BMW: New 5 Series from 2023 also as an electric I5?

BMW: New 5 Series from 2023 also as an electric I5?-series

BMW brings 2023 not only a new 5er generation on the market, but also supplements the model series for a purely electric BMW i5. This reports “Auto Motor and Sport”. All models are therefore based on the CLAR II platform that allows both mild and plug-in hybrids as well as battery electric drives. But it is still unclear whether the i5 takes over the drive strands of the BMW i4 or the i7.

Optically, the BMW i5 appears with a shallow front. The wide grill has nothing in common with the huge kidneys of BMW M3 or the 4 Series. Similar to the I4, the kidney is closed, it says. Behind it work camera, ultrasonic and radar sensor to supply the assistant systems with data. The headlamps bears BMW to the report strongly in the vehicles. Analogous to the BMW 5er, the i5 also appears with a length of just over five meters. Instead of the exhaust tubes, I5 is probably only a color-resistant diffuser.

In terms of drive is still unclear whether the i5 is oriented in the smaller I4 or the larger I7 when i4 m50 makes the stromer 544 hp and picks its juice from a 80 kWh battery. Different battery sizes up to 120 kWh are installed at the BMW i7. The top i7 comes with a rear axle, which houses two E-motors plus inverter plus power electronics and differential in a housing, another, weaker motor works on the front axle. This configuration with around 750 hp would be conceivable for an i5 in M-trim safely, speculates “AMS”. For this purpose, first rumors should be another M5 version with a V8 hybrid.

In the interior, the Munich in the I5 therefore offer the new i-Drive-8 operating system. It is known from the BMW IX, but has a changed user interface and should be more intuitive. Three basic layouts should be adjustable on the displays in cockpit and on the dashboard. The system is also controllable by voice input, it says.

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2 thoughts on “BMW: New 5 Series from 2023 also as an electric I5?”

  1. Thus, the ongoing amusement of the “kidneys” has finally heard-heard – steady drops caves the stone &# 128521;

  2. A “right” version with three motors becomes interesting. With the experimental carrier you have already reached 0-100 km / h in well below 3 seconds.

    I type up to approx. 100 kWh battery.

    But also a potential entry-level version with perhaps 80 kWh battery and rear drive. Priced so from 70.000 € before rabbat.
    This would also increase the pressure on Tesla finally to offer a basic version of the model S again, since direct competition model.


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