BMWI: Creation call for battery cell production started

BMWI: Creation call for battery cell production started-bmwi

Within the last three months, a lot has happened in terms of battery cell production in Germany and Europe. In particular, France and Germany do not borrow this. Only yesterday we reported in this context: France and Germany are in agreement. Structure of a battery cell factory is 1.7bn. Euro supported. And today the funding call of the BMWi for interest learning for battery cell production follows.

Until the 15th. March 2019 can be submitted. The Conveying Announcement of the Federal Ministry of Economics to the planned promotion of battery cell production in Germany and Europe offers interested companies and consortia the possibility to submit project ideas for building a competitive and sustainable battery cell production. The aim is to create a composite for the production of battery cells of the latest generations, together with other European states.

“We need a competitive, innovative and environmentally friendly battery cell production in Germany and Europe. Own know-how about this part of the value chain is crucial for the future market success of our companies. That’s why we will flank the entrepreneurial initiatives.”- Peter Altmaier (CDU), Federal Minister of Economics

In the submitted sketches, the project ideas are to be presented comprehensively and the need for public funding conclusively. In order to cover the value chain of battery production in the future as much as possible, the Federal Ministry of Economics plans to provide up to one billion euros available. France puts 700 million euros in the funding pot.

The BMWI clearly gives the direction in which the battery cell production should go. On the basis of funding criteria of the European Commission working groups, projects should be supported, which are based on companies from at least two EU Member States and promoting industrial battery cell production, taking into account the complete value chain (from raw material up to disposal) in Germany.

The funds for the support come from energy and climate funds. The BMWi can grant repayable advances, loans, guarantees or grants as part of the funding.

In addition to the clear commitment to setting up battery cell production in Europe, key innovations are to be specifically promoted and key industries protected. According to the two politicians, the economic strength of Europe in the coming decades will depend heavily on remaining a global and industrial power. This requires an industrial strategy with clear goals up to the year 2030. There must be more investment in research and development of new technologies.

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