Bosch Presents New 48 Volt Hybrid Battery

Bosch Presents New 48 Volt Hybrid Battery-volt

After The Standardized E-Axle from Bosch, The Company Now Comes Up With A New 48 Volt Battery That DEVELOPED for Hybrids. Using the Same Approach to Standardization, The 48 Volt Battery Can Be Easily Integrated Into New Vehicle Models. It Doesn’t Matter Wher The Vehicle Comes From Established Manufacturer OR A Small Start-Up. With This Component, Thy Can Dohout Their Own Long and Expensive Development and Receive A Correspondingly Important Component for Their Own Vehicle From Bosch.

For Manufacturers Who Want To Work With Bosch, Development Times Are Reduced and Their Own Vehicles Can Be Available on the Market More Quickly. The Installation of the New 48-Volt Battery Is Not Only Being Considered in Vehicles in The Compact Class, But So in Small and Micro Cars. The Start of Production is scheduled for the end of 2018. According to Estimates by Bosch, Around 15 Million New Vehicles Will be 48-Volt Hybrids by 2025.

The Company Has Clearly Designed Its Own Battery For This Purpose. IT Is Already Apparent Today That The Car Manufacturers in China, Europe and North America Are Striving to Reduce CO2 Emissions and Thus The Fuel Consumption of Cars. The Lithium Ion Cells Of The Batteries Have Been Chosen to Be Of A Size That Is Sufficient to Achieve The CO2 Reductions, Not Larger. According to Bosch, The 48-Volt Battery Is Particularly Popular with Chinese Car Manufacturers. The Company Is Already in Talks With More Than A Dozen Customers and Has Won A Significant Number of Series Projects.

The Battery Manages Without Active Cooling and Sits in A Plastic Housing Instead of Metal. This Saves Costs. For The Company, However, This Means a Real Challenge. BECAUSE The Lithium Cells Swell When The Battery Is Charmed and Over The Service Life. So The Packaging Has to withstand A Lot. To make this Possible, The Bosch Engineers REARRANGED THE CELLS SO THAT A PLASTIC HOUSING CAN NOW withstand The Pressure.

“We show that battery are not just about stronger, Faster, Further – But That The Art read in Creating A Suitable and Easy-to-use Solution.”- Michael Budde, Managing Director at Bosch Battery Systems

The New 48 Volt Hybrid Battery Is Intended to Help Make The 48 Volt Hybrid Affordable for the Mass Market and Even Become A “People’s Hybrid“. Conversely, This Means That The Company Can Take A Leading Position in The Market for 48 Volt Batteries.

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