BMW works council chief Schoch attacks VW boss Diess because of management errors

"Underlasser" Instead of an entrepreneur

"Note 6!" BMW works council chief attacks VW boss Diess because of management errors

BMW works council chief Schoch attacks VW boss Diess because of management errors-attacks

Full broad side against VW group boss Herbert Diess. The background is the ongoing conflict between workers and the VW boss, which brings BMW works council chief Manfred Schoch completely to the palm. In the "Automotive week" he drives heavy guns against this.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More info"When a football coach goes off the square after a 0: 3, he has lost crashing", BMW overall operations head Manfred Schoch told the "Automotive week"."If a CEO is responsible for a company and then 30.000 employees have to be released, then he did not fulfill his task as an entrepreneur." If so many employees have to be released, "Then the one is not an entrepreneur, but an underlasser", So continue.

Manfred Schoch attacks Herbert Diess: "Huch, I don’t have anything for my work"

In his criticism of Diess, Schoch referred to the long lead in the factory occupancy. This is about six years before production at the respective location is started. At this point it is also decided which car is planned for which market.

BMW works council chief Schoch attacks VW boss Diess because of management errors-schoch
dpa/Christophe gateeau/dpabild Manfred Schoch speaks in a panel discussion.

"If you do it right, as a manager you can’t scare and suddenly notice: Huch, I have nothing for my work in Wolfsburg. This is a poor management performance. With us in Bavaria one would say: grade six!", the BMW works council chief explained.

Herbert Diess – he wants 30.Spread 000 jobs in the VW plant in Wolfsburg

Due to various criticism, Volkswagen is discussed whether this should lead the group even longer. The question is currently in the question: he remains CEO of the largest industrial group in Europe?

A few weeks ago, Diess caused unrest at VW when he wrote to his core team, whether in Wolfsburg with 30.000 jobs could work less. That is almost half of all employees in the main plant. The works council got wind of it and alerted the Presidium of the VW Supervisory Board. Now advice is being discussed on a dismissal of this. The next session takes place on 9. December instead. Then it is decided whether this will continue with this.

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BMW works council chief Schoch attacks VW boss Diess because of management errors-schoch

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11 thoughts on “BMW works council chief Schoch attacks VW boss Diess because of management errors”

  1. "Underlasser" Instead of an entrepreneur
    The criticism of the BMW Chairman of the Works Council appears justified, but Trift … This criticism in principle also on BMW and the automotive kozerns in Germany. The starting point, possibly of a dilemma, is the wish of investors for the future for electromobility, which may not be completely veiled as an approach. However, the main objective is the current business model No.1 of the global world: digital technologies and associated market power to generate investor gains and almost unlimited funds. The investor Elon Musk has marked this path. And all "greedy investors" run after. I ask myself whether in view of the disasters, pandemics, etc. Digital thinking, mindset etc. are still ready?

  2. This or the ..
    … VW has to change. If VW no longer wants him, there are certainly other queues to let him do it! He was probably not exactly clever, but usually a few glasses in change.

  3. Fortunately, shares are already sold
    There will still be difficult times for Volkswagen. The works council, union, state government everyone is trying to stick to the status quo. VW can of course try forever to build vehicles with combustion engines. It is only stupid if at some point (unfortunately soon) there are no more buyers (yes, including those who are now still passing the electric car out of passion). Herbert Diess will be fired at some point. The successor will then have to lead the group into the downfall with the forced course. The "Point of No Return" will soon be reached. In ten years, the “VW” label will probably belong to any Chinese company. This happens when idiots interfere with the group management and want to assert their personal interests ..

  4. Mr. Langer. Stupid only if you don’t really
    informed. VW was the first to be purely electrical until 2025. So try not to hold on to the burner forever. Don’t write anything where you think you have knowledge and idea. The passionate e car haters have not been looking at VW for a long time. Abroad offers enough alternatives. Also for the idols of the E cars.They want to enforce personal interests.

  5. BMW is a competitor of VW?
    If this question can be answered with yes, why does a BMW works council take care of the long -term VW strategy. Ultimately, customers and the market will decide whether BMW’s orientation will continue to be in “combustion engine”, or whether VW’s drastic departure is the more successful way. Because then the number and fate of the employees depend on it. Personally, I rely on Mercedes because it is the only automobile manufacturer that offers hybrid cars as a diesel vehicles.

  6. A BMW Referring Council intervenes
    He has to help his IG Metall wife because she with her type of VW leaders? Works councils are mostly people with a normal craft profession, to whom you can deny good knowledge of management. But always a big flap.

  7. Yes yes the works council
    Now the BMW works council is also turning on … great! It’s good that the works council has no idea about the management of a group. Just a little wink with the whole fence. If the company goes bankrupt due to the sleepy transformation, there will be no works council anymore. And Mr. Schoch is still running the China engine. At the end of 2023 years, Tesla will produce more cars in D than all BMW works in Europe. Mr. Diess has terms the works council is unfortunately blind and wants to keep the status quo ..

  8. VW is a politically instructed state company
    This is how those responsible also act there. German politics wants to bend and break the electric car. German workers in politically non -compliant industries such as car, fossil energy etc. The VW handlebars only implement the intended will of the political.

  9. The fat bonuses are over
    Now it also meets the team in Wolfsburg. Fewer people in the factory are needed for the car. Should also illuminate every trade unionist. High salaries and bonuses are certainly no longer up to date. Especially since the reliability is even shaky. With the suppliers of companies, the negotiations are rather tougher and more unyielding. Another that doesn’t work with VW.

  10. I think that’s not a manager problem
    This is a problem of unions and the state of Lower Saxony. VW has far too many people crouching in the offices that have landed by vitamin B.The prerequisite is in the union

  11. Task of the CEO
    "If a CEO is responsible for a company and then 30.000 employees have to be released, then he did not fulfill his task as an entrepreneur" – If you no longer need these employees due to technical progress, the task of the entrepreneur is to be released in order to secure the continued existence of the company and the remaining jobs. As a reminder: VW is on 2. Highest indebted group in the world. You can’t allow yourself the loss of losses. 30.000 are only the beginning. The workforce will be halved by 2030 – checked or not…


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