BMW X5 – X6 M Competition in the first test

Driving report BMW X5 / X6 M Competition

Western from yesterday: BMW builds the last muscle cars

BMW X5 - X6 M Competition in the first test-Audi e-tron test great electric
Photo: Bernhard Limberger "This city is too small for both of us": BMW X5 and X6 primarily mark the V8 cowboys in an increasingly electrified car world as a M version

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

The AutoTelt expects the electrical turn. But it doesn’t just come overnight in countries like the USA. BMW celebrates successes with its M-Sparte-with a simple concept: classic petrol power power without limit.

The balancing act that BMW wants to put down is brave. In addition to new electrical models such as the i4 and the IX3, the Munichers want to stick to the combustion engine as long as possible in other models as long as possible. BMW development chief Klaus FrOhlich announced that it would also want to build diesel and petrol engines at least 20 to 30 years in parallel to the group’s electrical drives . Tesla boss Elon Musk would probably be laughing on the ground with such an announcement. He knows about the technological dominance of his company in the electric drive and driving autonomous.

BMW is the last dinosaur brand?

It remains to be seen whether BMW soon represents the pure electric teaching as the true winner as the purified dinosaurs smaller or in the end with its flexible strategy. It can be assumed that models such as the double pack of BMW X5 m / x6 m as well as the direct competition from Lamborghini Urus, Mercedes AMG GLE 63 or Audi RS Q8 are the last of their kind without plugs or hybrid module.

The fact is: A look at the streets, especially in the USA as one of the most important BMW markets, shows that electric cars are still the big exception outside of the "green" California. The rule are classic pickups and SUV. When something is going out, then it is small cars and limousines.

BMW X5 - X6 M Competition in the first test-competition
Cattle man A wide back can also delight: BMW X6 M Competition

X5 and X6 are sales charms for BMW

In any case, the BMW m division does not need to complain about a lack of paragraph. The group’s sales of the group’s sports models increased by 32 percent last year. Important sales charm In addition to limousines and coupes, the inflated versions of X5 and X6 were. The powerful petrol engines of the M-Sparte are the most important sales argument for the Bavarian cars: a 4.4 liter large V8 turbo engine with 460 kW / 625 hp is the spearhead of the Munich Muscle Cars.

Five meters of luxury: The X7 shows all mini SUV how small they really are

BMW X5 - X6 M Competition in the first test-Audi e-tron test great electric disappointing

Site Five meters of luxury: The X7 shows all mini SUV how small they really are

An engine that still allows emotions

Even when the beefy X6 M Competition starts, it becomes clear why the sterile electrical world of a Tesla would be very difficult to compatible with the BMW m-division. If you press the red start button, the rumbling of the V8 engine sounds, which is of course less pushy compared to classic US night cylinders. The switchable flap exhaust does not change much. When accelerating, you have to keep the foot in the bridle at first so that the 2.3 ton SUV does not start to start like a rodeo bull to which you missed a steroid injection.

BMW X5 - X6 M Competition in the first test-Audi e-tron test great electric

During the trip you first sort the various setting options: engine, chassis, steering, braking, all -wheel drive – all components can be finished in two or three different stages from "Comfort" to "Sport Plus". An “ecro” mode as in the other petrol, diesel and electrical models from BMW are consistently missing. What should you do with it in a two-ton 625 hp SUV? Savings programs in cars such as the X6 m are just as much a self-fraud as the illusion that you can really always operate your Tesla with green electricity .

BMW X5 - X6 M Competition in the first test-Audi e-tron test great electric
Cattle man Fine tuning: The X6 m can be set on many adjustment screws

However, one thing becomes clear at the first kilometers: Even in the comfort mode of the chassis you don’t get the X6 m soft. It is so hard on the street that you can count every single transverse joint of the street. In the X5 m, which we also tested, there is a little more comfortable despite the identical engine output.

