BMW presents electroscooter CE 04

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BMW presents electroscooter CE 04-electroscooter

With the new BMW CE 04, BMW Motorrad continues its electromobility strategy for urban metropolitan areas. As a final production vehicle of the 2017 Motorcycle Concept Link and the 2020 presented production CE 04 presented, start with the BMW CE 04, start a new chapter of urban bicycle mobility, so the Munich in a current message. With electric drive, forward-looking design and innovative connectivity solutions associations of new scooters associations of locomotion and communication means in one. As a price for CE 04 calls BMW 11.990 euros. This is a good 3000 euros cheaper than its predecessor C Evolution.

With a maximum power of 31 kW (42 hp), the CE 04 is vigorously motorized. The classic discipline “Ampelstart” from 0 to 50 km / h he deals in 2.6 seconds. Even in the power-reduced vehicle class L3E-A1 with 23 kW (31 hp) still strong drive power is available. The maximum speed is 120 km / h for both versions – for quick progress not only in the city, but also on highways and highway sections.

BMW presents electroscooter CE 04-electroscooterBMW

With 60.6 AH (8.9 kWh), the E-Scooter has a lush cell capacity of the battery and ensures around 130 kilometers range (power-reduced version: 100 km). This allows for everyday use, emission-free driving in the city, in the urban environment as well as smaller genus tours after work or on weekends possible.

The drive of the new BMW CE 04 represents a frame resistant in the area between the battery and rear wheel mounted, permanent-sized E-machine, as it is used in a similar form in BMW electric vehicles such as the 225XE Active Tourer. In extended driving experiments, BMW Motorrad has developed its own and drivers comfortable for each driving mode and conveniently convenient for the driver. This will provide the optimal performance and driving characteristics for each driving situation.

“Our BMW CE 04 is the new electric champion for the city. How no second he connects electromobility with emotions and great driving pleasure. We use CE 04 not only to the latest technologies, but also on the best battery cells that are also used in BMW IX. All future new models of BMW motorcycle for urban mobility will be purely electrical like the CE 04.”- Oliver Zipse, CEO of BMW AG

Charging the lithium-ion battery can be done via the integrated charger either on a power outlet of the household power network, on a wallbox or on a public charging column. The charging time is 4 hours and 20 minutes when completely emptied battery. With the fast charger available as a special equipment with up to 6.9 kW power (as standard 2.3 kW), the charging time is reduced at empty battery to only 1 hour and 40 minutes. If the battery is discharged up to 20 percent and is charged up to 80 percent, the charging time can be shortened with the quick charger to 45 minutes. Depending on the market, the standard charging cable with 2.3 kW charging power for the series scope of the BMW CE 04. For fast shops on the wallbox at home or on a public charging column, a fashion 3 charging cable is necessary. Analogous to BMW Electric cars are also available for CE 04 the charging solutions from BMW Charging.

BMW presents electroscooter CE 04-presentsBMW

Similar to the Automatic Stability Control at BMW Motorcycles with internal combustion engine, this drive slip control is also available at CE 04. ASC limits the engine torque dependent on rear hull slip. For even more driving safety, the Dynamic Traction Control DTC (Dynamic Traction Control). DTC enables an even more safer accelerator in the inclination.

Three driving modes for efficient, everyday use

Particularly important in the development were BMW, according to the possibilities to use the new CE 04 individually according to the driver either with the greatest possible efficiency or maximum driving pleasure. Accordingly, the E-Scooter has as standard over the three driving modes “Eco”, “Rain” and “Road”. As a special equipment ex works, the additional driving mode “Dynamic” is available, which gives the vehicle an even liferous acceleration.

The main frame is a steel pipe construction. The front wheel guide takes over a telescopic fork with 35 mm dip tube diameter. The rear wheel is guided by a single-arm swing. Suspension and cushioning takes over a left-hand placed, directly articulated, full-covered strut. The electric flitzer with lush sized pneus of dimensions 120/70 R15 67h front and 160/60 R15 56h rear.

BMW presents electroscooter CE 04-presentsBMW

At the front, a double disc brake ensures secure delay, supported by a slot system rear. The BMW Motorrad ABS ensures a high degree of active security. Furthermore, this is available as special equipment ABS PRO. By means of a slant sensor, ABS Pro regulates in curves even with braking operations and thus provide the greatest possible level of security.

The CE 04 is equipped as standard with a 10.25 inch TFT color display with integrated card navigation and connectivity. With according to BMW “excellent readability, clear menu navigation and a highly integrated operating concept” the CE 04 thus set the tip in the segment of the scooter. The 10.25-inch color display allows, among other things, to display a navigation card in the instrument combination and thus to give up an additional display.

BMW presents electroscooter CE 04-electroscooterBMW

The light units of the E-Scooter are based on modern LED technology. They comprise a headlamp for remote and low beams in the front. In addition to a taillight in LED technology, LED flashing lights are used. Also, the control lights build on LED technology. Even more security in the night offer the Adaptive Curve Light Headlight Pro as a special equipment ex works. The driver should benefit from an even better illumination of the road in curves and driving even secure at night.

BMW presents electroscooter CE 04-presentsBMW

BMW emphasizes that CE 04 also produces a new, future-oriented form of urban bicycle mobility in the design: it operates an innovative design language, which should arouse emotions for this new drive technology and immediately as a member of the BMW Motorrad family ID cards. Modern surface work is impressive in Lighttwhite Uni impressive days, complemented by matt black lots in the front and side area as well as the “floating” seated bench (Floating Seat). In addition, there are forward-looking wheels (Solid Wheels) and a side support integrated into the design language.

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  1. 11000 €?????? For 9500 € there is the Twizy 80 Sport and I have 4 wheels and seats in dry. Or a used Nissan Leaf or BMW i3. A mass model will hardly be the scooter at this price. As at that time the BMW RhOrad (C1)

  2. If he was still the protection concept of the C1 scooter and would be a bit easier and dinner than that, that would be perfect …

  3. The ambitious scooters or motorcyclists who have switched to E-drive on the price segment rather used or almost new Zero S or DS, which offer the same, are a little lively and offer a larger battery. (Zero S 400 km driven, 13500 euros)


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