Border value madness: In Germany, hundreds of cities threaten new driving bans

New WHO recommendations

Border value madness: In Germany, hundreds of cities threaten new driving bans

Border value madness: In Germany, hundreds of cities threaten new driving bans-value

Site/Wochit Border value madness: In Germany, hundreds of cities threaten new driving bans

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

In Germany there are no longer any limit value overruns in fine dust and only a few in nitrogen oxides. But in the future there could be new guidelines – so that hundreds of cities and rural regions are being banned for diesel and petrol engines overnight.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. However, more information is not a deterioration in air quality – rather the air in German cities has continuously improved in recent years – but has improved new recommendations from the World Health Organization. A significant reduction in the recommended limit values for different air pollutants is provided:

  • The limit for Nitrogen – In Germany it became known primarily in connection with diesel driving bans – should therefore From 40 micrograms per cubic meter of air to 10 micrograms reduce. The current EU limit is 40 micrograms.
  • Of the Fine dust limit (pm 10) is reduced from 50 to 45 micrograms (current EU limit: 50)
  • The fine dust limit (pm 2.5) is reduced from 10 to 5 micrograms (current EU limit: 25 micrograms)

Driving bans in more than 250 cities possible

In Germany there are currently no longer exceeding fine dust limit values in the ambient air. There are also only a few exceeding with nitrogen oxides, so that so far there have been only a few driving bans for diesel vehicles. A big influence on the pollutant concentration in nitrogen oxides on traffic-related measuring points is attached to them, whereby this is no longer the case with newer diesel vehicles.

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Border value madness: In Germany, hundreds of cities threaten new driving bans-germany

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If you were now based on the new WHO recommendations and look at the current air quality data of the environmental federal office (UBA), there is a completely different picture: All nationwide 252 municipal traffic -related measuring stations exceed the targeted guideline of 10 micrograms per cubic meter of air per year. Even in small cities and in the country there are numerous exceedances.

Border value madness: In Germany, hundreds of cities threaten new driving bans-madness
Transport and Tariff Association Stuttgart GmbH (VVS) A S-Bahn underground station in Stuttgart. According to Dekra measurements, passengers sometimes take considerable amounts of fine dust here

The paradox, but after the experience with the diesel driving bans, consequences: it would be cities that just as "clean" applied because the limit values – as is currently the case nationwide at fine dust measuring stations – were no longer exceeded at all, Quasi overnight to cities with an allegedly dramatic pollution, solely by definition about new limit values. The cities would have to write new air pitching plans, probably new driving bans and speed limits impose, environmental associations would complain – that is, the whole game as with the first diesel driving bans would start again.

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Border value madness: In Germany, hundreds of cities threaten new driving bans-value

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There is a threat of a new ban disaster

The requirements of the largely privately financed WHO are not legally binding, for example, the USA is not based on it because they consider the assessment to be unreliable. However, the EU is based on the specifications and will probably take over the new limit values. The Greens are already calling for new tightening. Sven Giegold, MEP of the Greens and now State Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the traffic light coalition, said at response to the new WHO specifications on his website: "The European Parliament has already specified the direction for new legislation. In March we decided an ambitious text on air quality in Europe. In it, we call the EU Commission unequivocally to fully adjust the limit values for fine dust, sulfur dioxide, ozone and other pollutants to the updated scientific guidelines of the WHO by changes in the air quality guidelines." Under the leadership of the Greens, a new limit value debate will be on the table in the new year 2022.

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How has the air quality developed?

The fact is: the air has improved in German cities, in a continuous trend for years. According to the Federal Environment Agency and other experts, there are various reasons for this:

  • A rejuvenation of the vehicle fleet, i.e. the regular exchange of older diesel cars and transporters through those with new exhaust gas standards
  • The partly official, partly voluntary software updates of the engine control in older diesel cars
  • Weather influences
  • The increasing proportion of (local) emission -free electric cars
  • Various measures such as speed limits or driving bans for individual streets, although – see the lack of "Corona effect" – In individual cases it is hard to determine which measures have now worked where and how exactly. Measurements during the Corona Lockdown showed that the influence of traffic and thus also of diesel driving bans have a much lower influence on air quality than expected .

