Bollinger is turning away from the e-pickup and electric SUV

Bollinger is turning away from the e-pickup and electric SUV-turning

As late as April 2020 we were able to report that Bollinger is testing the B1 and B2 before the first deliveries in 2021. But it doesn’t seem to have gotten beyond the test phase. Because work on the electric SUV B1 and fully electric pick-up truck B2 has been stopped, as company founder Robert Bollinger said on Instagram. Instead, they want to focus on their own e-platform, which has been offered to other manufacturers as the basis for any e-vehicles since the end of 2021.

Bollinger has been working on the development of the B1 and B2 for private customers since 2015. Most recently, there was talk of taking reservations for production starting in 2021. Down payments, which according to Bollinger are now to be refunded. Because instead of electric cars, the e-manufacturer will concentrate on trucks and trucks in the future. This also benefits the idea that was had when the company was founded, to build the best possible truck.

Countless hours of hard work and passion have been put into creating something the company is proud of. But has now decided to pause development of the B1 and B2 to focus on commercial trucks and fleets. The company’s website already has a new tab titled “Looking for the B1& B2?“, which focuses on commercial electric vehicles. Bollinger Motors hopes to further develop its EV platform technology to support Class 3 through 6 commercial vehicles.

The company is incorporating its experience from the development and production of the two debut electric vehicles into the electric commercial vehicle platform, thus creating a well thought-out basis for future vehicles. So that other manufacturers can easily use this, the platform for commercial customers is to be launched as a “Chassis Cab” variant. This means that the platform is offered as a combination of chassis and cab. But it could also hit the road in other variants.

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