BMW stops production of the i3 in July

BMW stops production of the i3 in July-stops

After a term of nine years and probably a good 250.000 copies sold, BMW will stop production of the cute i3 in just over half a year. The very first purely electric BMW model will be indirectly replaced by the Mini Electric and the upcoming iX1, among others. Initially, the British Autocar, which is usually quite well informed, reported on it, but BMW has now confirmed the insider information.

According to Automobilwoche, BMW justifies the final end of the i3 after some back and forth, among other things, with a change in customer behavior. Launched in 2013 as an e-pioneer for early adopters, the i3 was intended to stand out from the crowd with its appearance. BMW is now announcing that an electric car should not stand out visually too much from the usual design. In addition, potential e-car customers in the compact segment are primarily interested in models with more space.

The gap in the portfolio should be covered by the Mini Electric and the future iX1. The Mini is aimed at buyers looking for individual design and the future iX1 as well as the next version of the Mini Countryman for customers who want a spacious vehicle. “These models have the potential to generate significantly larger quantities than the i3 did in its prime,” Automobilwoche quoted a spokesman for the company as saying.

With the end of the i3, its production facility in Leipzig will also be restructured. After the carbon streamer, the third-generation Mini Countryman will roll off the assembly line there, as a combustion engine, plug-in hybrid and pure electric car. Since the i3 is based on a standalone platform with an aluminum chassis and carbon fiber cabin, the manufacturing facilities for the Countryman have to be rebuilt based on BMW’s front-wheel drive architecture FAAR. It is still unclear when and where the electric iX1 will go into production. The new version of the Mini Electric is scheduled to appear in early 2023

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6 thoughts on “BMW stops production of the i3 in July”

  1. Too bad actually. A sensible small car makes room for the BMW tanks. A questionable decision. But the wandering kidneys are already above the abyss. Wrong decisions go back a long way. Whether this was also one remains to be seen.

  2. From the article:

    “These models have the potential to generate significantly larger quantities than the i3, which managed to do so in its prime [BMW spokesman]”

    What he actually means are “significantly higher profits”!

  3. Regarding the farewell to the i3, I would like to point out that it was introduced in 2011 and mass-produced from 2013. So roughly at the same time as the Tesla S (before X, 3 etc.).
    In many respects it is still very progressive and in various respects it is still superior to more successful models.
    Pity. If you take the environment really seriously in all respects, then the product will just be a little more expensive and the consumer doesn’t want to pay this extra charge. For sportiness and social prestige the money sits loosely.

  4. Pity. Then there will be 08/15 sheet steel vehicles again and rust will be back. BMW should have followed Tesla and developed an i3 successor in V2A. As a 5-seater with hitch and bi-directional charger.

  5. Too bad, but I can understand the arguments
    The fan base of the i3 is quite small and as a second car the i3 is also too expensive for most.

    It would just be nice if BMW would also bring a non-SUV in the compact segment


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