Border value madness: In Germany, hundreds of cities threaten new driving bans-border
Leopoldina Disease pollution in Germany: In the first place, there are impair nutrition and obesity, high blood pressure, smoking and metabolic diseases as risk factors. Air pollution ranks below

Driving bans would often not be enough

All of these progress would be waste if the EU attracts the border value screw again. What many don’t know: If the limit values are lowered, it would not remain with traffic bans for cars. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said in 2018 in a press conference by the federal government when asked whether all cities would comply with the limit values in 2019 with exceeding: "This will not be able to happen because in the most loaded cities, for example, road traffic is only one of several sources of pollutants. In port cities you first have to get the situation under control with the ships to really get under these limit values. This means that with measures that we now meet for individual road traffic, we will achieve a lot, especially at short notice in the low loaded cities. In the heavily stressed cities, however, one will also have to think of completely different aspects than – in quotation marks – only on road traffic."Mind you, this statement referred to the currently valid limit values. The EU continues its limit and Germany implements the expected new guidelines, So not only threatens diesel driving bans, but also general driving bans for cars and trucks. Fine dust, for example, is not only caused by exhaust gases, but also from non -avoidable dust when braking and by tire abrasion. But heating, industrial plants and agricultural companies that produce fine dust or nitrogen oxide emissions in a measurable area would also be affected.

Vintage car and garbage cars – soon electrical?

Border value madness: In Germany, hundreds of cities threaten new driving bans-hundreds

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    75 % is financed by voluntary contribution payments and with donations from organizations, only serves the purpose of being supported by the purpose of determining limit values, other organizations (which are also again carried out by organizations or politics) to clear the action path to enforce their goals. Politics is no longer designed by politicians in Germany, but by financed organizations. Politicians become executing organs of these organizations. This is how politics is done these days. Lobbyism not only affects the auto industry, agriculture but also the environment !!

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    How can it be that at work 950UG/NM NOx for 8 hours.are permitted, but only 40ug/nm on the street.Mobility should become restricted and economic diesel engines disappear from the market.

  5. EU wants indirect ban on cars !
    The Greens cheer. Until you notice that electric cars and public transport must also be banned (tire and brake abrasion). But what do you do if only a few cars drive in the country that cannot be responsible for "too high" values because they are (the values) of natural origin? You can already do that today. Watch background measuring stations. There, the new limit values are far from exceeded (z.B. in the black Forest). Now it is also clear why the Greens are so "European -friendly": they also want to patronize other countries. Bye, bye, auto industry!

  6. Is amazing,
    That decades of city dwellers were exposed to this environmental burden and even the latest knowledge is questioned or questioned. Not be recognized. Why does private transport have priority over the health of the city dwellers? I find it even worse that there are mostly alternatives but are not used for convenience. Hope the EU implements the WHO recommendations into applicable law and also conits its compliance. I don’t want to get sick because of the convenience of others!

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  9. The time of the burners is over
    Slowly everyone should be aware that the time of the combustion engines in the cities and municipalities is over. These vehicles are harmful to health and are therefore prohibited in the medium term. Our GG guarantees a right to life and physical integrity. The state has been promoting emobility for years. Why do people still buy burners these days? It should be clear that these combustion engines are increasingly being restricted in the company. That is in the sense of all of us.

  10. What I am very …
    … find amusing is the fact that some of the commentators who write here that this is all nonsense with limit values and consequences for health through road traffic, that they do not want to be vaccinated anywhere because of the late consequences. 😀 the former is proven, the latter not … made my day. Warm greetings!

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    Remember (Brazil) read and if necessary . can comment .In a country in which the fronts (in terms of so -called climate / environmental issues) want to harden – and luckily I no longer have to live . In this respect, I only have a lot of strength and strength to wish my compatriots, they will need to fight against this daily greater hatred against "combustion drivers" . Fortunately, here in Brazil you are much more relaxed – life and live life . Probably hardly conceivable in the radicalized climate of Germany . Pity !

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