BMW X7: The 7 Series is now becoming a luxury SUV with seven seats


BMW is now turning the 7 Series into a luxury SUV

BMW X7: The 7 Series is now becoming a luxury SUV with seven seats-becoming

BMW does not refer to the X7 as an SUV, but as an SAV. The abbreviation stands for Sports Activity Vehicle


That’s a colossus: the new BMW X7 measures 5.15 meters, has three full rows of seats and an enormous amount of power under the hood. The only question is why you should still buy a 7-series sedan.

A.If the new X5 weren’t big and imposing enough, BMW added an X7 for the first time in March 2019. For prices from an estimated 80,000 euros, he then gives the 7er on stilts and wants to compete in the luxury league against models like the Cadillac Escalade, the newly announced Mercedes GLS for spring and of course the Range Rover.

The Bavarians are relying on even more ostentation and pomp: The X7 doesn’t just go wild and stretches by another 23 centimeters to 5.15 meters compared to the X5. The kidney grille is even bigger, the wheels are up to 22 inches, and all around the car is hung with more chrome decorations than many a Christmas tree with tinsel.

Inside, on the other hand, is the BMW X7 harder to stand out from the X5 – the current edition is simply too posh for that. Because there is plenty of lacquer and leather just like the unusual glass trim in both model series, in the end it is less the pomp than the space that makes the difference – and there is plenty of that. It is not for nothing that the wheelbase has increased from 2.98 to 3.11 meters.

BMW X7: The 7 Series is now becoming a luxury SUV with seven seats-series

Whether SUV or SAV – the new BMW X7 is huge. At 5.15 meters, it is 23 centimeters longer than the X5, which is also not exactly small


That’s enough in the second row for a comfortable bench or for a surcharge for two even more comfortable Captain Chairs and behind that for two more seats, which, unlike in the X5, are not just an alibi, but can actually be used well even by adults, at least for short trips – even their own USB ports and their own climate zones are provided for this. And like all the other seats in the X7, the two folding chairs in row three are electrically moved.

Only the trunk is tight, at least when the seats are full. Then only a meager 326 liters fit behind the flap, which is horizontally split as in the X5. But when row three disappears into the floor of the car, it’s already 750 liters, and when all the seats are flat, even 2120 liters.

The 7 series among SUVs – this requirement has also driven the chassis developers. Like every BMW, the X7 wants to look and drive sporty, even if it weighs 2.3 tons. And like every luxury liner, it should be extremely comfortable, especially if it is primarily sold in America.

The BMW X7 with V8 and 462 hp is not available for Europe

The Bavarians face this balancing act with an elaborate technology package: They install progressive steering and an electronically controlled limited-slip differential, there is a steering rear axle and roll stabilization. And like the X5, the X7 has air suspension on both axles.

The electronics can not only compensate for the level depending on the load, but actually vary the height of the body by up to eight centimeters and use it to control spring travel and tolerance: hard and short in sport mode, soft and long in a comfortable set-up.

BMW X7: The 7 Series is now becoming a luxury SUV with seven seats-becoming

The X7 is built at the BMW plant in Spartanburg, America. The car is easier to imagine on American roads than on German roads


Three engines, all three liters of displacement and six cylinders in line, get it going: the only gasoline engine is the X7 40i with 340 hp and 450 Nm, which reaches 100 km / h in 6.1 seconds, reaches 245 km / h and consumed an average of 8.7 liters.

The most common variant for us is probably the X7 30d, which is on the list with 265 hp, 620 Nm, 7.0 seconds, 227 km / h and 6.5 liters. And if you are serious about luxury and performance, you can go for the M50d, which then already has 400 hp and 760 Nm, which can lift 2.3 tons to 100 km / h in 5.4 seconds, and is the only one capable of 250 km / h and with it 7.0 liters is indicated.

BMW X7: The 7 Series is now becoming a luxury SUV with seven seats-seats

The cockpit of the BMW X7 hardly differs from that of the X5


As potent and ostentatious as the X7 may be, the Bavarians do not quite consistently come to an end. Inside, the executive seats from the 7-series sedan are missing for maximum comfort for the backbenchers, and under the hood BMW is apparently afraid of its own courage. Because only the Americans, the Russians and the Chinese get the thoroughly revised V8 in the X7 50i with its 462 hp, and there is not even any mention of the twelve-cylinder, which would be a real unique selling point.

On the one hand, this is incomprehensible because both the seats and the engines are ready-made in the kit and could upgrade the X7 by another half a class. But on the other hand, it might not be so stupid after all. The Bavarians are securing the existence of another big ship that is just making its debut in the group. Because everything that could be missed in the X7 comes from Rolls-Royce for the Cullinan as a matter of course – for four times the price.

BMW X7: The 7 Series is now becoming a luxury SUV with seven seats-becoming

The third row of seats consists of two seats that not only have an alibi function. When they are unfolded, however, the trunk shrinks to 326 liters


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  1. 5.15 m long – some drive a compact motorhome in this size … or a large mid-range van that really fits something.
    But please, everyone should do what they can afford. Long live diversity.

  2. Who needs such an ostentatious monster for what, I’m slowly starting to believe in spiritual impoverishment in parts of society.

  3. After three designers were fired at BMW, a guillotine was simply attached to the front and rear of the X7 and the wedge was ready

  4. "you wonder why you should buy a normal sevens". Reply:
    Because not everyone wants to be ridiculous with an SUV.

  5. Was in Austria and there is 130 km / h – which makes for relaxed driving. Loss of time? Well – ultimately maybe 5 to 10 minutes compared to D. !
    D. is funny – because the one with 200 or more HP flies past you, with flashing lights, etc. – then you overtake this elite – for whom they hold themselves in a traffic jam on the right, then see them at the following gas station and overtake them again !
    I’m in the field and do this almost every day with 400 to 500 km a day. Drive a vehicle with full equipment and 141 PS / Diesel (no longer a German one!) And it couldn’t be better and more relaxed !
    I just have to laugh at these highly motorized vehicles, because this macho attitude is already ridiculous.
    My vehicle has two pipes to the rear and then the GTI etc. come and think that I have to measure the forces 🙂

    What do I do – wanted to spoil the fun – drive right and let them pass sadly, because he doesn’t want to play with them and confirms the EGO – but to be the faster 🙂

    When you see what these horsepower giants are doing – without brains or intellect – endangering others and themselves without end (which they can only find out in the event of damage!)
    Point and I’m not a green !

  6. I am a huge fan of such cars! Got a GLS, most people hate the car (in Germany). I love that, that they hate it. I’ll even buy a bigger engine soon.

  7. I have been driving recommended speed on the autobahn for decades. I suspect a lot of fast drivers hate that. I don’t do it because of that, but because I enjoy driving. After puberty, I stopped doing something because others didn’t like it.


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