Audi e-tron in the test: great electric car, disappointing range

BMW X5 - X6 M Competition in the first test-Audi e-tron test great electric

Site Audi e-tron in the test: great electric car, disappointing range

The setting of the steering – more or less direct – and the brakes – faster gripping or a little softer with more pedal path – is rather secondary. The setting of the XDrive all -wheel drive is more relevant. In sports mode, the torque distribution is varied in favor of the rear wheels. You could even drift with the car in a controlled manner if you are on the race track. Incidentally, there is a "track" mode for this, in which most driving aids are completely switched off.

In track mode for the monster drift

The extreme stability of the heavy SUV in fast curves is really remarkable. In addition to the adaptive chassis with fabric stabilization, various cathedral and diagonal struts in the front car as well as reinforced wishbones ensure that make the car exceptionally torsed up for an SUV.

BMW X5 - X6 M Competition in the first test-competition
Cattle man BMW X6 M Competition

The rule of thumb applies in the X6: Before the car feels only a centimeter of your knees, the tires whine like a loving cat due to a lack. If the M GmbH only builds an electric racer in the future, it can at least use its chassis know-how well-the battery cars in large SUVs are in no way inferior to weight.

No problem with the speed limit, but in the parking garage: new Q8 in the test

BMW X5 - X6 M Competition in the first test-Audi e-tron test great electric

Site No problem with the speed limit, but in the parking garage: new Q8 in the test

So you chase the X6 around the curves with full power and keep the motor on a mood with quick changes of the eight-speed automatic power, the gear oil of which is cooled to be on the safe side. Incidentally, the automatic makes the engine mercilessly in manual mode in the speed limiter without interval in. The V8 aggregate puts 750 Newton meters onto the crankshaft, the full power is ready from 1800 tours thanks to the TwinTurbo charging and only gradually says goodbye from 5600 tours. 3.9 seconds for the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h, it is settled at 250 km/h – or when the "M Driver’s Package" was booked only at 290 km/h.One word about consumption: In the technical data sheet, the number is 12.5 liters per 100 kilometers. If you move the car as it should be for him, it is best to place the number directly on the bookshelf next to "Grimm’s fairy tale". But if in doubt, there is no poor at the petrol station.

BMW X5 - X6 M Competition in the first test-Audi e-tron test great electric
Cattle man One of the last "Muscle Cars": BMW wants to continue to offer models such as the X6 with petrol engine in addition to new electric models


While the BMW M3 / M4 is a real sports car, the X5 / X6 M Competition is rather the equivalent to a classic muscle car: a huge power package, squeezed into an actually inappropriate body. Of course, with the difference that a Hemi V8 engine in a mid-range car from 1970 was a guarantee that the car could only be accelerated straight away, while ambitious curves meant safe death. At BMW, on the other hand, even a 2.3-ton tumor becomes the manageable driving machine, in which the borders are set solely by the tires that will be declining at some point.If the inflated BMW is now the western of yesterday or it will also find his friends in times of e-car? Probably the latter, especially since the M division represents a niche despite the sales success for BMW. In the United States, the exhaust gas regulations still leave enough scope, so that hybridization of the drive train is not necessary for the time being.

A lot is still possible in the USA

In the EU with the world’s sharpest exhaust gas and especially the CO2 regulations, this is not so easy. If you still want a real muscle car, you may have the last chance. So that the Power SUV does not mess up the BMW CO2 fleet balance-it is still so good across the entire model range, despite the models such as the X6 M only offered the expensive competition variant. So the motto is less western from yesterday, but rather: completely or not at all.The author traveled at the manufacturer’s invitation

Type BMW X6 M Competition
engine TwinTurbo-V8 petrol engine
Displacement (cm3) 4395
Performance in PS (KW) at U/Min-1 625 (460) at 6000
Max. Torque (nm) at UMin-1 750 Nm at 1800 rpm
Speed (km/h)
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (sec.))) 3.8
transmission 8 Gang Steptronic Automatic
drive Permanent all -wheel drive, active rear axle differential
Fuel Super Plus
Consumption EU third mix (L/100 km) 12.5
CO2 emissions (g/km) 284
Length (mm) 4941
width (mm) 2019
Height (mm) 1693
Weight, manufacturer-
Specification (KG)
Max. Payload (kg) 705
Price (euro) 144.200.00 €
Exhaust gas standard Euro 6 D Temp

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