Brabus 800 Mercedes GLS 63: On you with roar! A battleship with 800 hp

Driving report Brabus 800 Mercedes GLS 63

On them with roar! A battleship with 800 hp

Brabus 800 Mercedes GLS 63: On you with roar! A battleship with 800 hp-Mercedes finally presents electrical friends
pressed form
Brabus 800 Mercedes GLS

Brabus 800 Mercedes GLS 63: On you with roar! A battleship with 800 hp-roar

pressed form
Driving report Brabus 800 Mercedes GLS 63: On you with roar! A battleship with 800 hp

  • Site author Stefan Grundhoff

As a 63, the AMG version of the Mercedes GLS is a truly hot part, which is particularly enthusiastic in the USA and the Emirates. But some potential customers are optically too subtle and a performance lookout almost always arrives anyway. Why don’t even cheat with the 800 hp Brabus version?

With the reluctance it is of course over, because no matter in which color you order the Brabus 800 – it not only spreads fear and terror not only on the left motorway track. The automotive enemy image of Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck rolls through the landscape on as well as a lot of 24-inch tenders and underlines its driving dynamic ambitions with a fear of carbon body kit, on which not only adolescents on the street corner can be blown out. The Brabus 800 is one of the polarized – and how. Some are beguiled, the others blush the nose or shake the main hair contemptuously, because the strongest of all Mercedes GLS leaves the Daimler-owned 680-Maybach version shamefully parking in the shade under a tree.

Brabus 800 Mercedes GLS 63: On you with roar! A battleship with 800 hp-roar
pressed form Brabus 800 Mercedes GLS

Battleship with 800 hp

The double -charged eight -cylinder does 588 kW / 800 hp and a huge torque of 1 according to the bottrop force cure from Bottrop.000 nm. That is 138 kW / 188 PS / 150 Nm more than anything but the weakly Mercedes AMG GLS 63 S 4MATIC, which is already the best thing you can move in this SUV league. Two special turbochargers with enlarged compressor unit and changed fuselage and axial bearing provide a maximum of 1.6 bar boost pressure and tickling imposing from the four -liter eight -cylinder at the pilot’s request. From the booth Bollert the 2.6 ton Brabus-Undetum through the energy boost in 3.8 seconds to 100 km/h and is only braked at 280 km/h in its drive. However, this is as much as the AMG GLS can also run ex works. The standard consumption: 11.9 liters great – always acceptable for a battleship with 800 hp and rocket pace.

Mercedes finally presents the EQT: But electrical friends still have to wait

Brabus 800 Mercedes GLS 63: On you with roar! A battleship with 800 hp-battleship

Site Mercedes finally presents the EQT: But electrical friends still have to wait

With timpani and trumpets

Depending on the driving program, the intermediate sprint is accompanied by a shameless trumpet echo that the children on the side of the road are as enthusiastic as the fathers next to it. This is ensured by a stainless steel exhaust system with an active exhaust flap control as well as acoustically substantial stainless steel exhaust system. If you want to make your own housing estate or the domestic refuge on "Red October" when returning to your own residential area, switch to whisper mode and stay an extremely welcome neighbor despite the automotive exhibitionism. The chassis was adapted to the plus engine power by the Brabus developers and so the Brabus 800 Mercedes GLS is pressing up to 25 millimeters to the ground depending on the speed and driving program to offer better aerodynamics at higher speeds. This reduces the side slope and shaking when rapidly driven. Especially on country roads, the comfort level is a real show despite the huge 24-inches with powerful 295 rolls. The Bottroper from American southern production is therefore a gloss line for long distances that you want to cover with high speeds. The feedback on the steering alone could be a little more precise and direct.

Brabus 800 Mercedes GLS 63: On you with roar! A battleship with 800 hp-mercedes
pressed form Brabus 800 Mercedes GLS

The up to seven inmates in the leather interior enjoy almost limitless comfort. Comfort armchair at the front and back with pleasant contouring and climate function; In addition, electrical adjustment options in all directions and leather applications that always slide you by hand over side parts and cladding. If you choose the complete interior package with soft leather, carbon and decorating parts.000 euro mark. This contains the more than 26.000 euros for the increase in performance from 612 to 800 hp and the visual carbon cheeks with spoilers and sills. The bottom line is that a fully equipped Brabus 800 Mercedes GLS costs just under 310.000 euros. This is Cullinan level-whereby the Brabus 800 should be more exclusive. But how good would a V12 double turbo be? Dreaming must simply be allowed; Even if it seems too prohibited today.

