Book author: If there were only electric cars, burners would not be allowed at all

Dirty, dangerous, maintenance -intensive

Journalist sure: if there were only electric cars, burners would not be allowed at all

Book author: If there were only electric cars, burners would not be allowed at all-author
Getty Images / Wang Zhao / Contributor Even regardless of the CO2 load, electric cars are simply technically the superior construction.

Electric cars are slowly becoming increasingly popular in Germany, but they are also the better cars in contrast to the combustion engines? TV presenter and author Christoph Krachten represent a very clear position: Yes, the electric cars are clearly superior to the combustion.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information if electric cars are not seen from the perspective of combustion engines, but conversely approaches the consideration, this opens your eyes. So let’s pretend that electric cars would be the means of transport that all use for private transport, and now someone wants to introduce cars with combustion engines. I put the – maybe steep – thesis on: they would not be allowed at all because they are too dirty and too dangerous. So the question is: what would be worse from the perspective of electric cars now?To anticipate it: Even regardless of the CO2 load, electric cars are simply technically the superior construction. Combined are very error -related means of transportation that are extremely dangerous for this purpose. There are constricted liquids in the vehicle and then brought to burn or then burned or. Even worse: to explode. This is a complicated and susceptible technique that is also dangerous for this. In an accident, they get on fire faster than e-cars, which also happens again and again.

About the author:

Christoph Krachten founded his first YouTube channel in 2008 "Clixoom" and thus reaches more than half a million subscribers to this day. He has been a co -founder and head of the company since 2010 "Media force" and part of Funk, a media offer from ARD and ZDF. "Tesla or: How Elon Musk revolutionizes electromobility" Is his third book.

Combined cars burn significantly more often

Incidentally, electric cars also had this design -related disadvantage in their batteries, which has now been remedied by the thermal separation of the cells. With the dual intumescent material layer mentioned above, they are now enclosed by two layers of insulation material, both of them swell in heat and, on the one hand, enclose the battery and, on the other hand, separate the cells from each other. With diesel and petrol engines, nobody has yet found a way to suppress fires so efficiently. Batteries can now only burn if they are damaged, for example, which prevents Tesla with a titanium plate that shattered everything that approaches the batteries from below. Combined cars burn significantly more often after the previous data situation. The factor is approximately 45. There are also two security -relevant disadvantages.While the heaviest part is the battery in the electric car and sits in the ground, it is with a combustion engine, gearbox and tank. And they sit so high and are so badly distributed that they make the vehicle unstable. The focus is too high, which is why combustion cars can overturn. A model of Tesla has not yet succeeded in security tests. The battery prevented it from overturning. The focus is simply too low for this. The road holding of a burner can hardly be compared to that of an electric car. Due to the poor distribution of the weights, it is much more insecure.These vehicles can skid or get away from the road, which often happens. The Audi TT and the Mercedes-A class had to be modified afterwards so that this does not happen too often. With electric cars, everything is hardly possible or difficult. In addition, electric cars have a significantly improved crumple zone. The engine in front is missing. And so in an accident, no huge hot block presses into the passenger compartment.

Book author: If there were only electric cars, burners would not be allowed at all-there

Book tip: "Tesla, or: How Elon Musk revolutionizes electromobility"


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Combined are maintenance -intensive

For this purpose, the technology of the combustion engines means a considerable maintenance effort. I summarize what was mentioned before: oil change, straps and chains that have to be serviced and replaced. A combustion engine has around ten times more parts than an electric motor and most of them move with a minimal game that absolutely has to be right.Therefore, combustion engines wear out faster than electric motors. Electric motors are largely maintenance -free, as electric cars hardly need any service at all. There are no many parts next to the engine or they are used much less. No clutch, just a simple gear, no cardan shaft (with a rear wheel drive), neither starter or exhaust system nor catalyst etc. And less than 80 to 100 control units, as they are in every combustion engine, for example to control air conditioning, ABS and airbags.

