Borgward shows Elektro-SUV BXI7

Borgward shows Elektro-SUV BXI7-shows

I have introduced the Borgward BX5 as a pure electric SUV a few days ago. Already at the time I had mentioned that this was on the big brother, the BX7 was based. Now you have decided not only to market the BX5 electrically at BorgWard, but to electrify the production model of the BX7 with the BXI7.

Incidentally, the big brother of the BX5 is also built in Bremen. The production should start in 2019. The E-variant of the BX7 differs from the burner not only by the purely electric drive, but above all by its Rhomben grille and the blue design accents. This blue also depends on the interior of the vehicle. The charging ports (Chademo and Type 1) are on the left side when you go to first photos.

Both models of purely electric BX5 as well as the BXI7 should be offered not only as electric vehicles but also as plug-in hybrid variants. Overall, on the new terrain in Bremen is a production of up to 50.000 vehicles planned per year.

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