PS / 1 increases.000 kilograms (BMW E30 M3 Sport Evo Specification) on 260 hp / 1000 kilograms. The new body parts made of carbon fiber and cladding such as doors or roofs only weigh 42 kilograms. In addition to the significantly better power-to-weight weight, there is an adjustable high-tech suspension with a limited slip differential, which should guarantee dynamic driving behavior in conjunction with weight reduction.

260 hp per ton

In order for the performance to come to the ground species -appropriate and can be implemented accordingly, the refreshed Restomod of the late 1980s rolls on Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires in the format 225/40 ZR 19 and 255/35 ZR 18. In the front, brake discs are installed in 362 x 32 mm format, 31x 28 mm in the back. At a special request, the steel slices replaced by carbon ceramic brakes, which reduce the weight of unsprage again by 2.5 kilograms per wheel.In the interior, the customer can let his wishes run free. However, the 80s character remains largely untasted. Unimportant components were removed to underline the motorsport character. In addition to leather sports seats, the Redux-M3 offers a center console with a sports steering wheel and steering column with noble Alcantara cover. If you prefer fabric or leather, you can develop freely here. Among other things, electric window lifts, air conditioning and a new Blaupunkt radio in Retrochic ensure comfort. The paintwork with preparatory work in the London area alone takes more than 550 hours. Company owners Simon Lord are silent about the price and reveals this only seriously interested customers. Under 300.However, 000 euros should hardly go for an almost perfect BMW M3 E30.

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