Book author: If there were only electric cars, burners would not be allowed at all-only
Lara Shpineva

There is only one central computer for Tesla vehicles. In addition, the brakes hold around 300.000 kilometers because it is usually slowed down with the electric motors, which are then used as generators and the energy in the battery, as the recovery of the brake energy is called. In the case of combustioners, the brake pads must be after 50 at the latest.000 kilometers can be changed and later the brake discs, which is also associated with considerable costs. While vehicles are regularly serviced with combustion engines and from around 100.000 kilometers of significantly more repairs are due, much of them are completely eliminated with electrical drives.

No inspection at Tesla-maintenance costs at the combustion engine 10 times as high!

For example, Teslas have no maintenance intervals at all. You will be brought into the workshop by the software if necessary. In other words, the software reports with a message and asks to arrange a workshop date. Tesla Extrem driver HansjOrg-Eberhard Freiherr von Gemmingen-Hornberg, who has now covered more than a million kilometers with his model S, the maintenance costs with 1.300 euros at 100.000 kilometers.According to the ADAC, you are with a vehicle with an combustion engine with a mileage of 15.000 kilometers a year at 60 to around 200 euros a month. At 15.000 kilometers we come when we assume an average of 150 euros in a vehicle in the Model S class, to 1.800 euros per year. That is at 100.000 kilometers 12.000 euros, almost ten times. It is 120 at a million kilometers.000 euros, whereby two new purchases should be added to the combustion engineer. That means: For a million kilometers in the Model S-vehicle class, 300 must be estimated with a combustion engine.000 euros for the purchase are issued plus maintenance costs of 120.000 euros. Total price 420.000 euros. With Model S it includes maintenance between 100.000 and 160.000 euros. So a third up to half of the costs.I leave out the fuels such as diesel, petrol or electricity because they are difficult to compare. Electricity is usually significantly cheaper, but according to experts, the oil price will crash if fewer and fewer fossil fuels are needed. On the other hand, CO2 taxes are added. It can be expected that fossil fuels will be more expensive in the long term, but it cannot be calculated at all.

Combined are actually heating

In addition, there is the disastrous inefficiency of combustion engines. Only 25 percent of the amount of energy are implemented in drive power, 75 percent in heat. For example, while a model s consumes around 20 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, which corresponds to a petrol equivalent of 2.3 liters, this energy consumption is in the case of a vehicle with combustion engine in the same class with prospectus data during triple. The efficiency of electric cars is almost three times better taking all losses in the vehicle with more than 70 percent.In the case of combustion engines, losses are added by promotion, transport, refining and distribution. In the electrical car, which is almost exclusively supplied with regenerative energies via the charging laws, only the consumption in the manufacture of the systems, the loss of transport via power lines and the loss of loading is added at high currents. But either way: Electric cars basically cut off better. Even if you take the CO2 backpack into account.

Exhaust gases in the faces of people

Then combustion engines also emit environmentally harmful exhaust gases. And they don’t do that like industrial plants through high chimneys, so that people are not damaged. They hand them over exactly where they drive and also move people on foot. That crazy: the people then breathe in the exhaust gases directly and subsequently damage nitrogen oxides and fine dust their health.

Book author: If there were only electric cars, burners would not be allowed at all-electric
Khunkorn laowisit

In addition, there is significantly more fine dust through the brakes, which are used much more often in combustion engines, since they brake most of the time with the electric motors. And in addition to the CO2 emissions, which leads to life-threatening temperatures even here in Germany in summer, all of these properties do not actually make combustion engines at the same time.

As with Bud Spencer: With low -calorie Baked Beans back to the Wild West

Book author: If there were only electric cars, burners would not be allowed at all-there

Dining As with Bud Spencer: With low -calorie Baked Beans back to the Wild West

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11 thoughts on “Book author: If there were only electric cars, burners would not be allowed at all”

  1. If there were only electric cars
    Then we sow in the dark today. First of all, the energy supply must ensure and … should also be affordable, which in both cases would certainly not be the case. In the course of technological development of mankind, top technologies could always prevail and that without state interference .With our electromobility it looks different. Here you want to enforce something with all of them, be it through priceless fuel prices or simply on the ban on the ban. That we would have an energy supply problem with full electromobility should not be unknown. But as it looks, you consciously accept that electromobility should no longer be available to everyone in addition to today’s combustion engines.

