BMW shows visions for e-load wheel and e-scooter

BMW shows visions for e-load wheel and e-scooter-e-scooter

Mobility is not just a car. You can even see that at the manufacturer BMW. Especially for the last mile are more and more concepts for scooters and co. on the market. With the electrified load-bicycle “Concept Dynamic Cargo” and the E-Scooter “Concept Clever Commute”, the Munich must also prove competence in this segment. Both models have a removable battery and more than 20 kilometers range. However, they should not be built by BMW themselves, but from licensees.

Many load-wheel concepts were wider and above all longer than normal bikes, it says in a communication of the company. High weight at payload leads to restrictions in handling. “The Cargo Bike combines driving pleasure with flexible use,” says Jochen Karg, Head of Vehicle concepts in the field of new technologies.

The basis of the three-wheel “Concept Dynamic Cargo” forms according to the BMW the front frame, which is tilted on cornering, which is connected via a pivot axis to the truck. This remains stable in each curve without tendency on the road. Combined with one, electrified powertrain acted on the driver’s true pulse, the bike moving over the two rear wheels are moving like a normal bicycle.

The wheels mounted on the rear axle enabled – in addition to two-wheeled driving stability in all weather conditions – especially a flexibly usable transport platform. These can be equipped with essays for taking baggage and / or children. In addition, a weather protection can be mounted, it says. This will attractive the locomotion with the loading wheel all year round.

According to BMW, the E-Scooter “Concept Clever Commute” can be conveniently folded without compromising in driving stability. In the so-called OPNV mode, the running board is folded up laterally and the rear wheel is pivoted over a rotary axis from below through the resulting opening. Due to this mechanism, the wheelbase shortens significantly, so that the E-Scooter can easily be carried on a escalator.

In addition, he could be moved in this state – like a hand luggage trolley – rolling on both wheels, it says. In this mode, a wheel hub motor integrated in the front wheel an electrical starting, so that the E-Scooter can be pushed more easily over ramps. After folded together, he also folded into small luggage rooms. Thanks to the compact dimensions, it should be carried free of charge for free in public transport.

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4 thoughts on “BMW shows visions for e-load wheel and e-scooter”

  1. Super BMW, on the “load” wheel fits after all a box of spraudel and the segment Scooter is unfortunately already sufficiently occupied – but maybe Fud-David yes a copy and puts the scooter in the trunk of his M5

  2. The world holds the breath!
    BMW shows again an electrical vision!

    p.s.: I’m wondering that the small E-scooters do not have at least 1.5sqm kidney.

  3. Why only 3 wheels? – better one takes equal 4 wheels and a roof.

    Schaeffler Organic hybrid: fully-lined E-loading wheel on four wheels.

    Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid offers with its Cargo variant as a pick-up and container version An e-load wheel, thanks to full paneling and the four wheels, with which it hunts over the asphalt, does not want to look like a bike.


    Bicycle or small electric car? We combine both. Four wheels, a roof, electrically supported. Fast and flexible past traffic jam, just because you can do it. As Pedelec without driver’s license. A new category bicycle in two variants: as a cool new form of individual locomotion in the city and as a solution for the Emission-free goods transport. For every application.


    A rider finds comfortable place behind you in Pedelec. By the way, your stuff, thanks to a lot of storage space.

    (Source: Biohybrid.COM)

    If there is the bicycle roads, none of cars and trucks must be companion.

  4. From the article:
    “… [the] main frame […] […] remains stable in each curve without tendency on the road. […] the bike moved over the two rear wheels [drive] like a normal bicycle.”

    [Underline from me] -> Of course that’s multiple nonsense! In fact, curve tendency as the 2-wheel is a (smaller) advantage, but it remains:

    • Only with real 2-wheeled (= Labile equilibrium) gets over the equilibrium-relocation steered!
    • one 3-wheel has a stable balance and is directed by twisting the handlebar – there is a 4-wheel better (S. Daniel W.)!
    • For non-fully flat surfaces (Seetich leaking or in nature paths) one sits possibly. “Wrong” on the saddle – unpleasant!
    Incidentally, 3-wheels in the urban environment are always an extra risk: Since the two rear wheels generally are not in the field of vision, there are frequent bottlenecks (such as posts, entrances, walls etc.) Always easy for an accident cause!

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