Mercedes announcement: EQs comes with a huge range and luxury equipment

Brabus 800 Mercedes GLS 63: On you with roar! A battleship with 800 hp-brabus

Site Mercedes announcement: EQs comes with a huge range and luxury equipment

Type Brabus 800 Mercedes GLS 63
engine Eight-cylinder biturbo
Displacement (cm3) 3982
Performance in PS (KW) at U/Min-1 800 () at
Max. Torque (nm) at UMin-1 1000 Nm at 2250 rpm
Speed (km/h)
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (sec.))) 3.8
transmission Nungang automatic
drive all wheel drive
Fuel great
Length (mm) 5.243
width (mm) 2.030
Height (mm) 1782
Weight, manufacturer-
Specification (KG)
Max. Payload (kg) 765
Price (euro) 309.000.00 €
Exhaust gas standard Euro 6d

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17 thoughts on “Brabus 800 Mercedes GLS 63: On you with roar! A battleship with 800 hp”

  1. Oh well
    People who need this are just to be regretted. I can understand that you like to … Have fun with it, but that you have to live out in public is poor. But as long as there will be humans, there will be such varieties.

  2. Gun license!
    From a conscience PS number z.B. 250, should the driver prove suitability to carry such a highly motorized vehicle! I compare this to the gun license!

  3. Why not
    Because such vehicles are built in very small numbers, they are completely irrelevant for the climate. You don’t have to forbid everything that is fun. Especially since this also secures jobs in Germany and good money is earned with it. You would have to ban the production and operation of Lada’s. The damage to the environment guarantees more than Brabus and AMG’s world.

  4. @Feddermann
    1. are the completely oversized cars that often occupy two parking places in the city! 2. make these tapped racing cars with Ijren flaps a lot of noise. Why should hundreds of residents endure because one has fun? 3. Just because a parr of few of these dinosaurs is driving around, their fuel consumption is no less bad!

  5. Even if
    Many readers find this car ugly and indecently…It reflects German engineering again. Knowing that you move something exclusive, unique on the street is a nice feeling for a car. But that only understands a person who doesn’t grab any ideologies afterwards. This vehicle is a attitude to life

  6. Mr. Schulz
    If unreasonably is a lifestyle for you, then you don’t have to explain that in more detail. Most other people certainly think responsible

  7. There you have to
    But already have a serious problem with yourself if you need such a car. Such vehicles only have one meaning. Look how great I am, can make a meaningful car…

  8. And if already
    Where is the problem? I can’t afford something like that, but I don’t have an issue if others can do it. Because I know that the world does not perish on such vehicles. Rather to prohibit the inability of politics the real environmental sins, such as z.B. Wood -fired ovens.

  9. That comes from exactly it
    This car has already fallen out of time in the normal version with the V8 motorization, the AMG variant and now this force promotion from Brabus was even worse! So it’s no wonder if politics counters with the CO2 tax.

  10. Ugliness
    not to be beaten. A showcare without charm! I prefer to drive with my 911! Everything is right here. Sportness, elegance, performance and an unmistakable almost timeless design!

  11. Brabus
    Finally a car with emotions and passion. The whole electrical waste cannot keep up. When I read here again, 130 km/h on motorways are enough, my collar bursts me. Everyone has the right to buy and drive what they want. If you have a problem with it, you should stay at home.

  12. I find it good
    Can and does not want to afford the car. But think it’s good to develop such cars. The consumption is absolutely ok for the mass and performance. I recently drove a 75PS rental car, which also swallowed over 8 liters… All small spirits who should disturb something like that should think about our economic basis. To a large extent cars! In addition, Germany is as clean as very few countries in the world. I’m not worried about that!!!

  13. Not correct
    In comparison to the size of the population, we create more than double CO2 of the global per capita average. This is not clean and there is no need to increase such cars to increase it.

  14. Truck at 280 km/h
    It’s great what is technically feasible. With 800 hp, every air resistance can simply be blowed away. There is no need for aerodynamics. And the carbon package must also be, because it shows that the saving of mass is important. In this way, even with a 2.6-tonner, a par gram weight can be saved. Engineering on all the highest level. It is only to be hoped that the drivers will need a nod driver’s license if they want to drive this truck. Otherwise, the Rasend Klotz is a considerable danger to the other road users, because who can safely master almost three tons of mass at 280 km/h?

  15. N / A
    But you don’t have to dramatize it. How often does such a vehicle meet you in everyday life? Christmas is more common in the year. And it makes absolutely no difference in the result of whether you are crashed in 280 with 3 or 2 tons of vehicle where, the parties are almost safe in both cases. But if you think you should stay at home.


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