  2. Tesla
    No repairs ? Then I have a Monday car. Within the 3 years he was in the workshop for almost 7 months or was not usable. Fortunately on a guarantee, except 5 x brakes completely, but not because of wear, but because they were glazed. Forever you wait for an appointment that will then be canceled 1 day before, since ET is not in the warehouse. Never driven a car in the past 40 years, which was so often in the workshop. Was actually intended for the long -haul, far from it. The permanent loading is annoying, often after 90 minutes. My time is too precious for me, so I lost a 3 -digit amount that I could not bill a day during the day. Drive 80.000 km/ anno with a diesel, with the X not in. Now only short distance, my wife with it to the Kanzle

  3. What brilliant logic
    And when summer you would not be needed any snow shifts and we don’t have to heat either.Where do you always do such contributions?

  4. The heading
    The heading is awesome. If there were only electric cars, burners would no longer be allowed. If it is logical what is not there, it cannot be approved. But you could also turn it around

  5. Nice…
    …That the Internet is a source of information, because I found one of the "model students" there when there is a proportion of CO2 emissions per capita, as well as the proportion of cars in the population. Here is Cuba, 2019 with 2.7T CO2 per capita and 27 cars on 1000 inhabitants. Well, there is poverty, supply passes, no private sector, no industry competitive on the world market. A warning example of how to prevent an industrial and service company from developing, or an existing company could drive to the wall through one-sided and overhanged resolutions!

  6. There was competition
    It took place over 100 years ago. The outdated cordless car technology was inferior to the modern combustion engine on every point and disappeared.

  7. It is true,
    Burners burn more often, but are usually to be tamed with a 3kg of extinguishers and easy to use and dispose of!!! E cars have to be treated in water containers and beforehand with thousands of liters! After that, only 2000 kg of special waste remained that can only be partially disposed of with a lot of energy and time!! E cars are perfect for short distance and homeowners, the rest buys an expensive and not constantly being able to use!!!

  8. A journalist",
    who writes about technology, but does not even know the essential differences between an "explosion" and a "controlling combustion", should first get to know the basics of technology. In a separate engine, nothing is brought to a "explosion" in a combustion engine. Mr. "Journalist": "Set, six!"

  9. Auto – Scooter
    You can see right away: Except on the fun fair with a car – scooter, the author has never driven with a BEV and technically as much idea as a lemon buttered lemon folds. Z.B. The fact that a Tesla has only one main computer is not the solution, because as everyone is known, their lifespan is limited and . . If it is defective, the whole car no longer works. Which desktop works after 10 years ? Topic brakes: From my own experience I know that, at least my X, more brake wear has been shown than my combustion engineers. Reason: The recuperation uses the brakes less, which also has dangerous disadvantages. A film is formed, corrosion, which is automatically tried to prevent in which it automatically easily

  10. Factually correct
    Thank you for this technically absolutely correct contribution. I am a mechanical engineer and can absolutely sign all this argument. From a technical point of view (efficiency, service life, regularity, response behavior, follow -up costs, etc.) are far superior to the combustion engines (these days). The combustion engine has reached its peak, much better than today’s diesel engines are not. The electric motors and batteries are just on the rise and there is still a lot of room for improvement (see company Lucid with 900V systems and a power density of 6.8 kg/kW! For the engines, for comparison: burner 1 kg/kw). For all critics, of course the charging network is not yet mature, and the range is far from exhausted. But the trend shows in a clear direction.

  11. Oh well
    Now I know why Germany loses importance in the world. At the latest at the point of control units, you would have to make restrictions. 80 – 100 are not installed because they are combustion engines, but because other companies are purchased.


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