BMW sells more than 100 worldwide.000 electric cars

BMW sells more than 100 worldwide.000 electric cars-sells

Despite the corona crisis and a lack of chips, the BMW Group achieved a solid increase in sales of 8.4 percent compared to 2020. This is according to a statement from the company. According to this, more than 2.52 million BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce vehicles were sold worldwide. The BMW brand achieved a new record with 2.21 million units (+9.1 percent). According to the company, it was able to sell fully electric vehicles in 2021 with 103.855 units more than double (+133.2 percent).

“Our brands have set numerous best values around the world, above all the BMW brand, which is number one in the global premium segment,” said Sales Director Pieter Nota. With more than 100.000 Sold fully electric vehicles have the focus clearly located on the startup of e-mobility. “We want to grow profitably in 2022 as well.The group also plans to sell around a quarter of its vehicles completely online by 2025.

With a total of 328.According to the press release, 316 units (+70.4 percent) accounted for 13 percent of BMW and Mini electrified vehicles worldwide in 2021. In Europe it is 225.415 units even more than 23 percent. On the domestic market, sales of all-electric vehicles more than doubled (27 April 2019).248 approvals). Along with the 43.With 842 plug-in hybrids sold, a quarter of all vehicles sold are already electrified.

With iX and i4, BMW brought two innovation leaders onto the market at the end of last year. In 2022, the company will expand its portfolio with all-electric versions of the 7 and X1, and then in 2023 with the 5 series. Among other things, the successor to the Mini Countryman and the exclusively fully electric Rolls-Royce Specttre would be. By 2023, the company says it wants to have at least one all-electric model on the road in around 90 percent of its current market segments. In total, around ten million pure electric cars are to be sold over the next ten years.

It also said that sales of electrified vehicles in China grew by 69.6 percent and more than 21.000 units of the iX3 continued to gain momentum. South Korea, the company’s fifth-largest market according to its own statements, will have 77 in 2021.592 units, an increase in sales of 11 percent.

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  1. Why don’t you write, you have over 2 million. e-cars sold. The combustion engines all have a battery…12 V, but you shouldn’t ask too much about that.
    Advertising talk stop.

  2. The success has earned BMW honestly. BEV series brought to the market very early and boldly. Despite “Piston Klaus”.Congratulations and keep it up.


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