BMW set range of own e-cars no border

BMW set range of own e-cars no border-range

BMW always knows how to take care when it comes to electromobility. Whether it’s the fact that you are based on hydrogen as an important option for mobility or that you are at the reach of the reach of the owners around the 600 km. Not necessarily beyond. Quite brave and not so really right. Why probably also a slowdown of the statement.

Just days after a spokesman said the goal was 600 km, the company changed its mind. BMW has retracted its comments about limiting the range of its electric vehicles to 600 kilometers and said that was not the case. It is important to know that recently a representative of the company indicated that the German car manufacturer is not a 1.000 km range for its electric cars, but 600 km for fully electric vehicles and 100 km for plug-in hybrids.

The BMW Group spokesman for electromobility, Wieland Bruch, first made the following statement to Portal Wheels: “A thousand kilometers [range] is not a goal that we have with our all-electric cars. We’re aiming for 600 kilometers [range] for our all-electric cars, and 100 kilometers for our plug-in hybrids in everyday use.BMW then said: “The BMW Group will continue to push the boundaries of electric driving in all areas. This is especially true for further rising reaches and higher loading speeds, depending on the model.”It is therefore allowed to assume that reaches more than 600 km beyond the BMW Stromer of interest.

To classify that both the BMW IX and the BMW i4 have already reached the limit of around 600 km. Thus, BMW would have fulfilled his own goals here. If you also read in a statement by the car manufacturer: “The BMW IX and the BMW i4 are the first fully electric models in the BMW portfolio, which enable a range of around 600 km in the WLTP and in everyday life. Thus, they meet exactly the target range, which was set for their respective market segments.”

So we do not believe in the restriction of 600 km range. How else could one explain the research on solid-state batteries and the next generation of rechargeable batteries. From this we know that the Gen 6 battery packs should be modular in order to offer the longest possible range at an affordable price for mainstream models – or an extra power to supply powerful electric cars from the performance offshoot BMW M with electricity.

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  1. It’s a game of range vs. resources. I don’t really think anyone 1.000 km range needs. Even if you drove at an average speed of 120 km/h, it would take more than 8 hours to cover the 1000 km. So I would at least take a break here. And in every break you can load. If that still works as quickly as with the Ioniq 5, I wonder why you need a larger battery. I think the 600 km sound quite reasonable, even for frequent drivers. It is better to build two batteries from the resources of almost two instead of one with 1.000 km range.



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