BMW secures Northvolt “Green” battery cells

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BMW secures Northvolt

BMW continues to drive the expansion of electromobility and has a long-term delivery contract for battery cells with the Swedish company Northvolt. The contract volume is two billion euros. The battery cells are manufactured from 2024 in Europe in the currently under construction Northvolt Gigafactory in the northwedische Skellefteå (Serienwerk Northvolt ETT). For the duration of the agreement as well as a concrete delivery volume or. For how many vehicles the cells purchased at Northvolt, BMW did not express himself.

A crucial aspect of the Deal for the BMW Group is that the needed energy for the manufacture of battery cells at Northvolt regional in northern Sweden is gained 100 percent from wind and hydropower.

“For an effective contribution to climate protection, we want to improve the totalological life cycleance of our products – from resources to recycling. This is true for the energy-intensive production of high voltage storage for electric vehicles. That’s why we have contractually agreed with our cell manufacturers that they only use green stream in the production of our fifth generation of battery cells.”- Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of BMW AG

Andreas Wendt, board of BMW AG for purchasing and supplier network, supplemented that BMW has won a third battery cell supplier with Northvolt, next to the existing partners Catl and Samsung SDI. The conclusion of the contract is another step to secure the ever-increasing demand for battery cells in the long term. BMW wants to have 25 electrified models on the road in 2023, more than half of them fully electric. From the Chinese manufacturer Catl, the BMW Group will also refer to cells from Europe – from the work under construction in Erfurt. Each cell generation should be awarded at the BMW Group in global competition to the technologically and business-leading manufacturers. “So we have access to the best possible cell technology at any time,” says Wendt.

Sustainability plays central role in expanding electromobility

The key raw materials cobalt and lithium needed for cell production will jointly refer the BMW Group and Northvolt directly from raw material mines that meet the high sustainability requirements of both companies. So at any time a complete transparency was given on the origin of the raw materials. Compliance with environmental standards and human rights as well as the reduction of the CO2 footprint have top priority. “Sustainability is an important aspect of our corporate strategy. It plays a central role in expanding electromobility, “emphasizes shopping boss Wendt. In addition, from the fifth generation of the electric drives from 2021, the BMW Group will completely renounce the use of rare earths.

Your goal of a sustainable value chain for battery cells in Europe drive the BMW Group and Northvolt for a good two years in a common technology consortium. Already in the development of battery cells is consistently respected on a recyclable cell design. The recycling of battery components at the end of their lifecycle plays a crucial role in order to close the recovery of the recovery in the best possible recovery of the raw materials for strongly increasing demand for battery cells.

The stronger the e-mobility prevails, the more the CO2 reduction of the focus on the upstream value creation – just on the energy-intensive production of high-voltage storage. For with a fully electric vehicle, up to 40 percent of CO2 emissions alone are eliminated on the production of battery cells. So this is a considerable and effective lever for the CO2 reduction – and right there the BMW Group starts.

As one of Sustainability’s pioneer, the company has therefore contractually agreed with its cell manufacturers Catl, Samsung SDI and Northvolt that they only use green streams in the production of the fifth generation of battery cells of the BMW Group. “In the increasing volume, the use of green flow will ensure around 10 million tonnes of CO2 within the next ten years. For comparison: this is about the amount of CO2, which emits a millionth country like Munich per year, “says BMW boss ZIPSE.

Set early on potential of Northvolt

The BMW Group has set the potential and competences of Northvolt at an early stage. As early as mid-2018, the company founded in 2016 has entered into a cooperation for the development of battery cells. The cooperation is flanked by financial participation. Both sides benefit from the partnership: the BMW Group brings its battery know-how built over 15 years. Northvolt has enabled his Gigafactory in northern Sweden for mass production.

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