Brabus 92R: Electric city sports car based on Smart

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Small car, great price, limited edition.

Brabus 92R: Electric city sports car based on Smart-city

Because Brabus isn't always just Mercedes G-Classes can provide more power and these chunks are somehow impractical for use in the big city, the Bottropers also like to revise the small representatives from the Mercedes group.

That's why there is now the new, electrically powered luxury two-seater for the city: May we introduce? The Brabus 92R based on the Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio.

In addition to the "Eco", "Normal" and "Sport" driving modes, the "Sport +" level can also be selected in the 92R. Here the engine output is increased by 8 kW (10 PS) to 68 kW (92 PS). At the same time, the maximum torque increases to 180 Newton meters, which is 20 Newton meters more than in series production.

If the mode is selected, it goes silently to 100 km / h in 10.9 seconds. The top speed remains limited to 130 km / h. With one battery charge, a range of up to 125 kilometers is achieved, depending on the driving style.

The face of the city sports car is shaped by the front apron with three large air inlets that replace the standard bumper. The central front spoiler and side skirts set bright red accents. At the rear, the diffuser, which also has red elements, gives the two-door model a new look.

Also included in the design package: carbon covers for the side mirrors as well as 16-inch on the front and 17-inch on the rear axle. A coilover sports suspension lowers the e-dwarf by around 25 millimeters.

Integrated logos in the interior testify to the fact that the edition has only 50 vehicles. In addition, red and black leather, carbon, aluminum, velor and all kinds of Brabus logos in the interior give each other the handle.

Electric runabout Brabus 92R: Electric city sports car based on Smart-brabus Small electric cars from Smart Fortwo to Renault 5

Brabus 92R: Electric city sports car based on Smart-based Smart EQ Fortwo Edition Bluedawn: New version in matt dark purple

The Brabus 92R is offered from 47,481 euros. Not exactly little for a Smart. But the hefty price can at least be somewhat reduced by subsidizing the electric vehicle of 9,000 euros.

Picture gallery: Brabus 92R

Brabus 92R: Electric city sports car based on Smart-electric

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