BP announces aim to charge electric vehicles in five minutes

BP announces aim to charge electric vehicles in five minutes-vehicles

The British oil company British Petroleum has made plans to bring the loading of electric vehicles back to the same level as the refueling of a conventional car. David Eyton, Head of Technology at BP, explained in a recently published interview that they intend to provide up to 2021 electric vehicles batteries that can be fully charged within just five minutes.

BP has highlighted the need to use the movement for clean technology and the transition to electromobility. The company plans and invests clearly in this market, especially in the emerging charging infrastructure industry. By 2021, 400 new high-power charging points with 150 kW are planned to BP locations in the United Kingdom. The first 100 will be built at 50 locations this year. The construction is expected to start from July 2019.

In the future, BP wants to further expand its position in the market of e-mobility. The basis for this, with the acquisition of Chargemaster, investments in the British company for fast-loading battery technology Storedot and the mobile communications company Freewire Technologies and its recent EV charging partnership with 66ifuel in China and the US dollar fund of Nio Capital focusing on the Chinese ecosystem laid for new energy vehicles. As well as the public-known investment PowerShare, one of the leading Chinese loading platforms for E-vehicles.

In a current conversation with Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Eyton explains that the focus for BP is in the electric car market, which is needed to load vehicles. A 150 kW charger offers a range of 100 km in about 5 minutes, but Eyton hopes that BP can provide more than 100 km within the same amount of time. Eyton refers to the StoreDot and claims that the company is the best technology in developing a new battery capable of loading very quickly.

Eyton hopes that the company can supply a battery for electric cars by 2021, which can be charged within five minutes and covered much more than 100 kilometers. Storedot has already proven that his technology works for mobile phones and electric scooters.

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  1. The question is not whether I can load a battery in 5 or 10 minutes for 120km, but whether fast-free
    without the usual 20% load loss is possible. Give the battery cells ago? Unfortunately, as usual, no info.


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